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Better known as your third eyelid, or maybe not, this organ in our bodies is just one of the many parts that we dona€™t need.
The arrector pili are extremely small muscle fibers that are attached to each hair follicle on your body.
The tonsils are another useless part of the body that can cause certain people a lot of pain. HAHAHAHAHAa€¦Dang, I had no idea that bacteria caused virusesa€¦thata€™s so stupid ita€™s hilarious.
This is one of those mostly baseless articles again, a€?Nutrition and Physical Degenerationa€? in this book, now available free online, explains why people have messed up teeth, why our wisdom teeth dona€™t come in right, its horrible nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy. Funny thing is is that male nipples can produce milk if stimulated for weeks (enough milk to keep an infant alive).
Well, I really liked your article but I have to say that I dona€™t quiet agree that tonsils are not necessery.
Sinuses chief function is to produce a special mucus that keeps the inside of the nose moist and protects it from dust, dirt, pollutants, and microbiologic organisms. As an example: Frequent NetiPot use can actually trigger sinus infections because your clearing the mucus that protects you. Whats up, yo the only thing useless in this tonsils, it controls nothing really, cept how deep your voice may be, and it reminds us we arena€™t flawless lola€¦we feel it often.
Every organ is important it performs a specialized function and it is therefore very dangerous for you to assume that an organ in useless! So when we become an adolescent why not just have #8, #6, #5, #2 and # 1 removed from our bodies.
My appendix burst, and I was operated on and did nearly diea€¦ but treatment IS available for those whose appendix actually burst.
For past 4 month I been very sick with headache, took all kinds of antibiotic and storied with no result. I was perfectly healthy 48 year old woman before surgery who other than experiencing chronic catarrh and scans revealing diseased sinuses! So if it is not life threatening or seriously affecting your life try any other alternative treatment eg. This is a great question, because a lot of aspects of the human body represent what worked well enough for survival, not necessarily what works best.
For instance, who can look at this image – an anatomical model of human pregnancy at term, and not think this is really, really stupid engineering.
This is no longer a valuable contribution to our survival and reproductive efficacy, and I think most men would agree, we’d be happy with 1% less sperm in exchange for not having to pee in Morse code for the last 30 years of our lives. Lastly I have a laundry-list of flaws in the design of various systems throughout the body. The pancreas is a completely crummy organ, without a stem cell population to help regenerate it after being damaged, that eventually craps out in nearly every human with age. A better system for bile storage, possibly signals to release it directly from the liver rather than making bile constantly and storing it in the gall-baldder, which allows stones to form and risks of things like cholecystitis and pancreatitis.
This is another consequence of holding our heads upright, the hole in the sinus is no longer in a position which facilitates easy draining of mucus, as a result, infections are common.
Portosystemic anastomoses – at the stomach and anus, result in problems such as hemorrhoids and esophageal varices, which can be uncomfortable and deadly respectively. The spine and pelvis modification that has allowed us to walk upright puts excessive force on the lumbar vertebrae- causing back problems. I will admit to having an interest as earlier in the year I had a rather nasty abscess which was excrutiatingly painful as well as causing trismus which stopped me opening my mouth. I think that I’ve seen explanations that knees would work better if they bent in the other direction. If you want to widen the pelvis you’re going to have to make bipedalism much less efficient for men and women. On top of all that, your answers are from a Western context (like with the monthly nature of the female reproductive cycle).
This seems to me to be just yet another reason why Evolutionary thinking is better than Creationistic thinking.
The creationist response to that is to say that god DID design the human body perfectly; it is just that we are too stupid to understand that.
The 1984 book Future Man by science fiction writer Brian Stableford lists some improvements that could be made. A somewhat whimsical article by Butler, Olshansky and Carnes published in the March 2001 issue of Scientific American suggests ways in which the human body could be redesigned to better withstand the aging process. Point is, its not some idiot myth, or only something that happens to women who sit on their ass all day and eat only McDonald’s. True, this and some of the other replies have been from the point of view of humans living in luxury compared to what we experienced before technology made things so easy. If we had the lungs and associated air sacs and bone structure of birds that would greatly promote human efficiency in breathing, probably by greater than thirty percent. I’d also do a complete redesign of the human back muscles, to make walking upright easier. It seems to me that whales have it pretty good; the environment in which they live coupled with their design allows for the development of huge brains.
