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Author: admin, 23.10.2013
Closeup portrait of man covering his ears looking up, headache from loud noise, isolated on white background. There’s construction on the street, the sound of drills and grinders competing with music from car speakers. Our ears and the sensitive, complicated components involved in hearing are part of our nervous system. If sound does rouse you — even for a microsecond — your heart rate increases, your blood pressure shoots up, and stress hormones release. Consider how you react to a startling noise, says Charlotta Eriksson, PhD, a researcher in environmental epidemiology at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden. But, while we often recognize when noise is annoying, at other times we may not even realize we’re being bombarded. On the other hand, some of us are so used to being around noise and sound that we crave it.
Studies show that long-term exposure to environmental noise impairs cardiovascular function, the ability to learn, and immunity.
A 2012 Yale University study found that patients in an intensive-care unit who were exposed to sounds in excess of 83 dB suffered lowered immune function and even delirium from sleep deprivation. Another study that examined 3.6 million people near Heathrow Airport, which is outside London, found that those who lived with the highest levels of aircraft noise had a 10 to 20 percent higher risk of hospital admissions, as well as death from stroke, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease. Cubicle workers say that hearing other employees around them is one of their biggest complaints. Short of walking around with a sound meter, how can you tell whether an environment is dangerously loud? When you realize that your environment is potentially harmful, you can take these steps to modify your surroundings. When possible, make sure your bedroom is on the quietest side of the house, far from the television and kitchen. If the movie you’re seeing feels too loud, get up and move to the back of the theater, which can cut sound levels by 10 to 15 dB, according to John Bedolla, MD, at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. While there are benefits to taking longer meditation breaks and vacations that focus on silence and renewal, as far as your health is concerned, experts suggest that finding daily doses of silence is your best bet. One thing that doesn’t work for reducing stress from noise exposure, say experts, is listening to an iPod or white-noise machine.
A more helpful remedy is to seek out silence throughout the day — and enjoy silent-as-possible nights. Take small, frequent breaks rather than saving it all up for an hourlong meditation at the end of the day.
Do all you can to ensure that your sleep environment is soundless enough to allow for uninterrupted sleep.
Experience Life is the best whole-life health and fitness magazine you’ve never heard of — until now! I've travelled quite widely in Europe and Africa and now live in a small town in BC, Canada. Unfortunately, most locals also favour huge, noisy trucks, while the more sophisticated locals drive past with no noise at all.
Care2 is the largest and most trusted information and action site for people who care to make a difference in their lives and the world. We get so used to the TV being on all the time that sometimes we don’t even notice we are being blasted with noise.
Many home and office appliances such as fridges, computers and air conditioners give off a low hum.

When you listen to music, do you think about the effect it is having on your stress levels? We talk to ourselves all day long inside our head, but have you noticed what kind of things you say to yourself? There’s nothing like a walk in the forest or on the beach to calm the mind, soothe the soul and replenish your inner reserves of peace. If you can’t tolerate noise, try Sound Therapy to help calm your auditory reception pathways. Get instant access to 10 healthy juice recipes to cleanse, detox and nourish every cell in your body! I would just like you to know that you give a 5* service and I have recommended you to family and friends and I will be using your website in the future.*****."got feedback?
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When we get home, a teenager is playing a video game at full volume while the neighbor’s dog barks. Traffic-related noise alone produces a substantial negative health impact, according to a recent study in western Europe by the World Health Organization.
With packed restaurants and devices we carry that buzz, beep, and sing, the world is getting louder. Even when we’re consciously engaged in a task, our ears are still listening for danger.
Most of us never realize that attempts to relax by watching loud TV or listening to raucous rock-and-roll actually prevent us from doing that very thing. Research shows that introverts are more likely to suffer the psychological effects of noise than extroverts.
Noise has been linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, as well as anxiety, reduced attention span, and other mental-health issues. Studies show a 4 to 41 percent decline in performance on cognitively demanding tasks, such as proofreading, when they’re done in noisy office settings. Since we get desensitized to everyday noise, you’ll probably be surprised at what you hear. Use them with caution in public spaces, though, because blocking too much sound puts you at risk for accidents. Finally, while there is little you can do to quell the noise coming from an old refrigerator or air conditioner, when it’s time to replace them, consider upgrading to less noisy models.
If outside noise — street sounds, aircraft, raucous neighbors — drifts in, invest in carpeting or drapes to deaden or block out sound. If there are no such spaces, wear earplugs for short periods to block out sounds completely. Just the simple act of removing yourself from sound can lower your heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Spending 10 hours in an office in an excited state is hard on the body, but taking routine breaks helps by bringing down your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress-hormone levels on a regular basis.
These silent hours allow the body to recover from the onslaught of stimulation in an average day. You could also let them know that if they listen to sound at 85Db for several hours per day chances are they will need a hearing aid by the time they’re 50 or 60. Each aspect of music engages a different part of the brain – when you listen to classical music it engages more parts of the brain because it is rich in complex harmony, melody and rhythm.
Even a few minutes a day will help to calm your busy mind, and the more you do it the more you’ll want to do it.

Try to venture into nature every couple of weeks for a few hours and notice how much better you feel. By helping the ear and brain to respond more appropriately to sound it can reduce the stressful reactions some people have to noise.
We believe that your body is worthy of good care and that no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself. Since then, we've become much more than just an online game store.Our unwavering focus on superior customer service has allowed us to expand our online offerings to include toys, electronics and so much more!If you're looking to buy games, toys, gadgets, electronics or computing goods online, compare us to other online stores. We leave the chatter in our open-plan office for a relaxing coffee shop and encounter another cacophony of sounds — milk steaming, coffee grinding, espresso pulls banging against metal surfaces. Researchers believe that the stress caused by exposure to traffic noise contributes to heart disease, cognitive impairment, and sleep disturbance, among other conditions. Subcortical connections with the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine system enable loud noise to increase levels of stress hormones. The earplugs you buy at the drugstore for a dollar are good for riding subways or watching fireworks, but they may make a concert sound too muted.
Turn off computers when they’re not in use, turn down fans, keep radios and TV at a reasonable volume, and, when possible, trade deafening small appliances (like hair dryers and blenders) for quieter alternatives.
If aircraft noise is severe, see if you qualify for a noise-abatement program: The Federal Aviation Administration provides grants for sound insulation in homes near airports that are exposed to aircraft noise above 65 dB.
You have to turn up the volume so much to drown out a coworker’s telephone conversation that you end up hurting your ears. However, over time the sensory cells and nerve endings are lost, and since they are not capable of regeneration the damage may become permanent. Organise your living and work space so you don’t have to spend long hours near these appliances. This helps to build more brain connections and enables you to deal more effectively with life, reducing your stress levels.
Noise damage can be cumulative and irreversible, but your ears are indispensable so never put them at risk. Think of us as your nutritional consultants and know that we are here with you on your journey to a healthier life.
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Pricier noise-canceling earplugs or headsets will reduce the amount of background sound that reaches your ears while still allowing you to hear what’s going on around you. We often discount the effects of noise because it is invisible, but noise exposure has not only been linked to hearing loss but also increased stress levels and related health issues that affect hormones, heart health, respiratory responses and foetal development.
Tuned by the same engineers who tune stage earphones for your favorite artists - so you know you're getting superior acoustics.
Made of clear, malleable plastic and costing $20 to $100 per pair, they block up to 25 dB across all frequencies.

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