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Double lamination of amber and honey Italian acetate features hand-dyed gradient lenses and double barrel rose gold hinges. The artisan crafts the earrings by hand adding delicate silver wire details and tiny silver granules in the traditional Balinese style. Taking his inspiration from Belle Epoch pieces he infuses them with traditional Mexican style.
Extraordinary these sterling silver earrings from Komang Wijayana are crafted by hand with admirable expertise.

Peruvian artisan Giuliana Valz-Gen crafts the earrings by hand with fine threads of sterling silver featuring an aged finish on the borders and polished filigree. The sterling silver earrings are crafted by hand with oxidized contrasts embellishing filigree patterns. The chakana is taken from a constellation of stars forming a quadratic square and represents the universe connected to the center of the world believed to be Cuzco. This Italian-made pair has supportive T-bar straps and a towering 120mm heel balanced by a 35mm platform.

Carlos Yauri works in precious Andean sterling to craft these scintillating dangle earrings. Made of natural leather which ages beautifully with time and wear, this open-toe pair is sure to keep your look on trend.

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