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OTICON HEARING AID COMPANY started by Mr HANS DEMANT in 1904 with the motive to improve the hearing disorder of his wife and all the other people who were suffering with the similar disorder .After his death his son WILLIAM took over the company and partnered with a American Hearing Aid provider Charles Lehman and they both took the company to the next level. Since then this 110 years old company has made quite a mark in the hearing aid industry with the kind of innovative hearing aid that they have been manufacturing with a motive to become the top hearing aid brand .They have been focusing on four important areas -audiology, technology, counseling and fitting only to provide most innovative hearing care solution and support.
OTICON Company offers wide range of hearing aid depending upon the budget and hearing loss of the patients.
Oticon hearing aid comes with a receiver which is at the end of the wire which sits inside the ear as compared to the other brands which have a receiver located behind the ear so the Sound is much more natural. There is a special adaptor, cheap in price which can be used to help hear television better,  so that the patient doesn’t turn the volume too high. The latest OTICON AGIL BTE makes it easier for you to focus on what you want to hear by supporting your own natural ability to organize sounds.
So with the motive to serve the people OTICON HEARING COMPANY is trying hard to provide to the best of the technology within the budget of the people.
For those who wear hearing aids the phone can still present a problem and for that reason we recommend you consider one of the following solutions which really do offer extra benefit.
Option 1 - dedicated wireless portable landline telephones designed and manufactured by hearing aid suppliers to work seamlessly with their latest wireless compatible hearing aids. Option 2 - dedicated landline adaptors designed and manufactured by actual hearing aid suppliers to work with THEIR hearing aids only. Wireless phone adaptors only work in unison with the brand of hearing aid they are made by (i.e Oticon 'Connectline' adaptors work with Oticon wireless compatible hearing aids). Option 3 - landline adaptors made by non-hearing aid manufacturing companies that can work with any bluetooth accessory.
Option 4 - hearing aid compatible telephones as designed by other companies who produce hearing aid assistive devices.
Option 5 - neckloops: a cheap option for improving phone reception, and you simply plug the neckloop device into the audio socket of your phone (if it has one) and wear them around your neck. Brands that we frequently use are Oticon, ReSound, Unitron Hearing, Phonak, Starkey Hearing Aids, Siemens, Widex, Sonic Innovations, and others.
When deciding about hearing aids we help you decide what technology and size works best for you. Hearing aids, like televisions, are offered in different levels of technology - basic, improved, and advanced. Basic technology - this technology is best suited to those with quiet lifestyles where the listening situation is easy and predictable.
Improved Technology - the "best bang for the buck", these devices offer capabilities to lower background noise and improve listening comfort. Advanced Technology - these represent the newest innnovations in technology, the latest and greatest.
Too often a hearing aid salesman will select based on your preferences - what you're willing to purchase - instead of guiding you to what is best for your hearing. Open Fit: These small, mini behind-the-ear hearing aids that are the newest and most exciting devices today.
BTE: Behind-The-Ear hearing aids are the largest hearing aids and offer benefits not found on other styles. ITE: In-The-Ear aids fill the entire ear opening and are the most noticeable of all hearing aids. A lifelong machinist exposed to 30 years of noise will receive different benefit from an office worker with no history of noise exposure.
A person with no family history of hearing loss will receive different improvement compared to someone who has several family members with hearing loss.

