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Her outfit features a fuzzy blue hoodie with pink and yellow bone-print sarueru pants, a spikey red backpack with large eyeball charms, and patent yellow boots with rainbow laces. I think she has some sort of scar tattoo thing on her neck, too bad you can’t zoom in to see it. So whats a freak to do to retain the edge without looking like a Yakuza poseur (amputation), or Mayan (trepannation)? Mr Lifto is the longest-standing member of the Jim Rose Circus (besides Rose and his French wife, Bebe).

Enigma, well-known for his appearance on the "X-files" Humbug episode as the Conundrum, as well as is membership of the Jim Rose Circus as a sword-swallowing, keyboard-playing insectivore is quite easily recognized for his tattooed and shaven appearance. This opus was started by Ashleigh (formerly of Seattle, designer of the Jim Rose Logos) and taken over largely by Katzen, the Enigma's stunning wife, who herself is covered in black stripes. The plan for the Enigma's horns is for seven generations, or stages, of teflon of increasingly larger size, allowing for the skin to stretch. Enigma had to be discouraged from his original plan of jewelled eyebrows due to the unacceptable risks associated with transdermal implants near hair follicles, but he has even more plans for body modification for the future.

3-D modifications- who knows, maybe I may go for that unicorn look afterall, or take him up on his offer of a third eye! Her plush chick friend, rainbow hair, numerous ear piercings, and tongue piercings all add to the overall look.

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