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Would knowing that oxymetazoline spray is the generic form of the off the shelf Dristan nasal spray? The unique medical treatment method was developed through a series of clinical studies that began in 1981 at The "Hadassah Ein-Kerem" University-Hospital in Jerusalem, and were later (1986) continued as a co-production with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). At 1990, experts from Tel Aviv University joined as consultants to the research projects in the IDF (watch - Clinical Research).
Many patients ask me "what is the chance that your treatment will be successful?" One needs to realize that in medicine there is no such thing as a 100% success rate, however, based on my experience, in the majority of cases it is possible to achieve a significant improvement and even a complete recovery. After a preliminary discussion, which includes a series of clinical questions, I will able to evaluate the suitability of my medical approach to your medical condition.
A thorough medical examination, followed by objective tests, is important to exclude other causes, such as cerumen (wax) in the external ear canal, infections, changes in ear structure, malfunction of the auditory nerve, abnormal function of the cochlea, etc.
There are patients who report that the interpretation of their examination by their physician was normal, their objective tests didn't find any pathology, but their condition is still severe and is even getting worse. This is certainly not an easy situation, but it is important to know that the normal results should encourage you, since this means that there is no pathological change in the structure of your inner ear, brain, or eighth cranial nerve (auditory nerve).
My recommendation at this point is to consult your specialist and ask him if there is any medical treatment that he can offer you. If your condition is severe and the treatments given by your ENT specialists were unhelpful, or if your specialist has no solution at all, it is the right time to contact me and find out what else can be done. The treatment plan is directed towards creating a normal metabolic environment around the nerve cells in the auditory and vestibular systems.

The essence of the treatment I offer in my clinic is normalizing the metabolic environment which enables the body to repair its damaged systems. The integrative treatment approach I apply is based on medical study performed in conjunction with the Institute for Noise Damage of the IDF. In other words, it is a disease associated with injury to one or more various body systems, many of which can be diagnosed by a thorough metabolic investigation. The main part of the treatment consists of collecting data and analyzing the relevant information from the Anamnesis (medical history) and the objective tests. As a physician who fights for the health of his patients, I know that it is important to reach the depth of every medical problem, whether we call it a disease, cluster of symptoms, discomfort or "just" stress, in any patient who sees help. I was pleased to hear in the last international annual conference of the Organization of TRI (Tinnitus Research Initiative) held in Stresa (Italy), that many researchers recognize that every case must relate to the patient as a whole and not focus solely on the ear.
Based on my experience, the course of the disease and the associated symptoms may differ significantly from one sufferer to another. Such an environment enables the body's "Curative Mechanisms" to initiate regeneration in a case of mild damage to the neurons (Example of a Curative Mechanism - Stem Cell). If this healing process doesn't occur, it means that the biological systems that execute this process didn't carry out their job properly.
Each patient has a different medical history, a different symptom profile, and different findings in the medical evaluation. After completing the first stage of the medical evaluation, I analyze all the data and discuss the meaning of the findings with my patient.

Every patient has a different and unique medical profile that requires a thorough investigation on my part. The results of this intensive medical evaluation unified with the results of the objective tests enable the establishment of an appropriate treatment program.
I study the patient's medical history and do my best to investigate every problem from all possible aspects in order to find and provide the most effective medical management. It is very normal for you to have many other questions regarding your unique medical condition. Later, these original data together with progress analysis are used for monitoring the progress and careful adjustment of the treatment plan for the individual patient. Many sufferers report a variety of ailments and symptoms, many of them unrelated to the ear, such as diminishing concentration and memory, fatigue, heart palpitations that cannot be explained as panic or heart disease, joint pain, and more.
The patient tells me his or her medical history, I reassess the medical documentation and objective tests, perform a complete physical examination of the relevant systems and refer to relevant tests.
Today the practice of hypnosis is limited and used together with the current medical approach, Metabolic Intervention.

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