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Normally, the superior canal is completely encased in bone so pulsations of the brain cannot move the fluid in the canal.
Since our eyes are tied to our inner ears, movement of the inner ear fluid will cause our eyes to oscillate creating nystagmus. Each method has its own risks and benefits.A A The patient has two weigh out his or her own risks and benefits with the symptoms that are present. The idea is to prevent the leakage of fluid pressure energy, while maintaining continuity of the fluid flow internally by covering the window with a firm solid substance. The idea is to block the fluid flow through the semicircular canals, thereby shutting down the sensors so that the false sensation of motion is prevented.A A Abnormal fluid flow causes so much dizziness and distress that it is better to have no fluid flow than abnormal flow.
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This lag is detected as a relative movement of the fluid to the canal by a motion detecting cupula (a nerve sensor) which signals the brain that there was motion. If one considers the eroded area as a window or hole in the inner ear, then sound energy can leak from the inner ear and dissipate.
SCD occurs when the bone overlying the inner ear erodes or thins out to the point where the top part of the balance system, the Superior Semicircular Canal protrudes and is in DIRECT contact with the pulsating brain above.
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