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Westone, a manufacturer that's perhaps best known for its contributions to the professional music industry, offers a number of in-ear monitors (IEMs) that are also garnering attention on the consumer side. The Sennheiser HD 700 is extremely comfortable and fit well with sound quality that is exceptionally spacious with excellent detail and imaging. If you are the kind of person who regularly destroys headphones, the Munitio PRO40 over-the-ear headphones may be just what the insurance adjuster ordered.
The passive noise isolation of the Westone 4R, although limited, was of some benefit, and its sound quality is definitely a step up from standard in-ear monitors. If you are in the market for a pair of over-the-ear headphones and don't care about or need name recognition, I would suggest you give the Bell'O BDH821 a serious listen. Overall, the V-MODA M-100 fills a popular niche- full-sized sound in a compact form that's great for traveling, especially if you prefer sound isolation instead of active noise canceling.
The quality of construction, overall sound, functionality and comfort of the RBH EP2 was very good, putting them in a small group of the best earphones I have heard. The voicing of the Monster Inspiration headphones appears to be targeted at neither audiophiles nor bass worshippers, but rather those who enjoy strong bass, yet are looking for something more sophisticated. NE-202 Active Electronics Hearing Protector Used in noise surroundings , Shooting, hunting ans so on.
Our factory, Nimax (Fuyang) Industrial a professional manufacturing company specialized in headphones and hearing protector.
When it comes to noise-canceling headphones, I’d buy the $300 Bose QuietComfort 15 headphones.? They offer the best noise canceling available, and sound decent to boot.
Herstens, in my interview with him, raised an important point: “Noise-canceling headphones are a strange beast. We recently covered the Adventure Series ADV Alpha earphones, which earned a spot on our Best of 2013 list.
This song has a garage-like grunge, raspy sound from lead singer Caleb Followill's voice, which was reproduced exceptionally well. The over-the-ear cable design is superior to the standard in-ear with cable draping down your face.
Whether you are mixing an album, jamming tunes on the subway, or watching CNN while the wife and kids sleep there is a pair of headphones out there for you. They are designed to provide the sound quality of other high-quality earphones, while having the ability to be used in harsher environments and they look like they can take a beating. DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here.

We have 25 years' experience of researching and producing for headphones and hearing protector. I make this pick based on the reviews and opinions of the top headphone reviewers, plus having reviewed the QC15s and its competitors myself.Who am I? The big problem is the noise-canceling circuitry and methods always seems to introduce problems in sound quality.
First up was the song "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" by KT Tunstall from the album Eye to the Telescope (Relentless, 2004). It never needed adjustment, and with the True-Fit foam tips, the earpieces stayed in place while creating a nice seal within the ear, providing some passive sound isolation.
But there's still plenty of earmuff, 70's-style headphones out there to keep even the most retro-minded audiophile happy. Its distinguishing feature, compared to basic IEMs, is its use of a quad driver design (two bass drivers, a midrange, and a tweeter) with a three-way crossover.
Sometimes I felt that the 4R's overall sound could be just slightly analytical, but this revealing characteristic is common with drivers that reproduce detailed and articulate music.
But to help me nail this pick, I also interviewed several of the top headphone reviewers around. What was really nice was that I did not need to push the volume level to get the sound to open up, which is often the case with inferior products.
It sure was convenient having compact IEMs that had better sound while providing some extraneous noise reduction. You get what you pay for….” I agree more with Brent, finding them a little boomy, but having decent treble.
The 4R has a clever over-the-ear design that routes the cable over the front and around the back of the ear, which works well in keeping the earphones in place. Detail is a big step up from the traditional single-driver IEMs that I have auditioned recently. If you’re traveling or in loud environments a lot, good in-ear headphones will provide as much or more isolation and much better sound. Combined with the True-Fit foam tips, the 4R earphones really do a good job of staying in the ear.
He does some of the most comprehensive headphone testing on the web, so much so that several headphone manufacturers have come to him to see how to do it.
No reviewer has heard them all (there are too many), and there are only a few reviewers that also do objective measurements in addition to subjective listening tests.

Midrange was neutral (as it should be), without the bloating or elevated bump that are sometimes common in standard earphones.
This is because the quality of the headphones (sound, build, etc), will be better without a mediocre noise-canceling circuit.
The cable is detachable; I found a few aftermarket cable replacements that claim improved sound. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as there are a lot of bad-sounding regular headphones, too. Decent earbuds, well sealed in the ear canal, can reduce a lot of ambient noise, and sound great while they’re in there. Also included in the 4R package are a cleaning tool, a removable in-line volume control (no smartphone functionality), and a case.
These $300 ($220 on Amazon) headphones are extremely comfortable, and sound best when left in the box. When it comes to noise canceling, they really are that much better than other headphones.Where the Bose falters in every review, and among the experts I interviewed, is in sound quality. One reviewer actually said, “I HATED these.”The uber-popular Beats by Dre Studio ($299) don’t hold up to critical ears.
No one seems to think the QC15s sound bad, but all say there are other options that sound better.
Still the Bose are better at canceling noise.Tyll Herstens, in his roundup of noise-canceling headphones, found the Bose to be the winner, but placed the PSBs only third.
Easily the best sounding headphone of the bunch.” I’ve heard the Polks, and I’m not as much of a fan. The Bose, like many noise-canceling headphones, cease all sound when the battery dies, or if you turn them off.CHEAPER NOISE-CANCELING HEADPHONES?There are two slightly lower-priced options that are well reviewed, although neither offers the sound quality of the Polk and PSBs, or the noise-canceling prowess of the Bose. Butterworth really likes the AKG K 490 NC ($250): “The sound quality is excellent, with a neutral tonal balance, a just-right amount of bass, and clear, spacious highs. Given that the Bose are only $50 more, the K 490 NCs are a tough sell, given they aren’t as comfortable, and don’t block or cancel as much noise.

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