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Author: admin, 13.06.2014
Our Health & Safety results mean the most to us because they help us to measure how well we are keeping our employees safe. Please note that the rates below for 2003 and earlier (represented by the yellow columns) do not include data from locations acquired as part of the February 27, 2004 merger with Moore Wallace. The "Recordable Case Rates" is a rate, per 100 employees, of the number of times an employee received treatment beyond basic first aid for a work-related injury or illness (a "case").
The "Days Away Cases Rates" is a rate, per 100 employees, of the number of times an employee would have worked but could not because of a work-related injury or illness (a "case"). While we report our numbers as a rate (which helps us to standardize our global reporting with the U.S.

OSHA has defined the criteria for the different types of injuries or illness that organizations should report on the OSHA 300 log. Government method for calculating injury rates), what they really come down to is the number of people who are hurt. Lower rates mean fewer injuries and more people are able to work and support their loved ones.
This injury or illness need not meet any of the aforementioned basic requirements.Many workplace incidents may look like recordable injuries but they do not meet the criteria.
One of the criterion for recordable injuries is that the work-related injury must require medical treatment beyond first aid.

In the charts below you can see our continuous improvement in our Health and Safety rates over the past several years.

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