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Reasons for increased production or reduced absorption can be an anatomical blockage, immunological disorders, nutritional deficits and viral infections. The saccus endolymphaticus is a  very subtle structure,  which absorbes the endolymphatic fluid. The unflexible dura mater creates a closed system that communicates movement changes within itself.
The diagnostic and therapeutical method, that influences this system is called Cranio-sacral osteopathy.

One precondition of a sucessful Meniere-therapy is the treatment of chronic inflammatory processes of teeth, tonsils, sinuses and lymph nodes. Also important is the immunological treatment of the "gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT)" through nutritional therapy and specific immune therapies.
Modern Meniere-therapy is a team work of ENT-physician, dentist, orthopedic physician and physical therapists. The spectrum of treatment methods contains conventional as well as naturopathic techniques.

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