Various kinds of dinosaurs were very successful; species endured for millions of years before going extinct. Well, I think the discussion is limited to flaws which exist in the human body now that we would like to change.
As far as aging, that’s not really a design flaw that one can imagine a simple fix for. How about a flapped or ring muscled cranial opening internal to the neck area to avoid overpressure of the brain at hemorrhaging or inflammations? Ring muscled orifices to the ears would be fine, the city sound environment is a lot more noisy compared to nature. And if it’s stupid design in humans, using it in giraffes must win some sort of prize. I think we could rather easily divert the urinary tract to exit out near the anus, freeing it from the reproductive system all together. Hiya – I asked this question when I swallowed some water and it went down the wrong way. This is another consequence of holding our heads upright, the hole in the sinus is no longer in a position which facilitates easy draining of mucus, as a result, infections are common.
I know that the knee, in today’s world, does not need to work perfectly for a human to survive. If I vote for comfort rather than an extended life, does that make me an optimist or a pessimist? There’s a lot of sexual differences that are really stupid if you look at them rationally. I am not a science person but I enjoy thinking about the body and its modification thoroughly so my ideas are going to veer off that way as my opinion on the design better are probably slightly different…I would like to be able to have a set of gills on top of keeping my lungs, since I think it makes sense to have the option of breathing water in a planet that is more that 50% water. Of course, that would only work if we rejigger the lower back to allow for weight distribution.
Of course, if we want to get really efficient for breading purposes, egg sacks would be ideal– hang the placenta in the closet and suspend the developing fetus in an amniotic sack. Actually, it only has significant mortality in certain populations: those with other related health issues (like access to clean drinking water) and those that use doctors instead of midwives to catch babies.
How about the whole electrochemical impulses thing as a means for transmission of information?
Since many of these symptoms may overlap with other nasal and sinus conditions, the timing, specific combination of symptoms, and other tests can often help to find the correct diagnosis for your problem. If your symptoms do not improve as you reach 10 to 14 days, you may be suffering from acute bacterial sinusitis. The scope used for a nasal endoscopy is a lighted tube that allows the structures in the nose and sinuses to be seen more easily than by simply looking into the front of the nostrils.
X-Rays: X-rays were used in the past to image the sinuses, but plain X-rays are no longer routinely performed to help in diagnosing sinusitis. CT scan: Usually, radiologic studies are not performed for the initial diagnosis or treatment of sinus infections.
Viral Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) or Common Cold: While many of the symptoms of a viral cold are the same as bacterial sinusitis, these conditions are treated differently. Environmental Allergies: The symptoms of environmental allergies and sinusitis overlap to some degree.
Acid Reflux: Acid reflux (stomach acid coming up to irritate the esophagus or throat) may contribute to a number of symptoms that are commonly associated with sinusitis.

We have discussed the most common symptoms, time course, and diagnostic tests for sinusitis. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Dentigerous cyst associated with an ectopic third molar in the maxillary sinus: A rare entity. Dentigerous cyst associated with an ectopic third molar in the maxillary sinus: A case report and review of literature. Because of the complexity of our bodies, certain organs and parts seem to become less and less needed over time. These teeth were once very helpful, especially when humans had a diet that consisted of a lot of tough meat.
Open your mouth wide and youa€™ll see a tonsil on each side of your throat, unless you have had them removed. Women and men do not need to be pregnant to produce milk, the nipples just need stimulation.
I dona€™t have tonsils because I had them removed at the age of 8 but since then whenever I get sick I always have a very high and almost impossible to bring down fever which my doctor says it is because I dona€™t have tonsils. The mucus layer is propelled by tiny hair cells called cilia toward the back of the nose and throat, where it is swallowed.
Tonsils do not determine how deep your voice gets, these immunocompetent tissues are the immune systema€™s first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens. I have conveyed some of the info to my fiancee as she was on her way to see a GP about her accute sinus pains since yesterday. Because i know how suffer it is to let be operate and then not to have the right antidote to prevent it from breeding again.
