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It’s pretty clear to us that the bride and her bridesmaids are fun loving people who actually get along. We’re wondering what you are doing to help your bridal party feel comfortable, happy, and financially secure.
Why not hook your girls up with some bridesmaid jewelry that’s going to make them smile?
The best thing about Swarovski crystals is, in our opinion, that they come in so many rich and beautiful colors. And finally, we paired black and fuchsia for an elegant palette that would look amazing at a nighttime ceremony and reception. Now, we know that the wedding jewelry a bride chooses for her bridesmaids might not be exactly what they’d choose for themselves on any given day. DIY Gift Boxes: There are so many tutorials online that will help you make homemade DIY gift boxes for wedding jewelry out of stuff you already have around your house. Fabric Gift Bags: Speaking of easy, if you sew, fabric gift bags are so – pun intended – simple to make. Gift Envelopes: With a sewing machine, making gift envelopes out of fabric or even craft paper is a snap. Makeup Bags: When buying sounds like a better option than making, makeup bags do double duty. Whether you go short or long with your crystal bridal jewelry (or pearl set) may have less to do with preference and more to do with decolletage. Bridal gloves are an unusual choice these days, but still a classic and elegant look for the women who choose to wear them! After all, your favorite ladies in the whole wide world are already buying the bridesmaid dresses and the shoes. The Passion Crystal Jewelry Set makes a great gift for bridesmaids who are wearing anything that coordinates with red, blue, or soft lavender. Turquoise is still hot everywhere we look, and we’re still in love with these delicate Swarovski Crystal Turquoise Drop Earrings.
Are you buying crystal bridesmaid jewelry as gifts for your bridesmaids or will you be letting your bridesmaids choose their own accessories for your wedding day? Last year’s spring wedding fashion season brought with it an interesting botanical twist… wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with floral embellishments and floral patterns that were unlike anything seen before. Personally, we don’t see the patterned bridesmaid dress trend as one that did or will every really take off. So when it comes to whether flowers are forever, we may not shout a resounding yes – but we’ll happily admit that floral bridesmaid dresses and all that good stuff are for right now. It doesn’t matter what your wedding colors are or what your bridesmaids are wearing – there is Swarovski crystal bridal jewelry that will go perfectly with your wedding color palette. We put our own spin on it with a Lela Rose bridesmaids dress in WHITE accented with our aqua Swarovski crystal jewelry set, aqua patent pumps from BHLDN, and strikind deep red Gerbera daisy bouquets. Our bridesmaids are wearing black Alfred Sung bridesmaids dresses with fuchsia slip-ons and understated Swarovski crystal bridal bracelets in fuchsia and clear. Oh, tiaras still have a spot in our hearts, but judging by the popularity of headbands as an alternative we think they’re here to stay.

And whether or not they’ll wear it again is really up to their circumstances – not everyone attends events that call for crystals, after all! First, they hold wedding jewelry – like a black rhinestone bracelet, a wedding brooch, and black chandelier earrings – and then they hold your bridesmaids’ makeup on the big day and forever after. Updos almost cry for longer bridal earrings (like our Maria Theresa earrings) because they help draw attention to your graceful neckline. Long bridal gloves – aka opera length bridal gloves – are more popular than their short cousins, but who knows! On top of everything else the bride-to-be has to do to plan an amazing wedding, suddenly she has to think about buying gifts for her best girls. The least a bestie bride can do is pick up the tab for some sweet, perfectly coordinated wedding day bling for her girls. This set, with it’s eye-catching drop and dazzling sparkle quotient is hand-crafted with a mixture of crystal beading and Swarovski crystals.
Three clusters of brilliant turquoise and topaz rhinestones are paired with a large Swarovski crystal that will catch the light whenever your bridesmaids move.
This was not your delicate, tiny floral print that would only be obvious to someone giving the wearer a squeeze or itty-bitty rosettes. To see all things floral – bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, and more – take center stage was absolutely delightful!
I founded USABride because I wanted to create the best selection of wedding accessories anywhere.
Of course, for those of you who are planning weddings, this may not be the most relaxing of weekends. Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave out the gents, so our groomsmen are in black suits with deep fuchsia ties. We thought our yellow chandelier earrings would look particularly nice in a homemade yellow gift box. Any gift bag option is reusable, but this is one that will actually get used and we like that.
Yes, sometimes it depends on the dress, but personal preference can play a big part in the kind of bridal jewelry and accessories you choose. Yes, there are experts who will tell you that your dress and your ceremony venue *must* determine your veil length, but can we not-so-respectfully disagree? Maybe a short bridal glove is just what you’ve been searching for to go with your ballet length dress.
We used to say, back when we were planning our weddings, that the practice of having to buy gifts for bridesmaids should be outlawed for the bride-to-be’s sanity. The flower detail is subtle, but striking and the whole set catches the light in a most beautiful way. You may be tempted to pair these earrings with white or turquoise bridesmaid dresses, but consider being daring and matching them with yellow bridesmaids dresses or even dresses in this year’s hot color, tangerine tango. Of course, we also had to wonder whether the trend for florals would persevere and stand the test of time or fade away as so many bridal trends do. Where we do see flowers living on is in floral embellishments on bridesmaids’ dresses from a wide variety of designers and in floral bridal jewelry, too.

My goal has always been to give brides the best accessories and style advice to help them look and feel beautiful on the big day. We recommend helping everyone get to know one another with a luncheon or girls’ night out well in advance of the big day. We’ve put together three wedding inspiration boards with different colors, dresses, and accessories to show you how amazing Swarovski crystal jewelry looks as part of a wedding.
Wedding headbands look great paired with updos, upswept loose hairstyles, half up – half down dos, long and loose wavy hair, or hair that’s pinned low.
It’s always more festive to package a gift beautifully, and gifts that are packaged beautifully always seem more meaningful. There’s even a matching tiara for those brides who want their bridesmaids to feel like princesses on the big day! Here, design plays a leading role alongside gems that give the whole look a lot of sparkle. Are the blossoms we’re seeing on actual bridesmaids as striking as the ones we saw last year on the runway?
Short-haired brides are winners here, too, since short hairstyles look great with headbands.
It’s just a matter of you having taken the time to make your bridesmaids gifts look truly lovely. Get this set for your bridesmaids gifts and your attendants will be rocking two trends at once! As always, the ferocity of the runway was realized in a somewhat less blatant form in playful floral embellishments and other toned down frippery. Designers are still producing beautiful floral bridesmaid dresses botanically inspired bridal jewelry, and finding new ways to integrate nature into their designs. This might be the weekend you and your mom, sister, bestie, or all three go from salon to salon looking for the perfect wedding dress. That’s because the headband as a canvas can become anything with the right embellishments.
But they’re there, in oversized rosettes and other floral embellishments on shoulders and waists, on bridal belts and in headbands, and sometimes on places you’d never expect, like shoes!
A Swarovski crystal flower with twisting vines and leaves on the side (not center) of a bridal headband is a modern take on the trend. When you buy wedding jewelry for your bridesmaids, that’s one less thing they have to pay for to be there for you when you say your vows. For the traditional bride, a simple wedding headband of rhinestones to accentuate a beautiful bridal hairstyle might be the perfect choice.

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