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Author: admin, 28.03.2014
Now, the same noise-cancelling technology that underpins the very latest state-of-the-art headphones is coming to the world of motoring in the form of Ford’s newly developed Active Noise Control system. The principle may be simple enough but that in no way diminishes the ingenuity of Ford’s latest acoustic wizardry.
Active Noise Control is the brainchild of Ford’s collaboration with sound engineers at Sony. Active Noise Control is set to debut on the new generation Ford Mondeo Vignale saloon before being subsequently rolled out on other Ford vehicles, including the all-new 2016 Ford Edge. There are those of us who like to stand out from the crowd, people who desire a sense of being individual. Whilst there is a huge trend for compact SUVs at the moment, some are more style than substance.
As comebacks go, Alfa Romeo’s long-overdue return to the super saloon category is something of a triumph.
Hayden Paddon has clinched his maiden WRC win after an enthralling final day at rally Argentina. Refuel the tanks and fire up the engines, WRC 2016 is back from its spring break and ready to tear up some gravel at Rally Argentina! Another example is acoustic glass that can improve the soundproofing qualities of the windscreen and front windows. Every Ford vehicle undergoes extensive testing to help minimise noise, vibration and harshness. The Mondeo Vignale also is one of the first European Ford vehicles to benefit from the expertise of the newly established global Vehicle Harmony team. Sound engineers from Sony Corporation spent extensive hours tuning the Vignale audio system to deliver an exceptional acoustical experience on the road with a customised stereo mode, and a true surround experience. Comprised of 12 high-quality speakers, and a sophisticated DSP amplifier, the Audio System from Sony truly makes listening to music in your car an experience.
The speakers have been optimised leveraging Sony’s speaker design expertise to create exceptional linearity and tonal balance. Additionally, the silky black Electronic Control Panel offers a new level of look, control and feel, with iconic Sony white illumination.

The first vehicle to be introduced as part of Ford’s unique Vignale product and ownership experience, Mondeo Vignale is produced at the company’s state-of-the-art facility mega-plant in Valencia, Spain, and hand finished by six master craftspeople at Ford’s Vignale Centre, where vehicles are subjected to 100 additional tests. The Valencia facility includes a “Rattle and Squeak” circuit – a 300-metre facility that helps engineers ensure everything sounds right inside the vehicle, and all components fit snugly and securely. Available in four-door and wagon bodystyles, the Mondeo Vignale delivers superior refinement, and unique design and specification including a unique quilted and tuxedo-stitched leather interior, exclusive Vignale Nocciola metallic paint colour, and special alloy wheel designs. Whether seated just metres from the one screaming baby on the flight, crammed into a reverberating tin can of a tube train or driven to distraction by a flat-mate’s violin lessons, peace and solace can always be found in between a pair of headphones.
Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed around the cabin, to detect unwanted murmurings from the engine that permeate into the cabin. This two-pronged attack consisted of extensive hours tuning the sophisticated 12-speaker audio system aboard Ford’s flagship Vignale saloon to deliver an exceptional and fully customisable acoustic experience on the road.
11, 2015 – Whether used for minimising background noise on a business flight, or silencing the babble of commuters on a train, noise-cancelling headphones have made journeys more serene and enjoyable for millions.
Thinner than a human hair, acoustic glass reduces the intrusion of wind noise caused by air flow around the window pillars. This includes driving on some of the world’s most challenging surfaces, both in the real world and at Ford test facilities where conditions include gravel roads and some of the worst potholes found worldwide. Testing includes ensuring all sounds in the cabin, interior illumination, and the feel of surfaces are appropriate and complementary – from the sound made by the indicators, to that which is made when the heated rear window switch is depressed. Delivering this luxury experience is made real through paying particular attention to reproducing sound as the artist intended and underpinning the acoustic emotion with the look, touch and feel delivered by our elegantly styled and carefully constructed centre panel design,” said Ian Hubbard, global automotive entertainment director, Sony Europe Limited. Low and midrange speakers in the Audio System from Sony make extensive use of polypropylene material. The silky black colour, and elegant white illumination, deliver intuitive, ergonomic controls for a perfect blend of style, form, and function. Ford also has recently introduced an industry-first test that reflects increasing use by customers of audio streamed via Bluetooth from external devices such as smartphones. Retreating into your own private world with your own personal, uninterrupted tunes is the perfect antidote to even the most incessant of rackets.
This sound is counteracted and flushed out by opposing sound waves generated by the car’s standard-issue audio system, all without affecting volume levels of music and conversation.

From the ground up, the Mondeo Vignale has been designed to offer drivers and passengers a cabin that offers the optimum sound experience. This amplifier is smaller and requires less power from the car’s electrical system than conventional amplifiers.
The polypropylene material provides stable performance over the life of the vehicle in a way that even the best fibre material cannot. This user-friendly panel is made possible by the mechanical controls profiled to the dashboard. A full register of musical notes played through the speakers via the auxiliary port and a wired connection ensures that playback meets the same customer expectations as audio enjoyed through the system’s own CD player and radio. The acoustic tech can even pre-empt your every move at the wheel and weed out undesirable sounds accordingly, for example when a driver accelerates in a lower gear.
Ford’s Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed in the cabin, to detect undesirable noises from the engine and transmission. For example, by using foam rather than fibreglass for engine bay insulation the Mondeo Vignale achieves a reduction in powertrain noise transferred to the cabin of up to 2 decibels. To bring harmony to the customer experience, these instruments must be in tune with one another. Additionally, this amplifier offers features such as Stereo and Surround DSP modes, and Speed Sensitive Volume Control. The system counteracts those noises with opposing sound waves from the audio system – without affecting volume levels of music and conversation.
Sound?proofing within the underbody shields, wheel arch liners and front and rear doors block tyre noise, and the new integral link rear suspension also contributes to a reduction in road noise experienced of up to 3 decibels.
That’s where the Vehicle Harmony team comes in,” said Erika Tsubaki, design supervisor, Ford of Europe. Driver and vehicle behaviour is recorded and anticipated, for example when a driver is accelerating in a lower gear.

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