They went away after a few weeks, but they can recur anytime, especially after a bad cold or flu. At first it was treatable with antibiotics but due to the frequency of the infections I became allergic to the antibiotics. And it’s only monthly for people who live in developed countries where we sit around too much and eat too much. In fact, if you want there to be less pressure on the bladder you might as well make us quadrupedal. Answering this with a more global context might present a totally different set of suggestions. A lot of the mind’s operations, such as pattern-seeking, were immensely helpful for survival in the wild, but lead to extraordinary fantasies in modern life. It’s flexible, dynamic and manages to work despite the big brains of the fetuses we deliver and the bipedal walking that narrows our pelvis. In fact, I would like to divide up and redistribute most organs in a more modular body compartment.
Sure, us guys would have to sit, but it’s a small price to pay for ending that stupid toilet seat debate once and for all. Society gets grossed out enough when the “sexual” breasts takes up its true function (lactation), but does anyone really want women to have gooey pouches on their abdomens? Keep in mind that this arrangement is older than the two pelvis halves meeting in the middle: the system was there, and the pelvis grew around it.
In my jaws there is just enough space for all four, and they happen to be coming out straightly vertically. If camarasaurid dinosaurs can have precise occlusion and continuous tooth replacement, so can we. Sorry, that’s bad engineering if there is significant risk to mother or child, significant risk of infection, and subsequent morbidity. Not to be racist here, but why invent a perfectly good sunburn-resistant skin and then continue to manufacture the easily damaged one?
In longstanding cases of sinusitis, also known as chronic sinusitis, non-infectious conditions are often the cause. The teeth most involved are in descending order of occurrence, the third molars, the canines, and the second premolars. Whether youa€™re some big fan of evolution or youa€™re completely against it, there are parts of the human body that are no longer needed to live or survive.
This part of the eye is known to produce a€?sleep,a€? or that weird crust you have in your eyes when you wake up.
Most mammals, including his humans have these small muscle fibers; however, they serve no real purpose.
Some say that they insulate our eyes while some doctors say that they influence our voicea€™s tone and pitch.
However, the gall bladder can sometimes produce gall stones and cause people to not be able eat without vomiting. The appendix was a more important and necessary organ when the body was introduced to more vegetables. The pain is located right between my eyes and it feels as if someone has punched me in the nose. I am trying to start up physical activity again but I am struggling big time and no one will take responsibility in helping. Our teeth are also relatively weak and poorly oriented in many people, probably as a result of cooking food for thousands of years has put less emphasis of quality of dentition on survival.
It was *thought* that it didn’t happen with humans, but kind of like bird studies, this theory came more from stupid ideas about what they *should* be seeing than what was really going on. There’s still some benefit to it, but perhaps it could be toned down a bit, or even have critical thinking come built-in to modulate it. It?s a bothersome and often deadly organ without clear use (rats can father without a prostate) in the worst location for treatments.
The ligaments in there are easily destroyed by age 40 and it is, basically as you said, a pedestal on top of a pedestal held together by rubber bands. I just don’t necessarily like to demonstrate my discipline through what journals I read as I try to be moderately pseudonymous. European and Southeast Asian countries like the Netherlands and Singapore kick our asses because they stay away from medical interventions that are illogical and don’t understand the female body in an evolutionary context.
Its succeptable to logical fallacy attacks, and has so many built-in biases with no purpose.
While they may have been necessary to live in the past, in todaya€™s world, there are many different body parts that we just dona€™t need! They are much more helpful when it comes to animals with much more hair because they provide a layer of insulation. In any case, no one exactly knows what theya€™re for, but we do know that they cause headaches. I guess ita€™s a way of making sure your ofspring survives if the mother dies but it is rare today. Does any one know any other ways to get well besides this ssurgery if no antti biotics worked and just make me sicker?
And why should women generally be physically weaker than men and more prone to get breast cancer (and how about the unnecessary large breasts of female homo sapiens in general?) and osteoporosis? As a plus, remove one of the excuses for humans to oppress each other – should take them at least half an hour to find a new one. After the surgey the bad smell returned (which turned out to be a pseudomonas infection) along with a terrific headache that i didn't have before.
I currently take a steroid spray and decongestant for my nose and constant lubrication for my eyes with now trying heat pad therapy.
