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Author: admin, 20.03.2014
We have a 100% Buyer protection policy wherein you can return the product for any reason whatsoever.
If you wish, we can offer you a redeemable voucher worth the refund amount for future purchases. You transparently pay through our Payment Gateway and all the data is transferred through high level encryption technology. Paper quilled jhumka earrings – they have practically taken over the world of quilled jewelry!
So I finally took the opportunity to try out the hole punch recently to attempt a style of jhumka similar to the one that Pritesh made. For a photo tutorial on how to create the rounded part of the earring, click HERE to see my detailed first post on jhumka earrings.

Click here to view some of my own quilling projects, with tips so you can make your own if you’d like! Hi ?? If you click on the link for the jewelry punch plier it’ll take you to Amazon where you can see the price.
Hi jesna, ur earrings are very nice.By seeing this I also got a idea to do this can you send me the detail about this.
Else we can also refund the entire amount back to your bank account without any deductions along with Rs. I am an engineering graduate who loves to craft beautiful things from paper, clay and other natural materials. Our team will reply to you with an approval email containing the instructions and return shipping address to which you need to send back the product within 7 days.

Another quiller commented that you can use a jewelry punch. What in the world was a jewelry punch? I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate dangle components into my quilled pieces and this is a perfect solution. Coz i used paper shiner .oil paint varnish i dint like now using touchwood varnish but i want it strong and sturdy. I would luv to buy terracotta as well as quilled jewellery from you in case I get a good deal from u.

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