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Hearing aids – they’re those chunky things that smother your whole ear and give you all manner of hassle with feedback, right? You’ve probably all heard a little of the buzz about this new device, you might have seen it featured in the magazine Popular Science, discussed on the Today Show and mentioned in various blog reviews, but I imagine ‘the buzz’ is all you’ve heard. Let’s not dive right in on a negative though, let’s take a look at what everyone else has been saying first.
As it’s set so deep within the ear canal, noise hits the Lyric in a way that means it can deliver you the most natural sounds possible. All these great factors Lyric offers come from one simple fact – the setting of the device. If you’ve decided to take the plunge and try out this new device, getting one fitted is relatively simple. Visiting the specialist may not seem too hard, but Lyric offices are often few and far between. Despite being told you can shower with Lyric, an ear cap is provided for doing so – a device which in itself isn’t all too reliable. We offer a cast iron guarantee that we will help you hear better or you will receive a 100% refund for your hearing aids. We thought it would be a good idea to make an easy reference hearing aid guide for our customers and for others looking for information.
We hope you find it useful, it is a free download, so just click on the image and a pdf will open in a new window.
Phonak's driving force is their commitment to understanding the challenges faced by people who live with hearing loss, and to improving the quality of their lives. The Oticon story starts with one man’s passion to help his wife lead a better life, unhindered by her hearing loss. American reliability, quality and innovation, founded and still head-quartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, in 1967 by Bill Austin. Since its inception in 1956, Widex has been committed to three core values that continue to inform its decisions and inspire their work, Originality, Perseverance and reliability.
Unitron are renowned for innovation and a strong focus on people, employees, partners and the people with hearing loss that they serve. Over 25 years experience delivering the best hearing aids backed up with a strong belief in customer service and after care.
The Best Solutions We only offer the best hearing aid solutions available from the very best hearing aid manufacturers. Bronze level products are designed for people looking for an affordable yet effective solution to enhance daily communication abilities while mostly in quiet or minimal background noise.
Ideally suited for people who would like value for money while still expecting state-of-the-art technology. We pride ourselves on being less expensive than many national companies, whilst offering the very best in bespoke aftercare and customer service to all our clients. With over 25 years of experience in hearing aid audiology we offer the highest quality in hearing aids & hearing healthcare services. We provide hearing tests, tinnitus management, earwax removal, noise protection and hearing aids in our Worcester hearing aid centre.
Submit this form and we will call to schedule a day & time, or call any office to make an appointment. No Daily Removal: The Lyric hearing aid is worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months at a time. Better Sound Quality: Because Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal it uses the ear's natural anatomy to direct sound to the device. A qualified staff member at Hearing Solutions™ places the Lyric comfortably in the ear canal during a routine office visit. Hearing Solutions™ is the exclusive provider of the Lyric Hearing Aid in the state of New Hampshire. Lyric is manufactured by Phonak, the 2nd largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world and the industry leader in advancing technological solutions to combat hearing loss. Pindrop Hearing is proud to announce that we are one of the first clinics in the UK to receive the LYRIC2 hearing aids. LYRIC hearing aids differ from conventional hearing aids as they are inserted deep into the ear canal for extended periods at a time (3-4 months). Pindrop Hearing is an Authorised Partner for LYRIC and we are happy to arrange an assessment appointment to determine eligibility. Occupation: Senior Fellow at the London-based International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). In doing so, he aims to raise a significant sum to support the work of the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
3 years ago, he suddenly realised he’d gone deaf in his left ear and, after a number of tests, was prescribed a hearing aid by his audiologist. Dr Dalal-Clayton said “The visibility of hearing aids is the main cause for the stigma attached to them.
Barry has recently tested the device at altitude on Mont Blanc and found it worked extremely well.
Lyric2, the latest model, is even smaller than the original Lyric and is available from November 2012. The Lyric is ideal for people with an active lifestyle who wish to pursue their lives without the daily burden of constant maintenance. Optimal fit in the ear canal and excellent wearing comfort due to biocompatible soft foam seals.
