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Author: admin, 11.06.2014
But recently we've noticed a particular amount of disgust directed toward the once-revolutionary open-office layout. Instead of asking experts who work in hyper-designed productivity palaces their opinion, we wanted to know how the everyman fares in the revolution of the open workspace.
The worst thing is the noise—you can hear people typing, sneezing, coughing, eating, taking calls, cursing, and anything and everything in between.
As a creative person I love to collaborate but I love solitude equally as much because distractions for me are very counter productive. For anyone in the company to get to our kitchen, they have to walk through our department because the facilities are located at the back of our work area. If you choose to ignore these constant interruptions, you are usually marked as uncommunicative, too negative, antisocial, or something similar come review time. Because everyone is trying to focus and crank out their work in peace, we have become long rows of people wearing headphones all day—the exact opposite of the vibrant, collaborative space the open-office layout was meant to promote.

I come into work early in the morning just to have some quiet, focused time before the insanity starts.
What was supposed to be the ultimate space for collaboration and office culture was having the opposite effect. This means, if I put on my headphones my co-worker can still wave her hands to get my attention. Sometimes you need to make personal phone calls or are having a frustrating moment, and you just need a little personal space. If you're eating lunch at your desk (which you know, is sad but sometimes unavoidable), people will come up to you and ask you a long-form question even thought you just stuffed your face with a sandwich. God forbid I check email or do some online shopping while I eat lunch at my desk—EVERYONE knows everything. The various smells are a distraction in themselves, not to mention chewing, throat clearing, and other bodily noises.

But music in my headphones is too intense and just adds other sounds and it prevents me from concentrating. A cubicle would actually be an improvement—right now we all work at one table, so I have an inch of personal space, and no respite from the audible distractions.
She does this frequently throughout the day—often to tell me about things I am intentionally trying to block out, like the phone ringing.
If I am expected to be there for 8+ hours a day… let me have some of my creature comforts.
It means that all of my office environment needs are secondary to some idea of collaboration.

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