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Author: admin, 26.08.2015
42 year-old male with no significant medical history presenting to ENT clinic after referral from PMD for perforated TM. Since then, the patient has not had any further ear pain or discharge but is left with persistent and constant hearing loss and ringing (high-pitched, non-pulsatile). AD: Decreased acuity to finger rub, EAC with some cerumen, cleared to reveal central perforation in posterior-superior quadrant of tympanic membrane. The patient last had normal hearing approximately 1yr ago when he noted acute onset of right ear pain, discharge, hearing loss and ringing in the setting of fever and a productive cough. The patient describes a history suggestive of acute otitis media complicated by TM perforation.

It is done to prevent non-test ear from detecting the sound presented to the test ear by crossover. A documented fluctuating hearing loss, especially in the low frequencies, is very helpful in making the diagnosis.
He does not recall an inciting event (trauma, swimming) to this initial episode, and had no previous history of ear infections. Persistent perforation seen on examination today can result in the tinnitus and hearing loss the patient complains of.
He saw his PMD several days later, was told he had a perforated ear drum and was treated with antibiotics.

However the marked sensorineural component remains unexplained, particularly given the patient reported previously normal hearing. While there is some evidence that acute otitis media can lead to sensorineural hearing loss, it is typically only mild and only in high-frequency ranges.1,2  Plan for further evaluation with repeat audiogram and MRI IAC, RTC when studies completed.

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