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I’m sad to say that while I think some superstitions are ridiculous, I sometimes find myself (sometimes) following them anyway.
That seems to be the case with superstitions, they may seem irrational to some, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they’re an integral part of who we are as a people no matter where we hail from. If you’re planning on emigrating to France you might find it interesting to know what strange set of superstitious beliefs hold sway in your new nation, and if you’re doing business with someone from France it might be worthwhile to know the correct way to hand a loaf of bread—handing a loaf bread upside down is bad luck—should the need ever arise. Author Dusty Fox is a freelance writer and worldwide traveler who leads a life of never-ending adventures around the globe and sometimes right in the comfort of her own back yard.
Sitting down to dinner recently, the topic of “Where did that come from?” came up when I blurted out, “See, that’s what you get; god is punishing you!” I know that sounds like a terrible thing to say, but the funny part is that it has been said many times over - and not by just me, but by my mom, my nana, and maybe even you.
They have the potential to influence everything from government, politics, business, public life, family life, travel, and social conduct; understanding them can prove advantageous for travelers and business professionals looking to avoid potential faux pas.

Other than the fact that you might burn yourself with the match, this superstition is thought to bring bad luck to the smoker of the third cigarette. Anyone would consider this bad luck, but the French custom dictates that to step on dog droppings with the left foot is lucky. Don’t even get close to thirteen for fear a few callers might bring along a friend; having 13 people around a dinner table is meant to be very bad luck.
Whatever your reason to learn about France, superstitions and folklore are an integral part of the French culture whether people follow them or resist their folksy pull.
She writes for Easy French and invites you to join her in discovering the long-time favorites, hidden treasures, and not-to-be missed highlights of France. You must counteract the knife’s effect by first accepting a coin from the gift’s recipient.

Personally, I wouldn’t be too excited about either alternative, but if I’m going to have stinky shoes I’d rather they be accompanied by good fortune. Conversely, Friday the 13th is considered fortuitous in some parts of France, and apparently it’s the day when lottery ticket sales soar. If they symbolically “buy” it from you, the cutting consequence will be nullified, and you two can continue being BFFs.
Striking the match alerted any possible snipers, lighting the second cigarette allowed the sniper to account for distance, and the bearer of the third cigarette being lit was shot.

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