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1 in 5 people in Northern Ireland suffer from tinnitus – a ringing, buzzing, humming or whistling sound in the ear. Around 9,000 are affected by the condition so badly that many have said that it made their life unbearable and had significant impact on their mental health. Statistics suggest that at least 178,900 people in Northern Ireland have tinnitus of varying severity. For many, tinnitus is a condition that they learn to live with but for others, it can have a significant impact on day-to-day life including concentration problems, sleep problems and depression.
Tinnitus can improve over time and although there is currently no single treatment that works in the same way for everyone, if an underlying cause can be established it can often be effectively treated.
Some people find their tinnitus is worse when they're stressed or anxious and improves when they're calm and relaxed.
Optique Eye and Ear Care offer a speedy service to help improve the quality of hearing with audiology tests and access to the latest hearing aids on the market. At the moment there's no single treatment for tinnitus that works in the same way for everyone. If a specific cause can't be established, the focus will be on helping you manage the condition on a daily basis. Tinnitus is most noticeable in quiet environments, background noise such as music or the television can help distract you from the sound of tinnitus. Listening to natural relaxing sounds, such as the sound of rain or the ocean, can also help.
Home » Earworms » What is the difference between musical hallucinations and tinnitus? Before I left for Switzerland at the start of this month I printed off a few articles that I had hoped to read for background research, and also to provide you, dear reader, with some of the latest findings in music psychology.
This new paper tackles the question of whether musical hallucinations and tinnitus are similar phenomena.
In both cases people can often not realize at first that these sounds are not ‘real’ – they may go searching for the source of the sound (a hidden radio or a buzzing piece of electrical hardware) eventually to realize that the sound is being generated internally rather than externally. The new paper I am reading hypothesised that MH and tinnitus might share a common source in the brain that differs only in its complexity, with tinnitus producing simple sound and MH producing complex music. The model: The model the authors chose was ‘Thalamocortical dysrhythmia’ (TCD), a suitably complex term (go on, say it three times fast, I dare you!).
The difference that turns tinnitus into MH might be found in brain areas like Broca’s , regions of the brain that handles both language and music stimuli. The test: The new study used EEG to compare resting state brain activity between healthy controls, and people with either tinnitus or MH. The results: People with MH or tinnitus both showed increased gamma-theta activity within their auditory cortex. Interestingly both groups also showed suppressed beta band activity in their visual cortices. There was also increased beta activity in areas such as the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex and anterior insula during both tinnitus and MH. Conclusions: The TCD model may prove to be a suitable explanation for both musical hallucinations and tinnitus, since both were seen in the new study to feature the relevant abnormal patterns of neural activity. Complex phantoms (MH) in addition are associated with additional patterns of abnormal neural activity in various bands across areas of the brain that are associated with memory and musical imagery, but also language processing. Sven Vanneste, Jae-Jin Song, Dirk De Ridder (2013) Tinnitus and musical hallucinosis: The same but more. After a weekend of digging weak Morse signals out of the noise, when I finally take off the headphones I can hear phantom Morse code in things like computer fans, building ventilators and even in the wind noise on the windows. About three years ago I was hearing music from an external source that didnt exist, (not like hearing music in your mind like when a song gets stuck in your head). Candace Hartley 19 November, 2013 at 12:26 am My tinnitus is like a million little tsetse flies in my head and I sometimes cry myself to sleep wishing to be free of them.
Tony Gordon 29 November, 2013 at 1:15 pm I have reviewed the medical literature and convinced myself at least that musical hallucinations like tinnitus originate in the inner ear. Victoria Bowden 26 April, 2014 at 6:33 pm About a year ago I startet having trouble getting off to sleep because my neighbour was playing music. I was working on the computer and committed to my traveling partner how much I was enjoying the radio station she was playing. SHIRLEY 25 October, 2014 at 10:26 pm I HAVE SUFFERED WITH TINNITUS FOR MANY YEARS AND HAVE LEARNT TO LIVE WITH IT. FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS EVER SINCE OUR WATER COMPANY TUNNELED THROUGH 2 ROADS AWAY FROM US ( I HEARD THAT ), I HAVE NEVER STOPPED HEARING IT !.

