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Author: admin, 20.04.2014
I will never forget the moment a 12-year-old deaf girl stepped onto the platform where I was standing.
During the last 20 years, God has taught me many things about living a life full of spiritual power. However, we must always remember that He is the source, and it is by His grace that we are qualified to be partakers of His heavenly glory. He wants to develop our character so we will be grounded in Christ and will properly steward the power He pours through us. On the following pages are eight secrets to operating in the creative, miracle-power of God.
You cultivate this environment by spending time doing whatever it takes to have the person and presence of the Holy Spirit hanging out with you.
True supernatural faith flows out of the spirit and affects the mind—not the other way around. Soak your mind and spirit in God’s Word by constantly setting your thoughts on it, and the revelation of truth will produce supernatural faith in your heart.
The power anointing for healing and miracles will manifest only if you’re praying for sick people to be healed. To operate in the supernatural we must develop a keen sensitivity to the person of the Holy Spirit.
A major key for me in being brought to a new level of God’s power was learning that it was OK to go where God was moving. These corporate encounters with God do not replace your hidden devotion expressed in the place of private prayer.
I’ve been blessed to have been able to associate with some of the most anointed people on the earth today.
Anointed fellowship, whether from meeting with another person or from listening to anointed teaching CDs and videos, is crucial to cultivating the anointing in your life. As you apply these principles to your life with God, expect to see His glorious power and anointing released in you and through you.
I had been led to pray for deaf ears to be opened, and as God’s presence and glory filled the room, miracles began occurring all over the stadium.

My part was simply to lead the people in worship until the glory of God came and then let God do the rest. The most important thing is that walking intimately with Him and having a deep grounding in His Word are essential for Him to release tremendous power through us. I experienced many encounters and many moments of God’s power during my early years as a Christian. This is by no means a simple three-step process, but I do believe if you apply these principles to your life, you’ll see signs and wonders released through you on a daily basis.
You must be intentional in looking for opportunities in which this anointing will be needed. I often lay my hands on my own belly during times of prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to stir up and manifest the gifts of the Spirit that are within me.
God doesn’t work the same way all the time, and we need to hear His direction for each situation. He saw signs and wonders on a consistent basis in His daily life, but He never prayed the same way twice. His ability to hear and see the actions of His heavenly Father came out of the time He spent with Him in prayer and communion. When you exercise your spiritual senses by learning to listen and not just talk, you will be led by the Spirit to see wonderful manifestations of His power. My fellowship with them has not only stirred my faith but also released a transference of wisdom, revelation and power into my own life and ministry.
He first experienced God’s power at age 14 after seeing his mother supernaturally healed. When I grow up I want to be a Disneyland photographer so I can combine my love of photography and wear Minnie Mouse ears every day.
That night in Mexico we saw many healed by God’s power, even several people who were crippled. Combined with my frustration was an insatiable thirst and longing for a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit. I’ve been blessed to witness the demonstration of His power through me thousands of times in the lives of countless people.

You’ll find that as your life is filled with the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, miracles, signs and wonders will be a natural overflow. When truth is revealed to your mind and heart by the Holy Spirit through the Word, faith comes alive on the inside of you. No matter what you see, set your vision higher, know and understand God’s will and truth, and allow His faith to move you to action. Spiritual gifts of healing, working of miracles, words of knowledge and faith are all invaluable manifestations for the ministry of the miraculous.
When Jesus was asked why the disciples had no success, He said it was because of their unbelief. Fasting and prayer in this instance serve as the passageway into the fullness of faith that exists in God’s heart. If you want to sensitize your spiritual eyes and ears, you must put yourself in a place where you can see and hear God. Love filled with truth is the ultimate spiritual weapon against sin, temptation, offense, disunity, sickness, oppression and spiritual corruption, and death.
In the meantime I teach, and is often seen as a Jawa when I am not increasing my gamer score on the Xbox 360. Two things were happening simultaneously: God was making me dissatisfied with the status quo, and He was placing a spiritual hunger in my heart that drove me into hours of communion with the Holy Spirit. The power anointing is given to help other people in a supernatural way and in the process reveal God’s heart and nature to them. The anointing of God had come upon her when I prayed for deaf ears, and she felt a popping in her ears.

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