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The dynamic form of the KV-2's rectangular turret has been accurately reproduced, and accessories such as the tow cables and tool boxes highlight its superb exterior details. Metal parts such as the lower hull, suspension arms, and drive sprockets ensure durability.
Its giant rectangular turret was mounted on the KV-1’s hull and was armed with a 152mm howitzer which could fire shells of various types of ammunition, including special armor-piercing shells to attack concrete pillboxes. The suspension is just like that on an actual KV-2 and features metal torsion bars and pre-assembled resin tracks to absorb terrain undulations.

They were deployed in the summer of 1941 to counter the German invasion of Russia, and there was a famous episode where a single KV-2 blocked the German advance for several days.
In addition, the DMD Control Unit T-08 features a special low-speed setting which enables slow lumbering movements for even greater realism.
The front machine gun also features muzzle flash effect and firing sounds, while both the headlight and taillight are controllable as well.
The Full Operation Set (Item 56029, Japan market only) conveniently includes a 4-channel transmitter, 7.2V battery, and a battery charger.

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