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This Oil and Vinegar combo treats you to the refined taste of the Masserie di Sant'Eramo brand. These black olives are cured in vegetable oil, salt and Provencal herbs and are not preserved in brine. Cerignola is a town in the Province of Foggia in the Apulia Region of Italy which borders the Adriatic Sea. We have combined within an olive oil the finest aromatic herbs that nature has to offer in Provence: thyme, rosemary, basil and tarragon.
A L'Olivier began in 1822 in Paris and continues to be a leading proponent of the Mediterranean way of life. In the green hills of Umbria, just outside Citta di Castello, for over seventy years the Ranieri family has been offering its select clietele the natural goodness of the fine products from their native land. We've selected two of our best selling Spanish products and combined them in a lovely gift presentation. Il Boschetto is located in Castiglione della Pescaia, a small Medieval village on the Tyrrhenian coast, right in the heart of Tuscany. The mill of La Brague in the South of France has built an excellent reputation for producing the very best extra virgin olive oil. This aromatic composition made with olive oil, fresh garlic and fresh thyme stands out by way of its original flavor. The role olive oil plays in the Italian diet is no secret, so it is no surprise to find some of the world's best olive oils come from Italy.
Take a walk anywhere in Provence and your body will be filled with the scent of the herbs that grow wild on the hillsides. Les Mouettes d'Arvor Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil have been prepared by Jacques Gonidec a Concarneau in the same fashion for two generations.

Life in Provence Pitted Provencal Olive Mix is a combination of pitted green olives, gherkins, onions and red peppers with a little kick from green chili pepper. This generation of Fratelli Aprile (the Aprile Brothers) consists of Roberto and Daniele who inherited not only the business but the passion and respect for the land which generously provides for them. These citric olive oils are obtained by pressing arbequina olives from the Pons family groves with carefully selected Mediterranean citrus fruit. Fresh picked artichokes are packed in extra virgin olive oil and just the right amount of Italian parsley. In the gentle uplands of northwestern Sicily, Gianfranco Becchina's estate is set on an ideal location. Extra virgin oil from organic Taggiasca olives distinguishes itself by its sweet fruity aroma and delicate mellow taste with a nice bouquet. Pons olive oil production is the result of hard work and the experience of generations dedicated to cultivating and harvesting the best Arbequina Olives in the province of Lleida.
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Romanico Oils are produced from a number of co-operatives totaling as many as 6000 farmers.
Serve these small authentic Provencal olives along with cheeses, in appetizer trays, in salads, or to garnish chicken, fish and meat dishes. Serve them as appetizers, with cheeses, in salads, or to garnish chicken, fish and meat dishes. Their wide variety of delicious food products can be found in retail and specialty grocery stores nationwide. Here they have added lemon and ginger to olive oil to provide a perfect seasoning for fish, white meat and seafood.

Their Green Olive Cream is the ideal enhancement for ravioli and gnocchi, risotto and pasta. Here they have added fresh basil to olive oil to provide an excellent seasoning for salad with cheese, in pasta, or with fish. Chefs from the finest establishments of the Cote d'Azur prefer this extraordinary extra virgin olive oil. What could evoke the French contribution to the Mediterranean way more vividly than the picture of lavender fields in Provence?
The perfume of garlic predominates at first and the thyme's freshness comes through in the aftertaste. Les Moulins de la Brague has combined the tasty nicoise black olive with the world-renowned spice blend of Herbs de Provence. Long before it was fashionable, Out of the Woods of Oregon was concerned with conserving our resources and caring for the environment. Serve them as an appetizer or side dish, hot or cold, in salads with other vegetables, with tuna, eggs or sliced in sandwiches. Sixty acres of olive groves, some situated on the grounds once used by Princess Pignatelli of Spain, roll away behind the estate walls.
If your care provider determines that you can pass your stones, treat them with lemon juice and olive oil with advice from an acupuncture physician and registered herbalist in this free video on kidney stones.

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