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The current mayhem in diagnostic labels is unsustainable; it causes confusion and impedes research progress and access to appropriate services.
On the day of the attacks, I lived directly across the Hudson River from the twin towers, in downtown Jersey City, N.J.
Later, as a senior writer for the New Jersey Law Journal, I investigated the cases of the 762 Muslim men who were randomly rounded up by the FBI after the attack, cleared of being terrorists, but secretly deported anyway to the countries of their birth.
Thinking that there would be thousands of wounded people, I approached this police officer to ask if I could donate blood.
This shot isn’t great, but it shows that after the towers collapsed the smoke plume completely obscured the Manhattan skyline. Here you can see that the rest of the World Financial Center — where the Wall Street Journal used to have its offices — remained relatively unscathed.
This shot shows the scale of the disaster: Note that the smoke cloud is greater than the biggest buildings left in the city.
People didn’t know how to react to the disaster, and no one really knew how serious it was at the time.
This shot includes the park’s horizon landmarks guide, so you can see where the twin towers should have been — and how tall they were compared to the remaining buildings. After I finished taking Polaroids, my pre-scheduled assignment that day was to interview the chief marketing officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, for Brandweek magazine. So I went to work at the New Jersey Law Journal, which is based in this less than glamorous office in Newark, N.J.

Almost immediately, the FBI began arresting hundreds of Muslim illegal immigrants nationwide, handing them off to the immigration authorities in Newark for deportation. In February 2002, the lawyer for a Syrian ice-cream salesman, who had been detained as a Special Interest case, asked me to witness his hearing in the Newark federal building immigration court. In the corridor outside the court, the prisoners were dressed in orange or green jailhouse smocks. The Law Journal, represented by the ACLU, sued former attorney general John Ashcroft for access to immigration court proceedings. The Fifth Circuit appeals court, which heard a similar case to mine, ruled the opposite way—that Americans do have a right to enter and watch immigration court. The Law Journal challenged the hearing in state court and eventually gained access to the transcripts.
As the buildings burned and then collapsed, police shut down the entire Jersey City waterfront except for one small area, Morris Canal Park. People forget that the twin towers were more than twice as tall as the other buildings downtown.
The collapse of the towers brought work to a halt, so I went outside with my old-fashioned Polaroid camera to take some pictures.
I figured that the attacks would trigger a lot of dramatic litigation and changes in the law — many of the victims were from New Jersey — and that I’d get to write about it.
This guy, Anser Mehmood, was a truck driver who had raised two kids in Bayonne when he was arrested.

Generally, Americans have a Constitutional right to witness judicial proceedings in action. The Office of the Inspector General later found that the FBI had been arresting Muslims at random, and that the arrests actually hampered authorities’ investigation of the actual attacks by bogging them down with paperwork.
A New Jersey state court held a secret bail hearing for a man accused of selling fake IDs to the Sept.
It turned out the ID seller had no clue who he was selling IDs to, and he had nothing to do with terrorism. This document describes their powers, which include ordering mass burials and government control of private property. The DSM-5 term a€?language disordera€™ is problematic because it identifies too wide a range of conditions on an internet search. They’re not great quality, but the Polaroid was the only camera I owned in the era before cellphones. His entire family ended up back in Pakistan — a country his Americanized children had never seen before.
Other options are the terms a€?primary language impairmenta€™, a€?developmental language disordera€™ or a€?language learning impairmenta€™.

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