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Listed below are some of the current theories about the causes of irritable bowel syndrome.
If your Colon (also known as the large intestine) is unusually sensitive, it may over react to things like stress, food sensitivities and other bowel irritants.
In 2008 a British study found that people with IBS have more of the pain receptors responsible for burning sensations. Some researchers believe these extra pain receptors may be one of the main causes of irritable bowel syndrome. Researchers have proposed that parasites and bacterial infections can somehow damage the nerves or structure of intestines. One theory is that this damage then causes the bowel to become more sensitive to irritation, and more prone to spasms and other IBS symptoms. No one knows why, but some people develop IBS after a bad bout of gastroenteritis (the dreaded stomach flu).
Hello, my IBS stems from a post infectious food poisoning incident at a Cuban restaurant in April of 2008. I have diabetes, fibromyalgia, high BP, and just diagnosed with bilateral polymyalgia rheumatica (a type of arthritis). I bought some Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Flower and will be making my own bread once again from now on. TweetEmailIn this Top 10 List we are going to inform you about the Top 10 List of leading causes of death in 2012. But thanks to tireless work of countless researchers, we know a lot more about it, and what you can do to prevent symptoms of IBS.
Included in the list are some things don’t cause IBS, but can make it worse or trigger an attack. When these foods don’t get processed properly they then cause irritation in the large intestine. This is where bacteria is growing where it doesn’t belong, which leads to IBS symptoms.

It also sounds like you’ve tried just about everything out there trying to get better.
I read the brain bending science gunk and the wild rumors, then do my best to turn it all into something useful and readable for folks like you and me.
Ischaemic Heart Disease: In the Top 10 List of leading causes of death in 2012 we keep Ischaemic Heart Disease in the 1st position. Cerebrovascular Disease: In the Top 10 List of lading cause of death in 2012 we keep these reasons in the 2nd place. Lower Respiratory Infections: In the Top 10 List of leading causes of death in 2012 we keep these reasons in the 3rd place. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: In the Top 10 List of leading cause of death in 2012 we should keep this in the in the 5th place. Diarrheal Disease: In the Top 10 List of list of leading cause of death in 2012 we keep Diarrheal Disease in the 6th place.
Tuberculosis: in the Top 10 List of leading cause of death in 2012 we keep this in the 7th place. Malaria: In the Top 10 List of leading causes of death in 2012 we keep Malaria in the 8th place. Road Traffic Accidents: in the Top 10 List of leading causes of death in 2012 we keep this in the 10th place. These are generally known as strokes and are related to diseases related to the vessels supplying blood to the brain.
It is most commonly caused by tobacco smoking and also by coming in contact with noxious gases. The second most common cause of death among infants worldwide and also the most common cause of death among poor people, diarrhea can however be treated very easily with Oral Rehydration Salts and Zinc Tablets.
It can spread through the air when the infected person coughs or sneezes and thus distributes the infected particles. Widespread in tropical and sub-tropical regions, malaria at one stage was one of the most major causes of death worldwide.  It is one of the common diseases in the developing countries.

Cancer is one of the main causes of death, and among all types of cancer lung cancer is among the worst offenders. IBS doesn’t seem to be like that, in fact there may be many causes of irritable bowel syndrome.
There are many causes behind the occurrence of this problem and they range from age factors, dietary habits, diabetes, smoking, hypertension and sedentary lifestyles among other aspects. AIDS is a disease of the human immune system and is now believed to have spread in pandemic proportions through the world. One third of the world’s population is infected with TB and new infections occur at the rate of one per second.
Once again, smokers are the most vulnerable, since they account for almost 85% of the cases.
This should come as no surprise since every daily newspaper is full of tales of road accidents. Thanks for the compliment on my site, and Merry Christmas to you and anyone else that stops by in the next few days :). It damages the blood vessel lining, causing neurological damage and complications which often lead to death.
According to a UNAIDS 2009 report 60 million people have been infected, with over 25 million deaths, and 76% of them have occurred in Sub-Saharan Africa. Disability and significant financial costs are also among the resultant problems due to road accidents. I am well read on this subject, am a trainer, run a health club and have seen over 30 specialists from both the Eastern and Western worlds.

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