AS 17 December, 2014 at 5:44 am I can’t say how glad I am to find your blog and article!! Beginning of this year though I started getting song choruses playing on repeat and the tinnitus has become quiet noticeable again. Tony Gordon 23 July, 2015 at 3:34 pm After extensive reviews of the literature, I have concluded that musical hallucinations only arise from an oversensitive inner ear, and are nothing to do with the brain. Tom 5 March, 2016 at 4:52 pm I appreciate the science-based approach to investigating this phenomenon, but I want to offer my experience and a different possible explanation. In the late summer of 2010, I began to hear musical patterns in the white noise of the air conditioning vents. Science is missing something about who & what we really are by not closely examining the experiences themselves and looking at things only in a purely rationalistic, materialistic fashion.
At Optique we can provide ear wax management which can sometimes be the cause of tinnitus and also offer hearing aids which are known to reduce the condition in suitable people. They'll also look at your medical history and ask about the type and severity of the noises you hear. It has been a long few weeks here in Luzern as I have been balancing immigration admin, with the freedom that comes with being able to write up articles that have been sitting on my desk for months. This is of interest to me as these two kinds of ‘auditory phantom’ may also be on a continuum with earworms, tunes that get stuck in our head (a keen research interest for me). Tinnitus is when a person hears a simple tone or buzzing noise that is not coming from the environment.
MH are complex false sound perceptions meaning that a fully conscious person might report hearing whole songs or other musical arrangements, all of which have no external source. Both MH and tinnitus represent the perception of a sound stimulus in the absence of any physical stimulation from the environment – people are hearing things that are not ‘there’. Because people can eventually recognize the internal source of the sound MH and tinnitus are not, by themselves, a form of “psychosis”, which is defined as a loss of contact with reality. TCD is a theory that suggests the neurons in the thalamus can start to behave in an odd way, either diminishing their excitation or increasing their inhibition.
According to the new paper, tinnitus may be caused by abnormal, spontaneous and constant gamma band activity as a consequence of a particular pattern of deafferentation in the thalamic nuclei. Perhaps a low level “edge effect” combined with higher brain centre abnormal activity turn simple tinnitus into MH? The hypothesis was that both simple (tinnitus) and complex (MH) auditory phantoms will share a common neural signature of increased gamma-theta activity in combination with decreased alpha activity, as in TCD. The two clinical groups had both had their symptoms for at least a year and had comparable hearing loss (not severe). This finding alone suggests that TCD might underlie both simple (tinnitus) and complex (MH) auditory phantoms.
This activity might be related to the brain ‘filling in’ missing auditory information and brining the phantom auditory percepts to awareness. People with MH showed more alpha activity, which we can explain as the increased memory load of dealing with complex percept as opposed to a simple buzz or ring of tinnitus. It happened out of the blue while I was fully functioning speaking even, when doing a university presentation, on the subway etc. At first it was complete songs with choir like voices and big band music with all the movements. I SUFFER WITH FIBROMYALGA WHICH AMONGST MANY OTHER SYMPTOMS MEANS MY SENSES ARE HEIGHTENED.
This is the first time I have read a good description and a possible explanation for this condition I’ve developed over the last year.
Those numbers are surprisingly similar to results of a study of college-aged adults, said lead author Annick Gilles, a clinical audiologist at Antwerp University Hospital in Edegem, Belgium.
Musical hallucinations are more common in older adults, especially those who are suffering from a degree of hearing loss.
This haywire activity at the neural level, known as ‘deafferentation’, can trigger both positive and negative symptoms in neurological conditions. This can be combined with an increase in theta activity, and perhaps also a decrease in alpha activity.
People with MH also showed increased resting state activity in right inferior frontal regions, areas associated with retrieval of familiar musical imagery from memory, and areas associated with language and music processing. Musical seizures are indeed very rare and can be completely benign, but in some cases they can indicate an underlying neurological problem.
I have not seen a doctor yet because everything I’ve read indicates there is little that can be done.

Now it has settled on five or so songs but is now only playing the ending or a chorus not the full song. There is my head was the bird noise and a song was playing our Amazing Grace with a choir singing .
Larry’s comment is especially relatable for me, as I have song ends or choruses play on repeat. I have found very little information on this condition until now, and what you’ve said makes a lot of sense to me. She and her coauthors had expected the numbers to be higher for college-aged people, who "go out a lot," she told Reuters Health. I have also been enjoying the planning and teaching of my new Music Psychology course, here at the Hochschule Luzern – Musik. Many of us will have experienced temporary tinnitus, perhaps after visiting a concert or nightclub, or exposure to other loud and prolonged sounds. MH can also arise from brain lesions at any point in the auditory pathway, from the lower centres (e.g. It was very frightening I had no other physical symptoms and I couldnt find any info on the internet relating to my hearing music that wasnt there. I am very happy that you found good help and once again, thank you for bringing your story to this forum.
Eventually, I mentioned to my neighbour who looked confused, but said it couldnt be her as she doesnt play any music at all.
Then also there was another musical selection of two accordions playing in harmony the selection was notes that were not exact but closely resembling our national anthem.
I also find that if I switch music off at the wrong point my head finishes off for me so it has reached a resolution of some sort, which has been great at times for developing arrangements! I got tinnitus about 14 years ago, I can remember the day I noticed it, I had just had bronchitis and finished a course of antibiotics. I am going in for an EEG when my doctor is back in January and I will tell her about your article. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, caused by loud noise exposure is clearly linked to hearing damage, she said.
Doctors said it was brought on by stress, that I should do yoga but I knew it was something different, something wasnt right.
However, I’m not sure if the following is related, but I can now hear, at will, certain pieces of music. People with permanent ringing in the ears may be able to hear the same volumes of sound as before the damage, but often have trouble separating speech sounds out of a mix of noises.
For the new study, almost 4,000 Flemish high school students completed a questionnaire about temporary and permanent ringing in the ears, also answering questions about their attitudes toward loud noises and hearing protection. It turns out that those ephisodes of hearing music were actually musical seisures which are extremely extremely rare and the scan showed that I had a brain tumor.
However, now Ive learned to enjoy it and even call it angel music to convince myself its a good thing!! I found out through researching that it was a condition called tinnitus and had learned to live with it, as it subsides at times. Three out of four kids experienced temporary tinnitus, and one in five heard ringing all the time. I dont mean to scare you, I am fine now completely heathy but my advice is to listen to your body if you think you know something is wrong find a good doctor that will do everything to help you including psychological tests and a CT scan just to be safe.
Only five percent of the kids said they used any kind of hearing protection against loud noise, such as ear plugs, according to results in the journal PLOS ONE. Burcon’s information, I sought help from an upper cervical chiropractic specialist who confirmed a very poor range of motion and misalignment from the whiplash!
This of course has huge implications for future college and employment opportunities," he told Reuters Health in an email. Using the widespread cases of tinnitus among kids as a warning sign for future hearing loss could be a good strategy, said Dr. Roland Eavey, an ear, nose and throat specialist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, who also didn't participate in the research. Kids who say they hear ringing should be tested for hearing loss, since the two often go together, he added.

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