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Time Saving Tip: Prep the salad and veggies in advance to get some of the work out of the way and place in Zip Lock type bags the night before.
Time Saving Tip: Next Just cut your veggies, you can do this the night before and bag it up but DO NOT marinade over night you lose the flavor of the veggie and it gets mushy! Folks just Boil-strain-mix with olive oil and cover, 1 pound will feed approximately 8-10 guests.

Add your meats and veggies to the pasta and drissle the marinade that you previously set aside over the top.
Now you can be creative when you do this dish just add the food you and your family like to eat!
We know that the many details involved in planning a party can be overwhelming, but not when you use the service of PartyCharlie!

I spend much of my time debunking myths that people have about certain practices surrounding silversmithing.

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