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In 2006, researchers at the University of Birmingham originally discovered that ecstasy, some anti-depressants and weight-loss pills were effective in destroying white blood cancer cells. The additional research produced a modified form of MDMA 100 times more potent at fighting cancer cells than its original form.
Ecstasy is a drug that produces distinctive emotional and social effects and is commonly linked to dance parties. In a recent study published in Biological Psychiatry, a potential new treatment for alcoholism called nalmefene was found to be effective and safe for reducing alcohol consumption in alcohol-dependent individuals. Traditionally, abstinence has been the primary treatment goal for alcohol dependence, and current pharmacological treatments for alcoholism are approved only for relapse prevention. Researchers provided one half of a group of 600 alcohol-dependent individuals nalmefene; the other half received a placebo. The drug has also been used in experiments with process addictions such as compulsive gambling or shopping. Doctors in Louisiana will start prescribing Hepatitis C patients Sovaldi – a medicine being called a breakthrough for people with the virus.
There are a number of pharmaceutical companies currently developing drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C.
Most often than not, such methods require few to several months of continued practice in order to show first result which makes our present methods of treatment  an emotionally painful slow and long process; sometimes, even ineffective at the most severe cases. For a person who is already experiencing a progressing case of Baldness, further loss of Hair can be distressing, if not be a cause of self-esteem issues for both Men and Women alike, especially for the latter whose occurrence of the condition is considered to be less than their male counterparts.
However, there is a more recent study that tries to break the notion about how non-surgical modern-day treatments about Hair Loss work in terms of the time it takes to produce significant effect towards users – Faster Hair Growth. The Columbia University Medical Center has been pretty busy of late with Angela Christiano at the helm of an experiment on Mice and Human Hair Follicles which shows the potential of a drug that promotes rapid Hair Growth when applied on the skin as a topical product which inhibits a family of enzymes known as the Janus Kinase (JAK). The research showed a remarkable result: the mice that were treated with one of two JAK inhibitors showed initial Hair Growth on the subjects in as early as 10 days after days of trials which showed a great potential in greatly boosting hair growth at its onset. On the other hand, the controlled subjects did not show any significant changes with the experiment.

How the drug works is simple: by inhibiting Janus Kinase, a family on enzymes found within the Hair Follicles, the hair’s root go through a normal re-awakening process thereby making hairs grow.
Because of the research, the possibility of the use of JAK inhibitors as a treatment in Hair Loss, such as that caused by Male Pattern Baldness or other causes of Hair Loss as a result of Hair Follicles getting trapped in their resting state, has increased as was published recently in Science Advances’ online edition. Apart from the mentioned, both JAK inhibitors are also undergoing clinical tests as a treatment against Hair Loss-Causing auto-immune diseases, Alopecia Areata and Plaque Psoriasis. Originally intended to study Alopecia Areata, a cause of Hair Loss that results from our body’s own auto-immune attack on hair follicles, Christiano and colleagues came across the discovery of the influence of JAK inhibitors on hair follicles. Looking more closely inside the subject’s hair follicles, the researchers discovered the effect of JAK inhibitors in the rapid awakening of the resting follicles from their dormancy.
Knowing how hair follicles work, they do not grow at a steady phase but as a result of a cycle between active and dormant phases.
The researchers therefore found the positive correlation between the JAK inhibitors and the hair follicle’s natural re-awakening process.
Displaying good affinity to the human hair as was seen with the experiment, hair follicles grown in culture such as those that were grafted onto the subjects produce longer hair in comparison to those natural to the subject. With the likely similarities about how the drug acts on certain pathways between a human hair follicle and those endemic to the subjects, the result suggests the potential of the drug to stimulate hair growth and extend on the length of dormant hairs in humans. Furthering the scope of the research, topics such as the relation of the hair follicles with Hair Loss Disorders are now afoot. In Case You Missed Lifestyle Natural Ways To Detox Your Body After The Holidays Entertainment Hottest Latino Artists Who Turned Up The Heat In 2015!
In order to minimize the toxic effect of MDMA on the brain, scientists from the University of Birmingham teamed up with researchers from the University of Western Australia to retweak atoms of the psychotropic drug. Unlike most addiction treatments, the goal of nalmefene is not total abstinence, which is often unrealistic for true addicts, but a reduction in heavy drinking. However, relapse rates remain high and a goal of abstinence is unacceptable and impossible for many patients. Nalmefene was significantly better than the placebo in reducing alcohol consumption, and it improved patients’ clinical status and liver enzymes.

With such a harm reduction approach, a new chapter in treating alcoholism could be opened,” said Karl Mann, one of the leading researchers. Unlike medications that must be taken every day, the as-needed approach targets medication administration to periods when alcohol use is more likely—limiting the dangers of relapse, bingeing, and fatal alcohol poisoning.
Thursday presented new data from an ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a once-a-day pill for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.
Recently, drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences announced their new hepatitis C treatment -- Sovaldi -- has a cure rate of up to 90 percent.
Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) but not necessarily as a treatment for Hair Loss – one, Ruxolitinib was approved for treatment of blood-related diseases while the other, Tofacitinib, was meant for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Christiano observed that the drug caused the mice, as subjects, to grow more hair as tested and applied on their skin which implied a positive reaction in the hair follicles apart from preventing the auto-immune attack in the subject’s body. Christiano, there are not that many compounds known in the medical science which promotes hair of its growth from its root so quickly as the discovered JAK inhibitors. Many types of lymphoma remain hard to treat and non-toxic drugs which are both effective and have few side effects are desperately needed.
To address these concerns and improve patient outcomes, new evidence-based treatments focus on harm reduction. It was also generally well-tolerated, with most side effects characterized as mild or moderate and quickly resolved.
AbbVie, another pharmaceutical company, plans to unveil their hepatitis C treatment later this year.Earlier this week, the World Health Organization published their global guidelines for hepatitis C treatment and endorsed the costly drugs for the 150 million people worldwide with the infection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 3.2 million Americans have chronic hepatitis C.
However, some patients did report common side effects such as fatigue, headache, nausea, diarrhea and insomnia, according to the company.

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