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Author: admin, 06.09.2014
Instead of turning up the volume to eradicate background noise, which could be harmful for your hearing, buy noise cancelling cool earphones. The disadvantage of wearing non-sealing ear buds is that they used to drown out the clamor of modern life.
The other culprit who is encouraging high volume listening, may be the poor sound quality of the earphones themselves. However, the heavy in-line battery compartment and non rechargeable battery are minor drawbacks.
March 1, 2010 By Jay Garrett Leave a CommentI feel that I should be fair and state at the start of this review that I’m a headphones not an earphones man.
My other grumble with earphones (apart from me not being overly convinced that we should have a sound source actually in the ear) is that most earphones fall out – and keep falling out.
All that processing is done, I gather, in the in-line remote which also controls a number of settings including the NC level, some EQ presets as well as the volume. Sony, bless them, seems to understand my pain and realises that when it comes to ear-buds one size rarely fits all.

I found the cancelling rather good and real handy when squawking kids are intent on ruining my reading Club Dead by Charlaine Harris whilst on the tube.
They can purchase these earphones for their kids, which can encourage listening at lower volume. The listeners tend to set the volume 13 decibels louder than their surrounding noise level.
When non-sealing ear buds are used outdoor, they produce flat and tiny sound.  In order to get a solid bass response, without exploding your ears, it is important that you buy in-ear earphones with good seal. In basic terms it samples the noise outside and then hits it with exactly the opposite frequencies and thus cancels the noise. To solve this problem these noise cancelling buds comes with no less than seven sets of ear tips. Nice tight bass and clear mids and trebles were reproduced and having a volume control outside my jacket meant that I didn’t have to keep flashing my iPhone around in rather dodgy districts.
Also, I reckon an improvement would be to allow the earphones to be used without the noise cancelling when in quieter situations with a bypass so that the battery life could be extended.

They will not eradicate everything, but these super models reduce the whoosh of air conditioning systems, airplanes and crowd chatter.
Thus, it allows you to listen to your favorite music, movies, podcasts and audio books at much lower volume. If these devices are worn properly, they provide stronger bass response, which is essential for pop music. The earphones work so effectively that many owners just put them on and don’t play anything; just to enjoy silence.
We can say that it is a sensible preventative measure, just like providing helmet along with the bike.

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