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Author: admin, 24.12.2015
Here are 5 festive polymer clay Christmas ornaments which will contribute to some new memorable moments. The natural colors on these little disc ornaments are lovely and will match any home decor! They are so easy to customize and a great project idea for an arts & craft lesson. Another great how-to from Angeli! These cute heart ornaments are perfect for crafting with the kids and would make amazing additions to any Christmas tree or centerpiece.
Guidecentral is a great way for Makers and DIY fans to create, share and explore DIY projects. Related PostsHow to DIY the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift DIY Mother's Day gifts are perfect for showing Mom just how much you care. Our last clay tutorial post was so popular that we decided to add our favourite polymer clay Christmas ornaments to the list.

As a kid, one of the most glorious moments of the year was taking those precious decorations out of their box and arranging them in every corner of the house!
To make this cute clay house, you will need some patience and attention to detail, especially when crafting those little windows, but it’s really worth the effort! Guidecentral community member Angeli is a polymer clay genius and gives really thorough step-by-step instructions on how to create each piece of this ornament. It takes some serious skills to produce an ornament like this, so let’s just admire these three fellas for a few seconds!
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Seeing those old ornaments today brings back fond memories of family gatherings around the Christmas tree.

To see how it’s done and discover more beautiful projects, check out the tutorial here. To make it a Christmas tree decoration, simply take a needle and poke a hole on top of the clay angel before baking it. Click here to see the full tutorial.

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