ENT should clearly explain post op situtions to patients so tbat they can be mentally prepared. Further, pregnancy in humans results in a fetus sitting on the bladder and colon for several months (and vaginal delivery acutely injures these muscles), as a result, post-partum many women have difficulty with urinary incontinence, and with age and with more kids the greater the risk of incontinence (this can not be prevented by c-section – so the damage is likely from positioning of the fetus on top of the bladder rather than acute trauma during birth).
It’s flexible, dynamic and manages to work despite the big brains of the fetuses we deliver and the bipedal walking that narrows our pelves. Its just not going to be obvious where either a) the freedom of movement is nearly non-existent for women, or b) they have much wider freedom of action than our society allows for. So if you could nudge it a bit here and there, what could you come up with that’s better?
Two hearts, even slightly smaller, could pump more blood – and if one fails, its nothing worse than serious discomfort until it can start again.
That surgery was wonderful for the first 3 years, I had almost no sinus infection and I could breath for for the first time. As with other cysts, dentigerous cyst expands the cortical plates and may involve other teeth causing destruction of the tissues as it expands.

The only issue I had at first was that the incision in my nostril never healed right the scar tissue would scab up and it would cause mild pain and pulling in my nostril. There are also hormonal indicators tied to this, which happen cyclically, and one cycle does seem to spike higher during the same seasons when other animals would enter into it. At year 3 I began having sinus infections again, not as bad as before the surgery but enough to be bothered by them.
Cannot drive, don't know how I am going to be able to back to my job as a teacher, sensitivity to light and sound, ears are cracking and popping. Drs are anxious to give you the surgery but when a complication arises they will wash their hands of you and tell you it's all in your head, so be well informed! My ENT Dr explained that the septum has whats called memory and over time it can begin to revert to its original shape (my was in the shape of an S almost completely blocking one nostril).
Finally, if more serious complications of a sinus infection are suspected, such as spread to the orbits (eye sockets) or brain, a CT scan may be obtained for diagnosis. There was slight obvious facial asymmetry caused by the swelling over the right maxillary region.
My entire lower left cavities are 100% full, no air at all, it also showed the right side starting to fill. I spoke with my ENT about the problem and she does not suggest redoing the surgery as it will weaken the septum which could cause me additional issues.
I was frustrated by these infections 3 to 4 times per year, so I decided to go in for the procedure after hearing about someone who had this done and was happy.
I do have frustration with the urgent care and insurance if someone had just done a light test or examination other than just looking at me this wouldn't have gone on so long. I have consulted a plastic surgeon about having my nose restructured to aid in my breathing along with having the openings to my sinus fractured to widen them.
However soon after surgery two dark spots appeared in left eye, which are painful and come and go, in the field of vision. The surgery left me with constant headaches, some manageable, many so severe that laying in bed is the only option.
All I heard from Urgent care was heres some antibiotics, its just rebound congestion here is some more antibiotics, use the netti pot twice a day for two weeks heres some more antibiotics. I belive it is similar to FESS but I'm not exactly sure as the surgeon did not mention FESS during our consultation. Now i'm getting armpit pain in my right arm with a little rash could that be compatible, i don't know. After 18 months of trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I decided that I needed to call Mayo Clinic.
Then you have to navigate through the insurance crap, you need a refferal, you need to have a course of antbiotic treatmeant before you can do this or that, then you can see a specialist if you dont you wont be fully covered. The ENT doc could not find anything wrong with me, so he referred me to the headache clinic. I have shown to several opthamologists, who have done a fundus examination and said these are floaters, quite harmless and also never painful.
Paranasal sinus (PNS) radiographic view demonstrates dentigerous cyst (arrow) and impacted third molar in the right maxillary sinus.
The neurologist who was assigned to me(Dr Cutrer) came into the room and and within two minutes had diagnosed me (he sees one to two people like me a week, who were at the end on the line and ended up at Mayo).
He stated the problem was the small fibrous nerves that were designed to protect the head were damaged from the removal of the sinus tissue. If this had been caught sooner maybe I wouldn't need sugery, its just ridiculas to me that urgent care means "I really dont have to pay much attention to you at all.
