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The redemption in Jeana€™s story and the swirl of voices, strings and percussion provoke a hair-raising effect that, in itself, is magical. Both parents were musically inclined and they formed a family band, performing mostly in folk venues. They had a lot of magical moments with wildlife in their childhood even in the urban world, she said. She sang in high school chorus, while allowing that it was frustrating because it was not well-run. Another important formative experience during this time was the period spent with a group of girls who, without adult supervision, formed an a cappella group called Accent. An auspicious development for Jean during this period was meeting her present life (and band) partner, guitarist Ilusha Tsinadze, when she was 16. Jean dropped out of high school when she was in her junior year, was accepted at and went to Smith College in Northampton, Mass. Although she only stayed at Smith for a year, she described her experience in glowing terms, citing financial help received and the enjoyment of academic pursuits. Leaving Smith after that year, Jean transferred to The New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music program in New York City. The first job came her way when she read a neatly penned bulletin-board ad from childrena€™s musician Lou Gallo a€” now a long-time collaborator a€” who needed a replacement for a partner whoa€™d moved away.
She graduated in 2006 with a BFA in Jazz Vocal Performance from The New School University and a B.A. The Third Street Music School Settlement (actually on East 11th Street) in Manhattan ran a Music In the Lower East Side (MILES) program. Throughout her childhood and then in college, Jean had listened to Brazilian music which is a strong component of jazz. In 2008, she released her first CD, Lead Me Home, in which she documented her growth as a musician and her concern for the welfare of the world at large. Jean had attended NERFA with guitarist Ilusha Tsinadze and accordionist Liam Robinson, a longtime musical partner who had released a CD of traditional folk music with her, Robinson & Rohe. The song a€?New Year,a€? with its call and response of it shall be, continues to crescendo and builds to an inspiring finish.
WFUV DJ John Platt has said, a€?There are plenty of talented artists out there but what sets Jean Rohe apart are the suppleness of her voice, the integrity of her vision and the grace she shows in her wide-ranging journey across the musical landscape.a€? I cana€™t say it any better. Because of all these things, I keep the flowers hidden behind some other shrubs and greenery but I wanted to show y’all the pictures because they are quite beautiful. After I watered the plants, I noticed the mallards were out and wanted some food so I went inside and got some bread to feed them. I had been feeding them for around 10 minutes or so when I heard a large splash in the pond.  Very. I quickly got out my camera but by this time it was moving toward the other side of the pond.
After watching it for a bit, I went back inside but when MacGyver got home, I told him all about it and showed him pictures of the head.
On the way over, we saw the mallards and I bent down with a piece of bread and one of them took it right out of my hand. When we got to the pond we threw some bread out for the turtles.  Unfortunately the snapper never came, only the slider turtle, and not to be outdone MacGyver decided that he was going to one-up me.
This entry was posted in Random, Running and tagged Barre workouts, Feeding Turtles, Flowers, Running, wildlife by flowerjovia. Opener ‘Heathering’ is pleasant and plaintive – all drifting vocals wrapped around languid guitar twangs and layered harmonies – but it’s on ‘To Live With’ that the synth-heavier influence surfaces.
Besides fly fishing, my sister-in-law kept me company and headed out to the Legacy Trail with me every morning. Being out on the boat fishing was fun in and of itself but we also saw dolphins and manatees. As you can imagine, we ate a shit ton of fish this week and it was amazing but I’ve been craving hamburgers and steaks since we got home!
I’ve mentioned Mazzaro’s on the blog before but if you’re local or visiting the area, it’s a must do. Because we weren’t sure where we would be for Halloween, I didn’t buy candy until the last-minute. On a side note, most of the kids I handed only one piece of candy to actually asked for more.
So you can imagine how after watching the celebrities at the NYC Marathon, I never expected to see one in my own living room but there he was…. This entry was posted in Dogs, Family, Running, Vacation, Working out and tagged fishing, Halloween, long runs, Running, Vacation by flowerjovia. Well, I did get up out of bed Saturday (although not early for most people; standard time for me).
