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Author: admin, 03.05.2014
This holiday sweater is perfect to pair with leggings and boots when you just want to stay cozy. Sometimes the reason we like to wear our sweaters is to be comfy and blend into the background.
These scarves from Target for $19.99 online are a great way to add a subtle stylish detail to your outfit.
I don’t know about you guys, but trying to text or use touch screen phones with gloves is virtually impossible for me. The off the shoulder neckline gives it a flirty feel, and the pattern and red color allow this piece to stand apart from the drab.

Well, you can try to hide all you want with this sweater, but with the leather accents you will still be rockin’ it. Stylish Scarves – Sometime I’m just not in the mood to wear long hanging scarves, so my focus this chilly season is on infinity scarves! It has a little bit of a snowflake pattern at one point but also has pops of color to spice up any bland sweater (like the one the model is wearing on the left!) Get it for only $34! These convertible gloves let you have mittens to keep your fingers warm, but also allow you to flip back the top to reveal cut-off fingered gloves- perfect for using your phone! I’ve got some chic ways to stay warm this winter, though all you want to throw on is leggings, a sweatshirt, and Uggs.

Not only do they have that awesome capability, but they also have a cute ruffle by the wrist and come in all different colors. By adding some funky sweaters, adorable scarves, and stylish gloves to your everyday outfit, you’ll fool people into thinking you spent a ton of time getting ready.

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