You won’t know it’s there - simply forget you are wearing a hearing aid at all! If you have any questions about Lyric hearing aids or any of our devices, speak to one of our friendly team members on 1300 134 327. Lyric is different from other hearing aids because Lyric is comfortably placed deep in the ear canal, 4mm from the ear drum, by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit. Lyric’s unique placement deep in the ear canal means it stays there for months at a time– it can be worn through daily activities such as showering, exercising, sleeping and talking on the phone. Lyric is the only hearing aid that can be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months at a time, without daily insertion or removal. Since Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, it uses the outer ear’s natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, where it is then amplified to the ear drum. Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit, without surgery or anesthesia. Lyric hearing aids are sold on a subscription basis, which means you purchase a year’s worth of devices at a time.
Stock up on all hearing aid batteries for all major hearing aid manufacturers as well as ear plugs and accessories. Few people outside my tight-knit circle of family and friends know that I have a hearing impairment. When I needed to get glasses at age 8, my mom and my recently bespectacled cousin prepared me for the jeers I might receive at school. I was very happy for my Dad when he told me he had won a free year’s supply of a new hearing aid called Lyric in a contest. My audiologist inserted the Lyric in my right ear without a problem, but my left ear put up a fight. Once I left the comfort of the audiologist’s office, though, I was a little bit less confident about the device. Other Lyric users claimed that after a while they forgot they were wearing the things—their ears adjusted, and they no longer felt the object inside.
It’s been about a month and a half since my first Lyric was inserted, and I couldn’t be happier.
I no longer care about whether people know I wear hearing aids, so the invisibility factor isn’t important to me, but it’s nice. Formerly an architectural drafter and designer, Jen cut her spending and embraced a frugal lifestyle to be a stay at home mom. What a touching story about your hearing loss and your experiences of rejection as a child. I also found equally as moving how you dealt with your hearing as you grew up, went to college, found a husband and had children.
I’m sure this post will be extremely helpful to anyone who has experienced a similar situation, especially the review of the Lyrics device.
I think one of the best ways to lessen the stigma is for deaf and hard of hearing people to be open, honest and forthcoming about their struggles. Also appreciated hearing that the overwhelming input of noise from everywhere calms down–stores are horrible!

While there are hundreds of Lyric hearing aid reviews out there you won’t find many that take a neutral standing or are completely honest. No, you didn’t just read the advert for a new watch, you can in-fact do all those things while wearing Lyric. The setting of the Lyric also gives you the ability to use a telephone or wear headphones with little or no feedback.
The minute the hearing aid is placed right inside your ear canal, just 4mm from your eardrum. Seeing as it’s set within the ear and not balancing on the ear rim, wearers are free to carry out everyday tasks without being constantly plagued by having to take the hearing aid off and on, potentially rendering them near deaf when they do so.
Via telephone you can arrange an initial assessment with your audiologist where you will visit a hearing professional who will determine if this is really the solution for you. Prices can vary from $2900 – $3600 which may seem steep but covers fittings, consultations, the newest device available every time your battery dies and as many changes you need per year. While not having to change the batteries weekly may seem a dream, Lyric leaves you stuck if the batteries die mid important event.
Reports have been made of people driving up to 150 miles to have their hearing aid changed. Complaints have been made about them falling out, soaking the Lyric and diminishing it’s life, resulting in more trips to the consultant. Sure, being invisible looks better, but on those odd days when it isn’t performing perfectly and your having issues with feedback (and there will undoubtedly be those days) how will anyone know to allow for that and not just assume you’re being rude? While there are many good, some amazing, points to Lyric there are of course the bad ones to balance them out.
