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Author: admin, 01.05.2014
You might remember a few months ago when I proclaimed my undying, eternal love for my dog, Cece. A few months ago, after my latest failed attempt at dating men, I did something wild – I got a second piercing in my left ear. The main reason for piercing infections or stretched out piercing holes is not because of the weight or material-base of the earring, but the way you’re clipping it into your ear?
The back of the earring (the part that you slide on to actually lock it in place) is NOT TO PASS THAT NOOK.
Disclosure of Representation: emma's thing is not associated with any other company, real or imagined. Tired of droopy earrings? Levears earring backs help your earrings sit upright so you avoid the look of stretched and saggy piercings. I must say I hesitated buying these as they are a bit pricey but once I tried them it was LOVE!! So far I've only used the silver ones, and they did exactly what they tell you on the show. Smith shared her newfound life hack on Twitter, and has since been retweeted more than 45,00 times — sparking a debate so heated it could tear this country in two. Some people were just as blown away as Smith to find that they could finally free themselves from those uncomfortable plastic barriers. However, on the other side of the debate, many attest that those plastic pieces are there for a reason — mostly to keep particularly heavy (and possibly cheap) pieces of costume jewelry from sagging or sliding out of your ears.
Some people also mention that people who have had their earlobes gauges or stretched find those little rings handy for wearing simple studs now that their alt-rock days are over.

Although Smith says in her original post that you're "supposed to" take the plastic parts off the earrings, it's not actually necessary.
Yes, of course there are fleeting periods of time wherein a real life man is welcomed into my bedroom and my laptop gets a break. I always seem to run back to him and he always seem to be ready for me, with open arms and new insight. Some people get tattoos after a breakup, some people get haircuts, some people get super fat or super skinny. Also, the plastic backs (pictured here) that come with so many earrings are probably the worst thing you can bring close to your ear – that is, besides a weiner. These are solely Emma's opinions, thoughts and experiences and are unaffiliated with her work outside of this website.
Their patented design distributes the weight of your earring over a larger area, giving droopy earrings an instant lift. Finally , this is so helpful and I can wear all my earrings now and they sit so nicely on your ear. 1, 19-year-old Chelsea Smith discovered that you can, in fact, remove the annoying plastic rings that sometimes cover the stoppers on studded earrings. After all, any earring-loving fashionista knows the pain of those tiny rings digging into their ears after a long day of wear.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. I rebelled against the stereotypical post-breakup behaviors and decided to slut my ear up a bit.

As paranoid, control freak women, it’s a habit for us to press that back all the way up against our actual skin so we feel like that fucker is locked and loaded. Levears work with most post-style earrings, so you can wear your studs or dangling drops with confidence! We fall asleep together, him yammering on and on about whatever show I’m currently hooked on and me feeling the strange comfort and warmth that drifts off of his metallic underbelly. I don’t wanna speculate too much and get my hopes up, but she told me the other day I should get my nails done this week – EEEP!!! He doesn’t even judge me when we get to work in the morning and, upon opening him up, Tony Soprano is STILL on my screen with the volume all the way up (I judge me for that, though). I’m sorry for that one time I spilled beer onto you when I was indulging during the work day. He watches every show with me, listens to all my music, and has seen me at my absolute worst and absolute best. It’s not like I went total apeshit Miley, shaved half my head, threw on a red thong bodysuit, and got a case of the always-need-to-stick-my-tongue-outsies.

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