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SOLUTION: X3 Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer kills germs in less than 15 seconds when handwashing isn't possible. For less than a penny per pump your students, teachers, employees, customers, and patients are protected from harmful germs. X3 Clean uses only the most advanced pharmaceutical grade antimicrobial ingredients and emollients.
Alcohol-based gel hand sanitizers (62% Ethyl Alcohol) actually become less effective after only the third application. X3 Clean™ alcohol free hand sanitizer products provide ultimate hand cleaning when soap and water are not available. Available in a variety of sizes from airplane-friendly mini sprays to industrial-sized refillable dispensers. I have a fragrance allergy as well as dry, eczema-prone skin and this is one of the only hand sanitizers I can use.
This is a fantastic product I use the various sizes, and these pocket size bottles are so convenient.
Washable and re-usable ear plugs with interchangeable attenuators to cut out different frequencies of sound.
The ear plugs are made from soft fit silicone material with interchangeable attenuators for blocking out both high and low frequency noise.

Perfect for any environment: Education, Health Care, Day Care, Food Service, Banking, Workplace, Government, Corrections, Emergency Services, Airline, Travel, Spa and more.
This new gentle, alcohol free, fragrance free, foaming formula leaves your hands free of any sticky residue and your skin soft, moisturized, and most importantly - germ free.
The reason: alcohol removes natural protective oils and dries out the skin as it evaporates, causing microscopic cracks and crevices. Containing 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride, X3 Clean is a safe and effective hand sanitizer that is residue and fragrance free, with a moisturizing formula that will not dry or irritate skin. And compared to gel sanitizers, X3 Clean provides three times the number of applications per ounce.
The product has no fragrance, and does not leave a sticky or slimy residue on your hands like some alcohol based products. No scent, no alcohol (so it's not in the least drying), not sticky (it's liquid not gel) and the perfect size. These high quality, re-usable ear plugs come with their own handy storage case and are perfect for blocking out noise when travelling or camping! Wave goodbye to sleepless nights due to snoring noise and noisy neighbours, these ear plugs are a great travel accessory for your trip, ensuring you can ge a good night's rest! As the skin becomes drier and more damaged, dangerous germs remain trapped within the cracks and fissures.

I also like the fact that it is persistent and will continue to protect my hands after usage.
The only thing I can say I would change is make them refillable and offer the product in large amounts to refill with. I can use it on my kids if necessary, and I can use it all day without drying, and I have awful skin. My sensitive skin does not react to it -- and it doesn't dry out my skin like my old fave foaming sanitizer. This product has no scent and is excellent for people with allergies or sensitivities to fragrances. I spray my hands when I leave stores or offices and you can even spray public toilet seats with it and then wipe with toilet paper if you are worried about germs there.

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