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Through her physical and emotional survival of losing her boyfriend, and almost her own life, in the Tsunami in Asia, Petra Nemcova found the strength to make a tragic situation into a positive and proactive organization. Happy Hearts Fund, which helped to rebuild the lives of children in the aftermath of the Tsunami.
Venus Williams staged the ultimate comeback in 2005 with her fantastic Wimbledon victory even after facing illness, injuries and even personal devastation due to her sister’s murder in 2003.
Diane von Furstenberg was a massive influence in fashion design in the mid 1970’s as her design for the wrap dress revolutionised women’s business attire.
Mukhtar Mai is a Pakistani woman who suffered a gang rape as a form of honour revenge on the demands of tribesmen that was richer and more powerful than Mukhtara’s clan, the Tatla.
Mary Robinson has served as the president of Ireland from 1990 to ’97 and Commissioner for Human Rights for the United Nations from ’97 to 2002.
As President of ABC, Anne Sweeney took a fourth place network to a first place rating within a year.
As the first African American curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, Thelma Golden is known for her creative eye and ability to capture the imagination and evoke emotions through her powerful exhibitions and events. Love DVF’s bracelet really unusual mix but it really works just shows how unique and individual each bracelet looks! Really nice pictures – I love silver charm bracelets and this pulls some gorgeous examples together. January 30, 2015 By Leann 94 Comments We’ve already seen a sneak peek of the upcoming Pandora Disney Spring 2015 Collection but today we’ve got an extended preview with better pictures! I adore the princess themes and this set includes Cinderella (my favorite), Belle, Ariel, and Snow White. The Pandora Disney Collection has proven to be incredibly sought after and I’m confident that these will be too. The bow pendant is $60, the bow spacer is $40, the bow ring is $70, and the Minnie bow earrings are $75! The release will be available in American concept stores on March 12th (just before the new Cinderella movie is out!).
Probably a good thing that they are not available downunder yet – because I would want to buy a complete bracelet of charms in one shopping spree.

I’m definitely going to get a Disney-themed bracelet if it ever comes to Singapore!!! Hi Laura can you tell me the price for the princess dress charms, Snow White apple and Belle enchanted rose? I would love to see a bracelet made up of the Muranos interspersed with some of the silver charms shown in the new release. I would love to get in touch with anyone who can help me get my hands on these for my girlfriend who is a huge fan! The Pandora Coffee Cup Charm is really well crafted and cool charm that you can use on your wedding anniversary or special events like birthday. After starring in a number of UK and US television films and small roles in films, she came to prominence with roles in Hollywood movies such as The Phantom, Mask of Zorra, and Entrapment in the late 1990s.
Petra has a gold bracelet filled with charms that she feels represent her passion and generous heart…. Sixteen years of her life were put towards exposing the world to some of the worst stories that human-kind has to offer by reporting on wars, abuses, and atrocities. She has been in the spotlight for her great talent but now she has to embrace a new roll as a breast cancer survivor. After a decade of financial hardship in the 1980s, she launched an updated version of her wrap dress in the 90’s and built another fashion empire. By custom, rural women are expected to commit suicide after such an event but she spoke up, and using word of mouth, took her case to court where her rapists were arrested and charged. She is credited by many as having revitalised and liberalised a previously conservative political office. As a woman, she broke through the common executive stereotypes and is known for her “sane and ego-free management” style. Also could you gimme a heads up on the Club charm, it’s gonna be available worldwide,yes? We had mutual friends and we both got asked to join them when they came to US to visit Disney World. This fun looking charm can be a lovely and really exceptional gift for your fiance in a lower price.

She, for one, has been in the recent news, spotted wearing her Pandora bracelet out and about in her hometown, along with many many other celebrities.
She has won eight Emmys and is one of the most notable and respected correspondents in the world. Melissa’s gold bracelet was requested to be designed with red to reflect her passion and energy. Venus Williams had her Pandora bracelet designed to showcase her favorite colour blue, which maybe reflects how she remains so cool on the tennis court, and the Chinese symbols for friendship, love, and happiness represent her large interest in Chinese culture and art….
Diane says her bracelet of silver and gold reflects her strength and personal flair…. She took settlement money provided to her by the government following the court case, and opened a centre for refuge and education, the Mukhtar Mai Women’s Welfare Organization. She filled her Pandora bracelet with colours and charms that reflect her professional and polished style, as well as her love for her homeland of Ireland….
Her Pandora bracelet is filled with teal and blue glass beads indicative of her calm and in control presence…. Pandora made her bracelet red and silver to reflect “her passion for woman’s rights, the importance of education and the courage within us all…. This bead or charm belongs to highly rated and best selling beads and charms which looks fun looking and is used nicely with more same family beads, charms, bracelets and jewellery accessories to make you really graceful. Even though her bracelet has blue glass on it, Christiane is said to enjoy wearing both gold and silver. This UK bead is compatible and usable with all European bracelets like Chamilia, Pandora, Rembrandt and Troll bracelets.

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