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New project from French Montana "Wave Gods" Hosted by Max B and featuring Kanye West, Future, Nas & more! Please remember that this video is only recommended to be practiced by licensed professionals. Today, Mike spends his day helping clients deploy and manage their mobile device around the world. It reminds me of Jason Langridges article when he called his voicemail while driving at the same high speeds. One cool feature of the BlueAnt headsets is that the firware is upgradable, but there probably isn’t a new firmware out there ? The wired headsets are loaded with nothing but problems, the cord gets tangled up, or there is a break in the cable causing the sound to short out.

Below the ant button and before the ear piece, you’ll find a small proprietary port for charging. Well, if you’re looking for a small Bluetooth headset that is easy to put on with strong in-ear volume, then the BlueAnt Z9i is a great buy. His first hands on with a computer came when he was 7 years old and a travelling lab of Commodore PET computers made a stop at his school. However Z9 firmware is not compatible with the Z9i headset so I assume for this headset they have a new support website. In most bluetooth headsets, I have found this volume to be too low making it really hard to hear the person that I called.
I’ve called my voice mail and recorded a message from the BlueAnt Z9i and then again using original Jawbone.

Hooked on the new world these devices offered, he took any chance possible to get in front of a computer. Take a listen to the following WAV files and then you can be the judge on which headset performs the best when it comes to noise cancellation.
I have broken the hoop on that headset 2 or 3 times and on top of that, it just never felt right.

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