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Gossip Girl‘s Jessica Szohr attended The Tillman Story premiere in New York with this low ponytail hairstyle. The hottest jewelry trend sweeping the fall fashions this year is, without question, the single earring. This trend translates  perfectly to the world of fine jewelry, where a pair of antique diamond chandeliers becomes an opportunity to join in the fun.
A pair of antique gold cannetille work pendant earrings suspending graduated, faceted beads, in 18k. Dramatic French Greek-Key Design Ear Pendants – 18 k gold stylized, greek-key design earpendants with French export marks. Ana de Costa Yellow Gold Tarot Earrings – Inspired by a stack of rare tarot cards, these unique asymmetrical earrings feature a tsavorite stud and a draping 18K yellow gold earring adorned with vibrant tsavorites.
We're all familiar with the Coco Chanel dictum that we should remove one accessory before leaving the house.
The Orb transforms from a ring with a simple twist to become a Bluetooth headset capable of hands-free calling. The headphones are like elegant earrings and the mp3 player becomes a trendy dainty bracelet. The Holeder Earphone lets you link the earpieces of your headphones behind your neck and wear them as a necklace.
Okay, so fringe boots are not a new thing at all (70s hello!), nor is fringe as a trend actually.
I feel like the best fringe boots are the ones made from suede, or fabrics other than patent leather. Styling fringe boots is all about the balance architectural thing, and the vibe of the look. I love fringe boots by Marant, I have been dreaming about them for ages but they have sold out before I could scrape the money together. Ear cuffs are ear jewelry which is clipped to the cartilage area of the ear without the need of piercing the ear. Overall we’re expecting an exciting year 2014 for earrings—with more earrings, new combinations, gorgeous colors, and fresh motives.
Fashion & Beauty TrendsRead about the latest fashion & beauty trends and news related to ear piercing and earrings. Jessica Szohr seems to be fond of the one feather earring trend as seen above and at a recent screening for Twelve.

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Models strutting the runways of the Celine, Louis Vuitton, Isabel Marant and Tory Burch Fall 2014 shows donned only one earring, but not just any earring.
Contemporary designers have also responded to the demand with their own single earring designs.
The piece is surprising and edgy, a tongue-in-cheek love letter to sleek minimalism and hard-edged punk.
Typically that means hanging your hat back on the rack (since you're also wearing sunglasses and a scarf), or removing your drop earrings so your necklace can really shine. The earrings are available in 10 different designs, are crafted in either gold or silver, and are adjustable even for those ears that hang low and wobble to and fro. The headphones are of open air type and have a playback frequency zone ranging from 20Hz to 20kHz. In other words, regardless of the boot style (tube, high, ankle, wedge, stiletto, block heels) let it all be about the fringe and not the fabric, to avoid a total shoe-chaos slash kitsch. As stiletto, thin, sleek as fringe boots may be, they are a foot statement somewhat heavier than your regular sleek simple boots, so make sure you keep the rest of your outfit rather fitted or sleek and not too oversized. Short dresses work best, especially fitted ones (think mini black dress with long sleeves + black fringe boots) or flirty ones (think boho chic style). Not only does this show in the watch and jewelry industry but also in the beauty industry and in fashion. The solitary jewels adorning their ears were over-the-top, bold chandelier stunners that aptly dusted the shoulder with plenty of sparkle.
So I think it’s only natural that everything today coexists in this sartorial happy marriage that celebrates personal style more, rather than just the trends. It was only after 2 of my friends posted pics with their fringe boots on Instagram, that it hit me: HOT boots alert! We’ve asked jewelry designers, checked the runways, observed stars and starlets and always have an eye on the current street style.
The ear cuff trend goes along with trend #1, since ear cuffs are usually worn at the edge of the middle or upper ear in addition to earrings in the lobe. These little guys come perfectly in style: Top-quality materials, such as karat gold, silver or surgical stainless steel, will be adorned with crystals, pearls or even diamonds.
If worn as a pair, the look would be overwhelming, but wearing just one proves plentiful for the desired impact.

Instead of putting something on to take part in a trend, try taking something off.The trick works best with big, dazzling, costume-jewelry chandeliers and danglers. A Deluxe edition also features a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information for communication without taking the ring off the finger. Two or three earrings in the earlobe are most common and frequently combined with one or more additional earrings in the cartilage area of the upper ear.
On the one hand, they are ideal for those who do not wish to have the cartilage area of their ears pierced. Many jewelry designers offer animal earrings—from the entry-level price segment to luxury brands.
To have the Orb looking like a fashion accessory for your ear, NXT technology has been utilized for bone conduction so you don’t have to stuff anything into your ear canals.
On the other hand, they are very popular for everyone who wants to go for a bolder earring look. We will see many accessories in purple this year, including watches, earrings, rings, necklaces, scarves, and purses. You lost an earring!" greetings, try balancing out the other side with a just-as-brilliant stud. The lowest earring in the earlobe is usually the biggest one; the size of the studs mostly decreases the higher they are placed on the ear. Click through to see how we've shifted the earring equilibrium to prove a little scaling back can add up to a lot. The base model Orb is scheduled to launch in January 2010 carrying a suggested retail price of USD$129, while the Deluxe edition is due in April 2010 with a price of USD$175. The Limited edition designer models are also due in April 2010 with their price based on the value of the gemstones incorporated into the device. Barbells or small hoops in the upper ear are also very popular, as they create a visual contrast to the more classic studs in the earlobe. The classic look with just one earring per lobe, however, will be seen less and less frequently in 2014.

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