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Because New York City is my hometown, I had two special events to look forward to yesterday: the Jets taking on the Patriots and then the Golden Globes.
Lately all the young starlets have been taking to the red carpet in peek-a-boo black lace dresses. A stunning matched pair of near-colorless princess-cut diamonds, set in platinum with guardian backs. If you are looking for the engagement ring for the woman of your dreams then look no further.

Members of the British Jewellery Association, with many thousands of satisfied customers, a 14 day returns policy and a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects you have need have no worries about your purchase of the ring of your dreams. She is always immaculately put together, and she knows exactly what suits her and sticks with it. Funny enough, I found myself yelling at the TV during both broadcasts, but for very different reasons. Just in the past couple of weeks, Emma Watson stepped out in Rafael Lopez, Taylor Swift chose Jenny Packham and Kirsten Dunst wore just-off-the-runway Valentino. These elegant 4 claw diamond earrings are a unique twist to a classic pair of diamond earrings.These earrings are fully hallmarked, have a 5 year guarantee and come in a beautiful presentation box, so are ready to be given to your loved one immediately.

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