Restate rather than repeating a€“ If you have to repeat something try saying it a little different. Be aware of the surroundings a€“ Avoid trying to have conversations from one room to another or in rooms with distracting noises, e.g. Unlike other batteries that start losing power from the day they are made, zinc air batteries have a long shelf life since they arena€™t a€?activateda€? until the tab is removed. Here are a few free, educational resources we have written to help you better understand your, or your loved one's situation.
Safari’s neck-worn streamer can capture the signal from virtually any Bluetooth device and send it wirelessly to both Safari hearing aids. More people are turning on their computers and going online to go shopping for everything from tennis shoes, crafts and tools.
Believe it or not, hearing loss has many negative side affects other than missing out on conversation. Oticon Chili was developed in collaboration with real people who know the everyday challenges that comes with severe to profound hearing loss.
Oticon Streamer and ConnectLine offer unmatched ability to stay in touch, keep informed, and enjoy entertainment. Most importantly, everything is easily controlled by you with the small and easy-to-use Streamer. The unique shock-absorbing attachment of the internal components protects them if the instrument should be dropped or fall. Nano-coated-moisture and dirt are kept out by the high tech water repellent coating, and the battery door is designed to keep out moisture and sweat that might trickle down the instrument. A permanent coating inside Chili effectively seals the electronic parts, resulting in a water, moisture, and dirt repellent hearing instrument.
All portions of this site are copyright © 1981-2016, Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, Inc. These devices plug into the back of your existing landline telephone and wirelessly stream the phone conversation to both ears via a secondary device worn by the hearing aid user.
A cheap Bluetooth adaptor which plugs into the phone line and transmits the phone call to your hearing aid wireless accessory (ie Starkey Surflink Mobile or Phonak ComPilot).
Mills and Nichols work continually to ensure that Carolina Hearing Doctors use a wide variety of hearing aids from many manufacturers.
These aids can be programmed for most degrees of hearing loss but cannot filter out background noise in more active, busy environments.
Improvements such as automatic directional microphones, digital noise reduction, automatic feedback management, bluetooth connectivity, and water resistance are all included in this level of technology. The focus here is to improve listening ease by selectively focusing on speech, reduce interfering noise so the brain isn't bothered by it, and enhance word clarity through better high frequency amplification. Your selection of the most appropriate device for your needs depends on several factors such as (1) your degree of the hearing loss, (2) features necessary to meet your individual needs, (3) your manual dexterity, (4) cost factors, and (5) cosmetic concerns. A mini device is placed behind the ear, hidden from view, and a thin, clear tube is placed inside the ear canal. They extend deep into   the ear canal and are not visible from the front or even side. However, if you accept that your hearing will never return to a€?normala€? BUT that it can be improved over ita€™s damaged level a€“ then you will notice a return to more normal communication and an easier time listening to those around you. Hearing aid batteries, or button cell batteries, are the standard in powering hearing aids. It is important to recognize that your hearing aids sound only as good as the battery that is powering them.

The extra high-frequency technology inside these hearing aids helps provide more security and confidence in any place or situation. Safari’s extra-broad bandwidth makes easier hearing and understanding every consonant sound. This includes not only people who have hearing loss, but also their families and friends who share with them the everyday challenges of communicating. The design even includes quick control features for instant muting, volume adjustment, and program selection. We invite you to experience the audiology and design advancements of Chili as the next step on your journey to better communication. ConnectLine lets you watch TV through your hearing instruments at your own personal volume.
If the phone rings, you can easily answer with the touch of a button-you'll hear the ring right in your hearing instruments! They are not quite as practical as the dedicated phones mentioned above, but using this type of accessory means you can keep your existing telephone. As a local and independent business we are not owned or affiliated with any particular manufacturer. Nichols we will discuss your lifestyle and needs, the degree of your hearing loss and special needs uncovered in your examination.
The canal is left open so normal sounds pass through unaffected and the hearing aid amplifies only those frequencies that are deficient. Due to their small size they can be difficult to manipulate and usually require a a€?removal stringa€? to extract from the ear. The electronics in your hearing aids depend on a reliable power source that is provided by a high quality battery.
Tamper-resistant features keep the volume at comfortable level and the battery locked safely away.
It's more than another powerful hearing instrument - it's a new way forward in meeting specific needs for people with severe to profound hearing loss.
Users will love the slim design-it takes up very little space on top of the ear, where space is already limited.
This gives us, and you, enormous flexibility in selecting the most beneficial hearing aids for your particular problem.
Initially meant for high frequency hearing loss only, recent developments have made it suitable for many more people. These aids completely occlude the ear canal and often provide a strong sense of ear fullness.
These features can reduce background noise, enhance clarity, enhance telephone clarity, and provide the greatest amount of amplification. Using cheap, store brand batteries will cost less money but these have up to 50% less activator (or charge) in them.
The sizes of hearing aid batteries are listed below along with their standard number and color codes. With less power available the battery will constantly starve the electronics in your hearing aids.
The control features allow instant muting, volume adjustment (using a marked VC wheel with end stop) and pushbutton program selection.

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