Their latest offering, a Made For iPhone hearing aid range, has generated real excitement outside of our traditional market. The Lyric is an invisible, extended-wear hearing aid, which is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A competitive feature to support hearing demands in minimal to moderate levels of background noise. An impressive package of features that enhances your hearing ability in a variety of daily listening environments, including those with moderate levels of background noise. Thanks to a complete set of trailblazing solutions that uniquely and effectively address all hearing challenges. Offering in-depth hearing tests and diagnosis in order that we completely understand your hearing loss and lifestyle needs. As the smallest hearing device on the market today, Lyric's miniature design allows it to be comfortably placed deeper in the ear canal.
No removal is required for activities such as showering, talking on the phone, swimming, exercising and sleeping - There are no daily hassles with the Lyric. The battery isn't replaced after it runs out, instead the entire hearing aid is replaced with a new one. A more natural sound quality is created because the sounds amplification occurs closer to the ear drum. You're provided a remote to turn the Lyric on and off, or to adjust any of the settings and control the volume as needed. Because the Lyric hearing aid is disposable it is purchased on a subscription basis, which means you buy a year's worth of devices at a time.
Lyric's cutting-edge technology requires the manufacturer to partner only with hearing-care offices staffed by licensed audiologists who possess the necessary education and experience. The Lyric was very comfortable and caused no interference with head gear or whistling feedback.
In addition to being invisible, once settled in the ear, it allows for extra comfort, ease of use with the telephone and less wind interference. Because Lyric takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy, users experience improved directionality and localization (the ability to determine where sounds are coming from). Once placed, Lyric is programmed to your specific hearing needs by your Lyric audiologist or hearing professional.
Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions. For better or worse, it has been a closely guarded secret ever since I first became aware of my problem around age 12.
Fortunately “four-eyes” proved to be about as outdated as “groovy”, and glasses just weren’t something that people made fun of anymore. I remember my mother being deeply hurt, and even more infuriated, when my oldest brother’s ENT suggested that my young brother should never have children, in order to avoid sharing his hearing problem with another generation. Fortunately there were county programs that covered the costs for us, though we weren’t able to take advantage of the latest technology or the smallest hearing aids.
I made do by placing myself in the front of lecture halls and asking people to repeat themselves if I couldn’t understand them.
My parents have fallen on difficult financial times in recent years, and paying for new hearing aids was out of the question for him. I was thrilled to discover that my hearing loss had not progressed significantly, if at all, over the many years since I was last tested.
They are placed deep inside the ear canal, close to the eardrum where they can create more natural amplification.
There was a painful spot (most likely originating from removal of impacted earwax) that brought me to tears when she inserted the device. I didn’t understand that as a kid, and I believe that is part of the reason I was reluctant to wear my hearing aid back then.
I realized that I was hearing everything all at once: every person talking, every office machine, the rustling of the fabric of my coat sleeves. I never realized how sensitive the ear canal is; I learned that a simple cotton swab can cause tremendous irritation, even if used safely.
That was hard for me to believe, and the initial sensation of simultaneously having a plugged ear and superior hearing was difficult for my mind to reconcile. There are more practical aspects of the Lyric extended wear hearing aid that I truly appreciate. I am very excited about all of the advances being made in the audiology field that will help people like me, my family, and future generations realize their full potential in a world that isn’t always kind to them.
I think there are a lot of young people with hearing problems, they’re just afraid to speak up. Now, I still have to concentrate once in a while to get a word out, but it’s mostly gone. I used to try to hide my problem, and I know many people who still do, especially younger people. Invisible, comfortable and reliable, Lyric Hearing Aids are revolutionizing the way we treat hearing loss. Some of you might think they’re overreaching with their slogan but with what they go on to claim it seems possible they’re actually underselling themselves.
And the greatest thing about it, the thing that really sets it apart from every other hearing aid on the market? Unless you choose to tell someone, the reason behind your improved hearing could be your little secret. The average hearing aid needs its batteries changed on a weekly basis, inconvenient by anyone’s standards.
