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Author: admin, 19.11.2013
He also recommended the slow kill for my dog’s heartworms which he could have tried to push the faster one to make money but instead said for my dogs situation, the slow kill would be totally fine which saved me almost $1000 according to online info I read.
I have heard about doing this for my dog who gets frequent yeast infections because the vinegar helps change the Ph level. I use it all the time, dogs don’t seem to mind other than not liking liquid in their ears. Pour a little in your dog’s ear and rub it around (and try to keep it in their ear for a minute) My dog usually is shaking it out before a minute is up but its working so far !

I have a nearly 3 months old shih tzu and he has smelly ears and scratches them most of the time. My vet recommended adding 1 part distilled water to the 1 part vinegar and 1 part rubbing alcohol, just to dial down the intensity a little. ONE OF MY CHILDREN HAD EAR INFECTIONS AND THE SPECIALIST HAD ME PUT THE PURE STUFF IN HER EAR, IT DIDN’T BURN. I want to try this Eardrops you posted but i don’t have distilled white vinegar ate the moment and i want to try it now.

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