The nerves reside throughout the tissue, so they would be always cut during this procedure. After reading all these posts I am more nervous, I am going ahead with the sugery, I just cant take the pain anymore. Based on the clinical and radiological findings, a diagnosis of infected dentigerous cyst of maxillary sinus arising from an ectopic third molar was arrived at. The nerves should or could repair themselves normally, but in my case they have rewired themselves incorrectly, causing false signals being sent to my brain. I will repost after to update, I do appreciate the other posts so if I am any simular issues I know at the very least what to have looked at. These false signal are telling the brain their is a problem, when there is actually no problem. The drug is designed to suppress the nerves, it does usually work; the problem is you can top out of the maximum dose, and then have no where to go. Excised specimen shows the cystic lining remnants along with the impacted third molar.Click here to viewHistopathological examination revealed non-keratinized stratified squamous epithelium confirming the clinical diagnosis of dentigerous cyst [Figure 9]. Postoperative panoramic radiograph after 6-months showed a normal maxillary sinus [Figure 10]. I'm stuck trying to make the meds work (yes there are med side effects too)This has been the worst decision by far that I have ever made, my life is effected every day due to this. Thankfully I feel great, prior to surgery I was not able to smell and breath trough my nose. I'm beyond mad, I would not wish this on anyone (except Dr Raedy himself, run from this idiot for sure), the anger from this just should not exist. However, there have been a few reports of tooth erupting in the nose, mandibular condyle, coronoid process, and maxillary sinus, which is also the largest of the paranasal sinuses. The bottom line is the vast majority of sinus surgery is not needed, the thickeneing of the sinus cavities does not need surgery.
A simple sinus rinse would probably help the majority of people (just ask an RPH at the local Walgreens or wherever). Usually these teeth are associated with dentigerous cysts, which can occupy the maxillary sinus partially or totally and can be the cause of various symptoms. If you had it done and have headaches, then you have either temporary or permanent nerve damage. Usually these teeth are detected during routine radiographic examination or the patient could have a history of typical, sinus-related symptoms. The CT scan showed that I had chronic sinusitis so I was convinced that if I had this surgery, with septum reconstruction, all would be back to normal. It is also important to completely remove all diseased antral tissues and thoroughly assess all resected soft tissue histologically with proper follow-up for a period of 1 year. Since my ENT charged $900 for the first office visit I will probably just throw in the towel and accept the problem.
Unicystic ameloblastoma occurs in people under the age of 30 years, is seen equally in both genders, and has a tendency to occur in the posterior mandible associated with the crown of an unerupted third molar. Approximately one-third of cases are associated with an unerupted tooth, most often a canine.
CEOT is an uncommon lesion, which is most often encountered between 3 rd and 5 th decades, occurs equally in both genders, and has a tendency to occur in posterior mandible associated with an impacted third molar. Ameloblastic fibroma is an uncommon tumor, occurs in the first 2 decades, more common in males, commonly found in posterior mandible, and is associated with an unerupted tooth in about 75% of cases.
Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma often occurs in the maxilla and is associated with an impacted tooth.
However, the ameloblastic fibro-odontoma is rarely found within the maxillary sinus and usually occurs in young adults under the age of 20 years.
Odontogenic keratocyst may be found in patients in any age group, is commonly found in posterior body and ascending ramus of the mandible, and in 25-40% of cases, an unerupted tooth is involved. Cases of ameloblastoma or epidermoid carcinomas developing from the lining epithelium of a dentigerous cyst are adequately documented as potential long-term complications, whereas mucoepidermoid carcinomas are less well-documented.
In large cysts, an initial marsupialization to diminish the size of the osseous defect, followed by enucleation and tooth extraction, has been followed. The major disadvantage of marsupialization is recurrence or persistence of the lesion along with the residual cystic lining. Endoscopic approach for management of dentigerous cyst of maxilla is also described in the literature. Imaging studies including CT scans aid in diagnosis of dentigerous cysts and associated tooth abnormalities. Management of dentigerous cyst arising from ectopic third molar in the maxillary sinus is usually enucleation.
Caldwell-Luc procedure along with enucleation and primary closure was followed in this case as the ectopic tooth was the cause of recurrent sinusitis and purulent rhinorrhea in spite of administering antibiotics repeatedly.

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