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If you are looking for some affordable and fun pearl earrings, you can’t do better than these cultured freshwater 8-8.5 mm white drop AAA pearl hook wire long earrings on sterling silver box chain. When you buy from M H Pearl Jewellery, you are guaranteed the very best quality at the most amazingly low prices. You also want to present your gift well and also to care for your pearls after giving, so we are also pleased to be able to give a presentation case with every purchase. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Buying Wholesale Fashion Jewelry doesn’t have to be a challenge - `ZAD not only provides stylish fashion jewelry at great prices, we also offer Loyal Customer Rewards, a 90-Day Guarantee Policy, frequent special offers and a Sales force equipped and ready to help you with your fashion jewelry needs. The total length of the earring is over 2 inches which gives them real swing and movement and this together with the classic beauty of a pearl makes them great for day or evening.

We do not just retail jewellery, we also repair and restring pearls – pearls are our passion and we hope that our customers soon feel the same way about them too. Pearls need a little more care in storage, especially if you have a lot of rings and necklaces with genuine stones, all of which are harder than pearls, which are a natural product from the oyster, rather than mined. We import from worldwide sources, deriving inspiration from fashion jewelry trends from around the globe. With a high mark up potential and spot on styles, reorders for ‘ZAD jewelry are frequent. Worn with short hair or longer hair worn off the face, they give some real vivacity to the look and will attract a lot of attention – great for parties.
There are sadly a lot of fakes on the market and so we are particularly proud to be able to give a certificate of authenticity with every purchase.

The case will protect them as well as being a special part of present giving – the anticipation before opening and then the delight as the lid flips back are all part of the pleasure. With over 2000 styles available online, you’re sure to find exactly the fashion jewelry for your store! Our product development team is constantly researching and staying on top of the most current in celebrity jewelry, stylish accessories and the jewelry trends of the moment. As soon as you open your pearl jewellery packaging we know that there can be no doubt as to whether the pearls are real or not – the moonlight gleam can’t be faked – but a certificate is our extra promise to you.

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