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There are not many kinds of historical events in the world that are near impossible to comprehend. The leader of the Nazi regime and infiltrator of the Holocaust or the “Final Solution”, Adolf Hitler, was clearly psychologically abnormal. Groupthink is a subconscious occurrence in which when everyone around you thinks or acts in a certain way, you naturally begin to think or act in this certain way as well. Holocaust survivor Frau Brenner, a German Jew from Dresden, shared about how the social norms of persecuting Jews became worse and worse. 1Most of the Holocaust’s background information I mention is knowledge I gained from my Holocaust and Human Behavior class I took in high school.
Fear was the primary tool used by the Nazi regime, and they were fully aware of this and the fact that it is most likely the most powerful human emotion, overriding almost everything else.
Internal factors played as much of a role as external factors within the time period after WWI and until the end of WWII.
Bulimia is a psychological eating disorder that takes place most often in adolescents, both male and female, between the ages of 13 and 20. Generally, the cycle of overeating and purging becomes a passion and is repeated frequently. Presently, the definite cause of bulimia is not known, although there are several theories. Researchers have recommended that altered levels of the chemical serotonin in the brain play a role.
Experts concur that cultural factors are very essential in the development of eating disorders. Studies have suggested that eating disorders take place more often in relatives of people with bulimia than in others.
Self-dissatisfaction is one of the first and likely the most prominent of all theories pertaining to the causes of bulimia. All neglected or psychologically abused children should be examined for other forms of physical abuse.
This has to do with human instinct to be more like the people around you to fit in, and also just relative morality. It is a picture of Nazi concentration camp guards of Auschwitz on a retreat not far from the camp at all. In a group discussion, we went around in the circle to get everyone’s individual opinion, placing us in the shoe’s of German civilians, would we of attempted to fight against the Nazi regime of the time, or laid low? As natural human instinct is, every action had a reaction, and every reaction had a reaction. Modern society’s emphasis on health, in particular thinness, can greatly manipulate those who seek the acceptance of others. This incidence appears to be related to genetics, but family influences may also be important.
The reasons behind this are unsure, but many believe it stemmed from his double rejection from art school (Nuremberg). It is always easier to agree with the general majority than disagree, even if it is not the right thing to do.

They are well aware of the horrors they are allowing to happen, and even causing, and look genuinely happy. Propoganda, or the corruption or specific advertisement and press to make a political group appear a certain way, was a huge part of decieving people into thinking what was happening was not nearly as bad as it was. All of us but one said that though it was hard to imagine ourselves in that position, we probably would have laid low to protect ourselves and our families. It is a binge eating disorder that is commonly characterized by episodes of binge-eating accompanying inappropriate methods of weight control (purging).
Bulimia is related with depression and other psychiatric disorders and shares symptoms with anorexia nervosa which is another major eating disorder. There are many different arguments behind the causes of the Holocaust and the Nazi regime’s rise to power, but the problem is there is no one specific cause. He was raised with anti-semitic beliefs like many of the people from that time period, and the fact that many Jewish people were in power and could have been the ones to reject him from the art school would have made him dislike their general population even more.
If something becomes a social norm, it can go from being wrong or weird to acceptable and normal very quickly. There is not one shred of guilt on any of their face’s, and that is true evil at work within their minds. Right before the Holocaust and relocation to concentration camps started, a neighbor Brenner used to know actually spit at her. For example, a photo showed of Mutenhaus concentration camp in a newspaper was orderly- it looked like uncomfortable work, carrying heavy stones up steps, but no one was hurt or dying, and it looked possible, as if they were not being worked to death. I know my group and I know myself and none of us our selfish people, so how could this happen? The Holocaust is an example that an unstable psychological situation is as dangerous as an unstable political or economic situation, and with this knowledge we can further prevent it from happening again.
Vomiting, fasting, excessive use of laxatives and diuretics, enemas, compulsive exercising are the inappropriate methods of weight control.
Newlywed adults without children should be encouraged to take these classes before they have each child. However, it could be argued that one of the most prominent causes was the psychological state of mind of everyone involved at the time. 1It was not just Hitler who was in a bad state of mind; all of Germany felt insulted and beaten down by their defeat and punishment of World War I. It was a domino effect; as the Nazi party gained power, more and more civilians either became Nazis, supported them, or silently supported their power. Spitting at a person who has done no wrong to you is not natural human instinct, it is from popular opinion being pounding into your subconscious.
After visiting Mauthausen, we had a better understanding of the kind of cruelty and ruthlessness that existed within the Nazi regime. Binge eating refers to quickly eating large amounts of food than most people would in a similar situation.
If early treatment is not carried out for bulimia, it can lead to nutritional deficiencies and even fatal complications. Germany felt as if it was losing it’s strong identity as a military state, as France had punished them by disallowing any sort of strong military force.

As the few who openly disagreed with the Nazis began disappearing, voices opposing Nazis were no longer heard and the amount who believed them to be wrong seemed fewer and fewer, keeping those who still did believe they were wrong to think they were the only ones. The worst part of your subconscious controlling your decisions and beliefs is you don’t understand your decisions, and with the Holocaust in particular look back with regret, until you see it through hindsight.
Also, people were lied to with euphanisms, such as believing these people were “criminals”, a term used very loosely. We weighed the options and realized that the people of Germany, for the most part, were powerless, even the Nazi guards and soldiers. Binge eating is not a response to intense hunger but generally it is a response to depression, stress, or self esteem issues.
Though there were a lot of external causes, it was the way people reacted to these causes that truly infiltrated the Holocaust. This groupthink phenemona got worse as the Holocaust started, as soldiers would witness the mistreatment, torture, and murder of prisoners of concentration camps and believe that because all of the other guards are acting that way, it was okay for them to as well. This is evident within In the Garden of Beasts, when Martha recounts her decisions in her journal. Criminals could be anywhere from an actual violent felon, to a homosexual, to someone just belonging to the wrong political party. They understood, seeing the horrors of the concentration camps and deportations, that them and their families could easily be in that position if they spoke up against the Nazis.
It became something that hardly even weighed on their conscious, it seemed so normal to them.
She was a supporter of the Nazi party, and chose to blissfully ignore the bad parts of regime. Taking someone into “protective custody” was not for the victim’s protection at all, but to lock them up with no questions asked, sometimes even just throwing them into concentration or death camps, sending a simple letter saying they got ill to family members (Topography of Terror). But, the sense of a loss of control is also followed by a short-lived calmness, self-loathing. Germany’s economy was at an all time low with hyper-inflation and an extremely high unemployment rate, and the group of people doing best economically were the Jewish people. It wasn’t until a Nazi attending her birthday party talked down to her until she realized the true power struggle that was occurring. With these euphanisms, people were either assisted in ignoring the true facts, or were actually tricked into believing the lies. This anger is primarily due to jealousy, as most of them became more and more successful, often in positions of power within the workplace. This was extremely common for many German civilians, as Hitler and his right hand men were all extremely charismatic, seemingly strong officials, who were just what the German people were looking for at that time period.
And now, they were being blamed for anything and everything the German people could think of to try and relieve their anger about World War I.

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