Thanks so much, I have been having a great time but like all vacations it ended and now I’m back to the grind…ugh, even the word sounds horrible, grind, yuck!

I was able to do 3 runs last week — total of 10 miles and I was beyond excited so I cannot even imagine the feeling you had doing it in ONE run!
There must have been something in the air this weekend because I did not want to get up and did not leave the house Saturday, and then Sunday I popped out of bed at 6:30 and headed out to do random unnecessary errands most of the day. I don’t have any Walking Dead predictions but I want to know who it is that Daryl has with him!
The songlike call of umbrella street vendors fascinated Jean and planted a musical seed that finally bore fruit. She has a brother three years younger, and her parents gave her a lot of independence while growing up.
She believes that it sparked an ability to see beyond whata€™s on the surface in her daily life. There were higher goals, such as participating in the North Jersey and All State competitive choruses. Several very intelligent and talented students who started the group invited Jean to join them. When Jean found out a number of colleges, many of them Ivy League, accepted applicants without a high school diploma, her path was set. She studied international relations, Spanish literature, music theory and Western classics.
In the job description, Jean saw something very familiar to what shea€™d done in the family band.
In 2004, through that program, Jean began teaching sporadic music classes to pre-kindergarten to third-grade students at Lower East Side public schools. On her own, while at The New School, she studied singing in Portuguese from records using a phonetic technique. It captured some of her experiences in Brazil and drew upon the participatory energy shea€™d grown to love. Her musical ideas are complex, though, and fit more readily in a context with other musicians from a duo to full band.
She got in touch with Liam who agreed to help with the new recording and essentially acted as a producer. My legs are still sore and I mean really, really sore from the barre workout of Tuesday, but I’m determined to do another barre workout this week.
I have a double purple angel trumpet that is full of beautiful flowers right now.  Unfortunately, they are highly toxic and can cause severe allergic reactions but my main concern is their reputation as a hallucinogenic.
By this time they were on the pond and as I threw the bread into the water I noticed something else was eating it. I still managed to get a few pictures of his head and one shot of him from across the pond but nothing close up.  (That would have been way too scary anyway). Where tracks like ‘Tame One’ fell somewhere between the sparse tenderness of Explosions in the Sky and the heart-on-sleeve vocals of She Keeps Bees, here Miller steps into the relative unknown, exploring drones, loops and field recordings with varying degrees of success. Coming alive with a foreboding B-movie loop, it thrums into the vocal acrobatics of ‘Desired Things’, and the atmosphere continues on ‘Nothing Moved’ with humming melodies and dark, tribal drums. We were in the Venice area for the past week and as I’m sure you know (if you’ve ever read the blog before), we did a lot of fishing, and I ran on my beloved Legacy Trail.
Having someone go with me every morning was epic but having my sister-in-law go with me was even better. At one point MacGyver fed a dolphin a bait fish as it swam up to our boat and several of the dolphins jumped out of the water into the air.
I typically spend around 100 bucks because we usually have a couple hundred kids but I only spent around twenty dollars at the dollar tree which meant we started running low on candy so MacGyver insisted I only hand out one piece to each kid so you can imagine how much they loved me. I love watching all the celebrities who run every year and seeing how well, (or not so well) they do. Had a decent run but since I had to stop a couple of time for boat show traffic, my time was a little slower.
Jean told me she feels a bond with nature and has always felt herself to be an outdoor person in spite of having lived an urban lifestyle. She played French horn in the orchestra and the straight-bell mellophone in the marching band. Throughout grades eight to 11, Jean performed with Accent at libraries, senior homes,in talent shows and once at Merkin Hall in Lincoln Center, as part of a multi-group show. We got into jazz standards and some of the classic American songwriters and just learned a lot by playing music together during those formative years,a€? she said. Musically, she got into Brazilian percussion, sang in an a cappella group and was a guest vocalist in a jazz group. Aside from a short-lived waitressing job, Jean found steady employment in the field of music and has never done anything else. She thought, a€?I can totally do this.a€? During their initial get-together, in which they met and played childrena€™s songs, Jean actually taught Lou songs that she knew from childhood.