If it is they will evaluate your hearing needs with a simple hearing test, then the Lyric will be fitted inside your ear canal and programmed. Other devices on the market can be bought for considerably less and some can last for 5-10 years if looked after, but you have to bear in mind your quality of living.
Removing it yourself is easy but this leaves users with only their previous sub-standard hearing to work with until they can visit the specialist again. On the subject of water, swimming is not recommended so the water babies out there will have to stay home. When your Lyric needs to be replaced you return to your Hearing Solutions office in Nashua, Manchester, or Concord for a short follow-up visit and we fit you with a new set of devices. Therefore the Lyric can not be prescribed or obtained through a typical retail provider or purchased online.
When you need to replace your Lyric devices, simply return to your Lyric audiologist or hearing professional for a short follow up visit, where you will be fit with a new set of devices. At that tender age I also realized that it’s one of the few handicaps that people still consider socially acceptable to make fun of. My problem is hereditary. Quite a few other students in my class sported glasses, and one of my friends had the exact same frames.
Say “what?” one too many times, or remain oblivious to instructions that you didn’t hear, and you’re jokingly dubbed “deaf”, not only by fellow students, but also by teachers and other adults who aren’t aware of your problem.

Did he feel that the world would have been a better place had all five of us never been born?
Looking back, I am ashamed that I didn’t appreciate the assistance and was so concerned about what my peers at school would think, that it wasn’t long before I stopped wearing my hearing aids at all.
I got used to closed captioning on the TV and simply not understanding everything said in movies or songs if I didn’t have headphones at my disposal.
I am always concerned about my dad and my siblings who have a harder time than I do—if I ever won the lottery, setting them up with the latest technology would be first on my agenda. The free hearing aids were a blessing; the fact that they would also be invisible was icing on the cake—not crucial, but sweet.
We needed to allow a couple more weeks for my left ear to heal and relax before attempting to insert another device. Lyric comes with its own set of issues that make the process a little bit more difficult, but very worthwhile.
I couldn’t listen to the radio in the car because the engine noise and the sound of the tires on the road seemed to have equal priority. But once the pain went away and my ears accepted the Lyrics, the sensation of a foreign object in my ear really did go away.
My mind naturally filters out background noises, and I am once again able to listen to the radio in the car. I don’t need to worry about replacing hearing aid batteries, which is not only an inconvenience, but also a safety issue—those tiny batteries are deadly if swallowed, and with a toddler in the house that is an important concern. My husband, unlike yours, does NOT understand how difficult it is and is constantly frustrated with my mumblings and what?
Now that my oldest is in school it bothers me even more to think of kids being made fun of. By being vocal about hearing loss, we can show the world that all kinds of people have this problem, not just elderly people. Since the batteries are never changed (the device is completely replaced instead) this drives up the individual prices and overall cost associated with ownership of one of these aids.
As an additional benefit, your subscription covers any Lyric technology upgrades, which means you will have access to the most advanced Lyric hearing technology available once your provider has been trained on the latest technology. My dad is hearing impaired, both his parents are, and so are several of my aunts, uncles and cousins on his side of the family. I wanted to disappear when some teachers who were aware of my disability singled me out in front of the whole class, spilling my secret and telling me that I would need to sit in the front. Should a condition so easily helped with ever-evolving and improving technology be sufficient reason for my brother never to experience the joys of a family of his own if he so chose?
By the time I had matured enough not to care what people thought, I was too old to qualify for the program. Once I became a mom, I relied on my husband to hear our baby cry in the night—once I was in a deep sleep, even the baby monitor wouldn’t wake me. Unfortunately, Dad’s hearing loss is so severe that the Lyric aids didn’t provide enough boost for him.
