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Before you learn how sound equipment works it's very important to understand how sound waves work. The illustration on the left shows a speaker creating sound waves (click the button to show animation). Note that a waveform graph is two-dimensional but in the real world sound waves are three-dimensional.
The next thing to consider is what the graph represents; that is, what it means when the wave hits a high or low point. Note that air molecules do not actually travel from the loudspeaker to the ear (that would be wind).
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They are created by the vibration of an object, which causes the air surrounding it to vibrate. The graph indicates a wave traveling along a path from left to right, but real sound waves travel in an expanding sphere from the source.

The following explanation is a simplified way of looking at how sound waves work and how they are represented as a waveform. When this signal is converted to a sound wave, you can think of high values as representing areas of increased air pressure. As the loudspeaker vibrates, it causes the surrounding molecules to vibrate in a particular pattern represented by the waveform. Each individual molecule only moves a small distance as it vibrates, but it causes the adjacent molecules to vibrate in a rippling effect all the way to the ear.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. The vibrating air then causes the human eardrum to vibrate, which the brain interprets as sound.
However the 2-dimensional model works fairly well when thinking about how sound travels from one place to another. When the waveform hits a high point, this corresponds to molecules of air being packed together densely.

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