By 2010, four years after graduation, her workload had increased to three full days of classes.

She became more fluent by meeting Brazilian musicians in school and within the New York City community.
In 2010, she attended the Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA) Conference for the first time with her trio and came back in 2011. She began to see herself more as an artist and realized she would need to leave teaching and become a full-time professional musician to really fulfill her lifea€™s goals. She also called musicians from other projects and assembled a group of around eight players as the core ensemble.
Our monthly pdf and website feature page will provide a link to a full orchestra performance video of the song on YouTube. I can’t help but think that if it made me this sore then there must be some progress happening, right? Title-track ‘Gumption’ briefly lifts some gloom with washing, dreamy ambience, but by the time ‘I Turned In’ has slowed the pace to a contemplative, mournful crawl, it’s a mix of moods that leaves this collection of songs feeling ambivalent and unresolved, despite Miller’s spirited intent. In fact, you should probably go read my sister-in-law’s blog because it’s all about fly fishing and she’s amazing.
But by far the best part was when the baby manatee swam right up to the back of the boat and popped his little nose up to say hi, I seriously thought I would just die from cuteness overload, it was insane. I finally insisted that MacGyver take a turn at the door at which point he handed each kid at least 5 pieces! In fact, other than a few garage sales, I spent most of the day on the sofa watching copious amounts of DIY shows. Fishing was at its best for this time of year and the marine life show was truly a surprise.
She was in some musical plays, but switched to strictly performing as part of the orchestra.
While she had longed to escape from the cocoon of home and high school, it was hard getting used to being surrounded by opinionated strangers and away from familiar surroundings. Some days after school, shea€™d head down to Battery Park City, where a group of seven or eight sets of parents banded together to hire her to teach late afternoon music classes to their pre-K children.
We reviewed Lead Me Home in our 2011 NERFA wrap-up issue: Jean lends her light, refined voice to songs sung in English and Portuguese. In 2011, Liam had been cast in the Lincoln Centera€™s Broadway production of War Horse and was preparing to leave for a year. Additionally, Jean taught a weekly music class with Lou one morning a week at a Manhattan YMCA.
Some days after school, shea€™d head down toA  Battery Park City, where a group of seven or eight sets of parents banded together to hire her to teach late afternoon music classes to their pre-K children.
I’m going to go ahead and end the post here because I want to get my workout in and finish work so I can go look for that snapper again.
Because I was a little offended, especially when they asked in front of their parents and the parents said nothing. Fortunately later in the day my little neighbor Jayde and her mom came over and insisted I go on a bike ride with them.
The live performance of a portion of the album this past July at Rockwood Music Hall, on Manhattana€™s Lower East Side, swept over us like a sweet, warm wave. A never-before-seen umbrella vendor suddenly appears, hawking his wares, but they ignore him. Jeana€™s musical depth and imagination have roots that delve deep into childhood, as a recent interview revealed. She studied with a great piano teacher, jazz pianist and composer Diane Moser, during high school. She combines Brazilian-flavored songs with social consciousness, creating a global mindset. I’m pretty sure if I would have ever attempted such a thing, my parents would have dropped kicked me Jesus through the goal post of life!
The family band would play for people as they exited the outdoor show, singing environmentally conscious songs about the sea and its creatures, like a€?Baby Beluga,a€? among others. There she discovered the layers within the culture which make Brazilian music such a communal force. In her study of jazz, she found an existing etiquette that tends to dictate how players interact with each other. On occasion, they got to pet the beluga whale on its tongue (it opened its mouth for this).

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