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Author: admin, 05.02.2016
Progressive muscle relaxation has been shown to be effective for not only stress relief, but symptom management of acute and chronic illness. Research into the effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation for tinnitus is fairly new. The effect of stress on the body is systemic – a cascade of hormones floods the body during the Stress Response. Progressive muscle relaxation helps by triggering the Relaxation Response, the direct counter to the Stress Response. The doorway to other relaxation and meditation therapies can be opened with progressive muscle relaxation. If you are interested in utilising progressive muscle relaxation therapy to manage tinnitus, which will complement your medical treatment with us, book in for a 30 minute session with our nurse Alex Matkevich.

Our Speech Pathologist, Dietitian and Skincare Nurse offer 15min free health screening consults.
I most recently discussed the use of progressive muscle relaxation for stress-related skin disorders such as atoptic dermatitis. It is no wonder that symptoms of any chronic illness are exacerbated during times of stress.
Patients should be encouraged to find other practices that encourage relaxation, stress and symptom management.
As a low-cost and low-risk treatment, this complementary and alternative therapy is also useful for tinnitus. For people with tinnitus, the ring that might usually be quiet may suddenly become deafening.

One session is not intended to be a cure all; patients learn to become independent practitioners and establish a regular practice. In time, I hope that each patient can develop a mediation and relaxation repertoire that is individual, enjoyable and effective.
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