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The Mint Republic presents some of our favourite jewellery and accessories designers, Boh Runga, Lindi Kingi and Gala Darling.
Fantail In Maori Mythology, the cheeky little bird we know as the Fantail, Piwakawaka was one of the great Mauis companions and one he would often take the form of. Lindi Kingi Deluxe Beaded Bracelet looks great on its own or stacked with your favourite bracelets, + add a rose, cross or any of Lindi's other charms to reveal a little more about you. Inspired by the natural elements, the "Drop in the Ocean" Pendant is a stunning sterling silver piece showing a droplet captured in motion.
Skull + Wing and Rose mismatched Pair Earrings in signature Lindi Kingi Style, these earrings are a combination that s a little bit rock and roll. Inspired by the natural elements The Droplet Ring is in 9CT Gold or Rose Gold is a beautiful expression of the Drop in the Ocean Story. Our jewellery is pure and exclusive owing to its exceptionally high quality diamonds, gemstones and metals, each piece designed and made to order uniquely for you by New Zealand's best.
We do not produce jewellery in silver or other lower grade metals, or use simulated gemstones or diamonds. We offer a free design consultation, after which you may choose to have us produce a unique piece for you.
Gary Meaden were an early adopter of CAD technology for jewellery production, and are now leaders in the field. Gary Meaden can produce wax and resin printouts from their CAD 3d Printers, all managed in-house.
The CAD jewellery design process allows us to produce high quality photorealistic renders during the design process. These provide a unique visualisation step for clients, and often lead to increased sales, especially of one-off custom items of jewellery. Gary Meaden currently have two in-house CAD designers, with combined experience of over 16 years.
At ORE Jewellery, we source the most beautiful and intriguing pieces from around the globe to bring you designer jewellery at affordable prices.

Since 2009 I have been designing and manufacturing beautiful, New Zealand inspired and Art Deco style, quality jewellery. From humble beginnings as a market retailer at Takapuna market and Coatesville market in 2009, my Just Gorgeous jewellery is popular around New Zealand and was retailed by quality stores including the prestigious Smith & Caughey's stores, Kirkcaldie & Stains, and H & J Smith. Like many other New Zealand designers, the retail recession and pressure of overseas imports has taken its toll. Stocks are now becoming limited, but I do hope you are able to find your favourite piece at a special price. In my Just Gorgeous JG Accessories range, I have also made some fun and fashion pieces using different materials, like natural cow hide, and hand dyed leather. For many years, nurtured under the umbrella of precious metals specialists, New Zealand Mint – these jewellery designers have found a new home at The Mint Republic. This brand evolution has been a process much like the design of jewellery itself – an idea brought to life by the people who believe its precious outcome. The sterling silver locket features a heart-shaped glass window, and inside are three discs of coloured leather: pink, cobalt blue, and black. Combine the rings to create phrases: your left hand might say "Imagine Darling", and your right could say "Magical Lover". PANDORA has created beautiful gold and silver jewellery with charms from the MOMENTS collection that help you celebrate life's most precious moments and carry them with you always. This is where art meets commerce, kitsch meets couture, Rock 'n' Roll meets comics and neon meets the classic.
The range is constantly evolving, combining influences from all over the world to create pieces of exceptional beauty and appeal. The emphasis on steel has resulted in a sleek and contemporary look that has limitless options.
We work with both local New Zealand esteemed designers and international designers to bring you a fresh and unique pieces of fine jewellery.
In 2014, I learned leatherwork and now hand craft, custom made corporate ladies leathergoods and unique leather accessories.

My extensive Kiwiana Designer Collection was retailed by iconic tourism destination outlets including Rotorua's Te Puia, Waitangi's Treaty Grounds Gift Shop and Tourism Holding's Discover Waitomo. Low quality, leather pieces are mass produced overseas and sold in shopping mall kiosks and chain stores. I used portfolios, diaries, travel wallets and other "tools" daily to organise my work life. I hand make these pieces to order in a range of quality, limited edition leather, that are stylishly feminine, yet sophisticated and corporate.My custom made WorkStyle leather pieces have an added touch of class with personalised nameplates. The belts and little triangle purses are unique and innovative and attract admiration and attention. Some of these pieces have also been popular with ladies looking for hand dyed pieces in their choice of colour.
Now this universe of jewellery also includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, the sculptural LIQUID SILVER and the fine jewellery line LOVEPODS.
The eclectic nature of our collections ensures there is a NAJO piece to suit every individual's style. They can have a "genuine leather" label on them, but only require a 10% leather content to be able to claim this. I couldn't find these pieces in quality leather, and what was available was black, masculine or looked like a conference "giveaway". It's such a shame as Just Gorgeous ladies continue to tell me that they receive lots of complements when they wear Just Gorgeous jewellery. Customers say where they have given one of my pieces as a gift, the lady receiving it has been absolutely delighted.

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