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Author: admin, 26.12.2015
Good news for women who love long-wearing manicures: this March, CND will introduce 12 more maintenance-free Shellac nail polish colors.
If you aren't sold on the chipped manicure trend, then CND's 14-day manicure may be just the thing for you. I got a Shellac Manicure a few months ago and LOVED it, it lasted for three weeks with not a single chip, line, nada!

Ranging from hot pink to a barely-there buff, these new hues add to the original dozen shades. I send a lot of time on my nails and I like my polish to look nice for more than just a few days. I wish I could keep getting them, but there aren't any salons that have Shellac where I go to university!

I'm a red nails girl and I keep them touched up and clear coated so they always look classy.

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