The particular pattern of loss that my family deals with can seem more severe than it is, however, since mid-range frequencies (primarily conversation) is most affected. Also unusual is the fact that they are not removed daily; Lyrics are worn until the battery runs out, then they are disposed of and a new unit must be inserted. The audiologist chose a smaller size for that ear, and although it was still uncomfortable going in, it has not presented any extended problems. The first thing I noticed after my audiologist inserted my first Lyric and turned it on was the ton of bricks lifted from my shoulders as I listened to her talk and heard every word she said without any effort at all. I remembered the reassurances from my dad and the audiologist that my brain needed to “re-learn” hearing and it would get better. They didn’t take kindly to the objects residing semi-permanently inside, and I felt that I had a mild ear infection. I don’t have the stress of worrying about misplacing, dropping or breaking removable hearing aids.
As much as I enjoy my Lyrics, I won’t be able to afford that cost once the year is up, so I will need to seek out an affordable standard hearing aid (there is no way I will go back to nothing). When I was an adjunct professor, I told my classes upfront that I was hearing impaired, and one student in particular told me how much that inspired her.
Unlike your average digital hearing aid, Lyric sits in your ear canal, hiding it away from view, making it not only comfortable to wear but practical seeing as it eliminates the possibility of it falling out and will not be aggravated by day to day activities.
It’s nothing like the old analog devices of the past that your 80 your old audiologist would recommend. You only need to remove Lyric when the batteries die, making it the only hearing aid without the need for daily insertion and removal. Unless you have any issues, the next time you see your specialist will be in four months time when your battery dies and you need a new one inserted. It’s not that hearing-impaired people like me are humorless, but it’s disheartening when people who can’t sympathize with the challenges treat it so flippantly. The audiologist measured my ear canals to ensure that the devices would fit in both ears and declared me a prime candidate for Lyric hearing aids.
It seemed to me beyond the scope of what my brain could do, but I hoped they were right—there were times when I felt that I preferred my poor natural hearing to this artificial sounding electronic hearing. The ear canal will swell slightly as it reacts to the Lyric, and this is completely normal. I don’t know yet if I will have an adjustment period when my next set of aids are inserted. When I’m in the classroom, I’m able to hear and answer my students’ questions from behind the desk. It is nice having the security of being able to hear all night long in case there was an emergency. Hopefully the cost will come down as more advances are made and the technology is more widely adopted. I remember feeling like a nervous wreck on the day I finally decided to tell him about my hearing impairment, and that any future children we might have could end up with the same thing.
I worried that I might not hear a smoke alarm or know if an intruder had broken into the house. He asked the company if rather than accepting the other option, a free trip, he could transfer the hearing aid prize to someone else who needed it.
They are water resistant, and as long as the fit is correct, they can be worn in the shower without worry of damage. I had never before realized the tremendous amount of energy and concern I had channeled into simply hearing someone talk, even at close range. But I held on to that feeling in the audiologist’s office when I first heard her talk with my hearing aid, and I knew that I would try. I read that the adjustment period, which is usually about three days, can be longer for some people.
Recently, I was annoyed when the ringing phone woke me from a much-needed nap…until I realized that only a few weeks before the phone ringing, downstairs, would not have woken me, because I would not have heard it. Once I was fortunate enough to have a hearing aid, I had to contend with people gawking at the flesh-colored wad of plastic in my ear—something that only elderly grandma’s and grandpa’s wore. Keeping in mind my brother’s ENT, I thought that maybe it was a deal-breaker for “normal” people, even if I couldn’t understand that myself.
When I began teaching a college class, I wore myself out having to walk up to each student who had a question—even though the class size was small, the voices didn’t carry across the room. The Lyrics, which will last three to four months at best, must be inserted by a trained professional (they can be removed at home in an emergency or when the battery goes dead).
If I forgot that I was wearing the aid and accidentally rested my ear against my hand, I’d broadcast the high-pitched whistle caused by feedback, eliciting more giggles. Since only a limited number of audiologists currently deal with Lyric hearing aids, the required travel may be too much. I used acetaminophen as recommended, and that helped greatly…though I have to admit there were times when I wanted to take the things out!
Although I haven’t used a standard hearing aid recently to make a comparison, I do believe I would prefer the Lyric if I had the means to pay for it.

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