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If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. An anti-tragus is a piercing of the bumpy cartilage that extends up from the lobe and sits across from the tragus, and is also generally worn as a captive or a small stud. The rook is a piercing of the inner rim of the ear, specifically the piece of cartilage at the part of the inner rim close to the face called the antihelix.  Because of the cartilage thickness in this area, rooks are almost exclusively seen worn with ball captive rings. Piercings like the daith, helix, orbital, tranverse lobe, and any variation of a traditional lobe piercing make up the common outer piercings. The orbital piercing is actually two piercings of the scapha (the area of cartilage just inside the helix, or outer rim) connected by a single piece of jewelry.  This will most often be a large diameter ring, but can sometimes be worn with a spiral barbell.
Other variations of lobe piercings include multiple lobe piercings, sometimes done in different patterns or sizes, and stretched lobe piercings. Also, to take a page from the Twilight style fan book without covering yourself in images of the characters or motion picture advertisements, it’s a perfect soft hint to incorporate symbols that loosely relate to the imagery into your jewelry wardrobe.
Wolves, for example, are very trendy at the moment, along with many other animals depicted realistically, graphically, or even satirically. Apples are another motif that can be easily added to jewelry in small doses, and are a fun item to wear in unexpected places, like as a nose ring or belly ring. Native American style decorations are a great to integrate too.  Think single feathers, simple dream catcher shapes, or small tribal designs.

The vampire-human relationship in film is ever-evolving and in constant flux, but as long as deeply romantic and fantastical imagery continues to arise, mankind is sure to be enchanted with modern vampiric style. I started off by getting my ears pierced at an 8 gauge, the largest that I was told it was safe to do.
This is where I stopped doing things intelligently.  When it came time to move up to 6gauge I simply wandered into a local store and looked at what 6g  jewelry I would like. Next thing you know you’ll be making your friends feel weird as you demonstrate the various items that you can now fit through your stretched lobes. A fairly recent exploding trend, and still in its development, corset piercings are fast becoming the most controversial piercing around.  They started as a set of two rows of surface piercings in the back that would be wound through with ribbon to mimic corset lacing, but now you can find them on arms and legs, hands and feet, sides, bellies, necks, chests, and even fingers and cheeks.  Extreme? Once the design is approved, it goes through several stress tests to see if it can stand up to the grueling activities of our customers. After the photograph is web-ready, our sharp computer integration staff put all the specifications, search terms and pictures into our online store. You might think we are done there, but not yet!  Now our handcrafting division works to learn how to reproduce the item with care and expertise, bringing you the finest in handcrafted jewelry.
For anyone who aims for an eclectic, meaningful, and hip style out in the everyday world, animal items are definitely an excellent addition in clothing accessories, and jewelry, adding that special something, that will clearly never truly go out of style.
With this type of exaggerated and emotional styling, jewelry will often be exaggerated as well, drawing on ornate and heavy Victorian style structure with large jewels and layering that reflect an Edwardian opulence.  Pearls, glass beading, lace, ribbons, and lacquered nature inspired shapes and silhouettes all play a part in dark romantic accessorizing.
Oversized cocktail rings, gothic and fleurian crosses, off kilter settings, and talisman type necklaces are all common here, as well as multi-layered chokers, thin draping chains, and a subtle hint of more delicate, lacey graphics.

Pulling together a romantic gothic look will require practice, passion, and of course, romanticism, but in the world of media over-exposure and DIY couture, it never hurts to have a little head start. As belly piercing becomes more commonplace in the United States and around the globe, new trends are beginning to spring up in the field of navel adornment.  From multiple belly piercings, to dermal detailing, to subtler trends like a single piercing of the bottom navel rim rather than the top, belly piercing is making a fun, fashion forward, and aesthetically altering comeback from the realm of the mundane. The popularity of the bottom belly piercing worn with top drop navel rings is a prime driving force in the resurgence of ornate and exotic jewelry.  Tribal pieces, Bhali chic, modern shapes, and even Victorian gothic fare can all be seen decorating the navels of those who have ventured into lower belly button rim territory. And dermal anchor detailing in collusion with navel rim piercing is another fashion balancing act that deserves time and attention.  Keeping dermal dome tops to solid color, subtle shine finish, or coordinating gems leaves just the right amount of room for a piercing of the navel itself to become the primary focus while still allowing accents to bring something to the table. For more on belly piercing, aftercare, and navel jewelry fashion, check out the rest of our Belly Piercings Category. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. There are a bunch of things that might be slightly scary that are actually totally normal for a new piercing.  Amongst those listed in most piercing pamphlets or informational articles are redness, swelling, bruising, a little bleeding, clear fluid that might dry crusty around the jewelry, and mild itching. Most professionals recommend that once a piercing feels fully healed you continue the prescribed aftercare regimen for at least another six months to insure no infections or scarring.

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