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The classic elegance of 14 karat gold and the seductive beauty of smoky quartz - jewelry in styles from classic to contemporary.
This outstanding center stone comes to life with an carved filigree design on the band, and can be teamed with pave set rings on earthier sides. They've been handcrafted in California from recycled 14-karat gold that's lightly hammered for a textural finish. The translucency of the natural diamond allows the glow of the gold to infuse the stone with a warm light. The stones used are natural products and display inclusions which are an intrinsic part of the design. Each ring will be accompanied by a GIA diamond grading report and a complimentary appraisal. The clever design features interlocking bands that rest comfortably on your finger and has been imitated by other jewelers, but never equaled to the Cartier original. Delicate filigree petals are complimented by architectural details, while leaves gracefully climb down the sides. 18-karat yellow gold rope frames round-cut green turquoise with faceted quartz dome overlay. Four Crivelli cross prongs and pave white quartz settings; framed with pave black diamonds.
Delicate heart-shaped stations clarify the heartbeat-driven theme of this solid-gold beauty. Thin oxidized sterling silver band with diamonds set in silver bezels and in 18-karat yellow gold quatrefoils.

Whether it becomes a thoughtful gift for the one your heart beats for-or a daily reminder to keep grateful for your health-this stackable ring's appeal will never flatline. Made from recycled 14-karat gold in the label's signature wishbone shape, these hoop earrings are studded with elegant and lustrous pearls. Style Name: Bony Levy 'Heartbeat' 14k Gold Band Ring (Limited Edition) (Nordstrom Exclusive). This pretty stack of diamond and sapphire bands is set so that the gemstones are able to move ever so slightly, as if trilling with the movement of the fingers and hand. This glamorous ring with a center stone engulfed in split crescents lined with pave set gemstones and filigree textures flowing down its shoulder represents the past generations. Made entirely by hand, this limited edition ring is crafted from 14-karat gold and set with a 2.10-carat Herkimer diamond elegantly facing a milky freshwater pearl.
Crafted from 14k white gold, ring highlights a seamless row of Igi Certified round-cut diamonds (1 ct. These dainty earrings are set with the label's signature Herkimer diamonds - a rare form of crystal quartz. They're finished with a thin chain that gently drapes under your lobe, making them an understated yet chic everyday choice. They are handcrafted using traditional, time-honored techniques and have a polished 14-karat gold setting. Handmade from an elegant mix of recycled 18-karat yellow and rose gold, these one-of-a-kind earrings feature shimmering opals, marbled Leland Blue, Vera Cruz amethysts and vibrant purple sugilite.
The gold plated band is in a brushed metal texture and features some creative designs etched into the side.

Each miniature disc charm is adorned with two sparkling diamonds to catch the light beautifully.
A special edition from the Christmas capsule, this long ring is brilliantly designed with the illusion of a single half round band that twirls asymmetrically around the finger, spanning two segments and hinged at the centre for ease of movement. This elegant piece is set with two light-catching Herkimer diamonds at each end - we love their raw, organic shape. Elegant and chic this shagreen ring in 22ct gold plated vermeil on sterling silver is set with multiple micro pave zircons.
Studded with a single 0.005-carat diamond, this spiral-shaped earring loops twice through the ear.
This understated piece is decorated with a striking 0.10-carat garnet that's raised so you can stack it comfortably with similar designs. Adopting the shape of beautifully tapered feather, these earrings are intricately constructed with hinged segments that will gently sway with your movement. They're ornamented with 0.20-carats of Keshi pearls – a rare form that's distinguished by its unique and uneven shape.

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