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This course begins a month long series of seminars on current topics in noise induced hearing loss.

This is the first in the 2013 AudiologyOnline Noise Induced Hearing Loss Webinar Series, organized by Guest Editor Dr. Despite the potential for improved comfort and performance, there is low adoption for custom hearing protection devices in occupational sectors and custom earphones in consumers.
If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, this is a sign that damage may be occurring and custom ear protection is your answer.
Noise effects the ears by causing a temporary shift in hearing but over time the hearing does not recover. We can provide custom made earpieces which allows comfortable and secure sound for iPods, mobiles, security radios, in-ear monitors and MP3 players. These are perfect for swimmers, surfers or anyone with an ear condition requiring water to be kept out of their ears.
If you are concerned about the environment in which you work, and possibly may have suffered a hearing loss as a results of the noise you work in, we are fully accredited to provide WorkCover services. Protecting your hearing from harmful noise is important to preserving your hearing clarity.
For extra comfort and protection, we can provide you with custom earplugs that will conform specifically to your ear canals and can be customized to provide you with the right protection for specific noise environments.
For active people who love their music and want to upgrade from the ear buds or head phones that they already use with their iPod or MP3 player, Custom Musicians' Ear Pieces or Ear Buds offer a clear, custom listening experience.
Studies show that over 40 percent of Australians are disturbed at home or lose sleep because of noise pollution. Noise levels, referred to as decibels on the (A) scale (written as dB(A)) are a good indicator of people’s response to noise. We make personalized earplugs, whether it is for industrial noise, hunting, shooting or swimming.
This plus is also very popular with dentist and dentist workers; best choice for anyone who needs to hear accurately. The earphone is pressure fit into the mould and provides increased comfort and directionality of sound, cuts out background noise as compared with the standard Head-Phone normally supplied with device. His primary research interests are investigating causes of acquired hearing loss from ototoxicity and noise. This course is intended to be a foundation for the other 3 presentations in the Expert Seminar Series on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss for 2010.
Join us each Wednesday in July for a leading expert presenting the latest info on various aspects of noise induced hearing loss!
Brian Fligor and other leading experts to explore the latest research in NIHL and its clinical application to audiology practice. These days, especially with loud concerts, nightclubs and frequent use of iPods at high levels, the ears are even more at risk of noise damage.

In addition to giving a comfortable fit, the earpieces also provide 25-34dB of noise reduction. They come in a range of fun colours and are designed to include a safety cord to ensure they stay together and are not lost during water sports. Hunters earplugs (shown above right) feature a valve that closes in the presence of impact noise.
This type of mold may be recommended for patients with external or middle ear precautions or tubes in the ear drum.
State government regulations state that our maximum daily noise dose should be no more than the equivalent of 85dB(A) for eight hours a day. This presentation will provide a summary of the topics that will be covered by the other three speakers as well as an update on Dr. Topics included: strategies for prevention of noise and music-induced hearing loss, tinnitus assessment in musicians, nutrition and noise, and emerging research on otoprotective agents.
These specialised sound filters drop all the sound equally at each frequency so the quality of sound is not affected, just reduced to protect your hearing.
This means that you don’t need to turn the volume up as high to hear over the background noise in your environment.
This allows shooters to hear clearly until the weapon is fired and still have some hearing protection from the gunfire. The musician plugs come standard with colour marking for left and right ear and personal initial if required. A range of fun colours are available, as is a cord for keeping them together and easy removal and hanging around the neck.
Other specialty custom ear plugs include those for pilots, motorcyclists, military personnel and more. Prolonged exposure to noise levels above 85dB(A) can damage inner ear cells and lead to hearing loss.
After further exposure, a person may not fully recover their initial level of hearing — irreversible damage will have been done, causing deafness.
Even brief exposure to very high levels of 130dB(A) or more can cause instant, irreversible hearing damage.
Verification of well-fitted (left) versus poorly-fitting (right) flat attenuation earplugs.

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