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As wholesale bridal jewelry supplier, Topearl designs many selection of handcrafted and elegant bridal jewelry made from freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal beads,gemstones and sterling silver materials. Bridal jewelry is generally traditional with touches of modern trends making small but graceful changes. The Glamorous Pearl & Rhinestone Floral Bridal Jewelry Sets feature a beautiful and glamorous design combining ivory pearls and clear-cut rhinestones, and a floral silver vine embellishment. The Glamorous Pearl & Rhinestone Floral Bridal Jewelry Sets are perfect for any classic modern bride! Pair them with an ivory or white wedding gown, bridesmaids ensemble, or formal dress, and all eyes will be on you.

Besides bridal jewelry, topearl has the perfect jewelry or jewelry sets for bridesmaid at wholesale prices. As wholesale bridal jewelry manufacturers, Topearl's always keeping abreast of bridal market trends. Delicate wiring in both the necklace and earrings ensures that all you see are the patterns of delicate pearl and rhinestone flowers, floral silver vines, and pearl and rhinestone leaves. These fabulous floral bridal jewelry sets are sure to shine and you’ll look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day with these beautiful necklace and earring sets! You can choose your ideal pearl bridal necklaces,crystal necklaces,bridal jewelry sets,sterling silver bridal jewelry,bridal pearl earrings,bridal bracelet jewelry,bridal tiaras & more.

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