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Author: admin, 09.03.2016
Never has an American president so loved by the world on his first day in office been so scorned the day he was anointed a Nobel laureate.
In which we ask: What is a former UN Under-Secretary doing with all that subsidised bandwidth? Is it just us being pessimistic, or does the Karnataka government’s largesse of Rs 9000 crore of flood relief from the Centre smell fishy? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Close friends would know that I am working on my next Piano Spa album, which will be number 7. Having impressed by the Bose SoundLink Mini, I took in the Bose SoundDock Series III for a review.
The SoundDock has a sound characteristic of clear highs, recessed mids, and unexaggerated lows. With today's improved wireless audio technology, I'm not sure if hard docks still makes sense, as it would be rather cumbersome to use the iPhone while docked to check your social feeds, reply messages, or answer calls. I then began composing this blog review as I listened to the H6.I recalled the day I received the Beoplay H6 review unit and opened up the retail box.
So in summary, you get 2 laptop modes - Windows and Android, 2 tablet modes - Windows and Android, and 1 phone mode. What the Flip has that others don't is the inclusion of a DVD drive (TP450, TP550), so it might still attract some potential multi-mode consumers from Lenovo and Dell.Although the 360-flipped tablet mode might be too hefty for one-handed use, I see great benefits having a flexible display hinge, as it allows me to flip the device into whatever angle I please. Last Saturday afternoon, I sat myself in The Connoisseur Concerto, also known as TCC, at Robertson Quay Singapore, with my wife seated opposite me.
The Beoplay H3 earphone units are created from a single aluminum block, carefully detailed with ventilation holes, and angled speaker driver.
Ever since the mass adoption of tablets, people like me have been trying to use tablets as a multi-monitor setup with severe constraints.
Multi-displayIf your laptop display is too small, the MB168B+ will extend the display for more productivity. Mi Headphones (special IF 2014 edition) are set to impress from the moment you receive the item. Outlook and DesignThe Backbeat FIT is built for active lifestyle, from the sweat-proof coating, the bright blue reflective colour to the thick integrated ear loop and band. When removing the headset from the packaging, I noticed that the silicone eartips labelled "L" and "R" were incorrectly swapped, which confused me initially as I attempted to wear the headset.
The packaging includes a smartphone armband that fits iPhones, so I can't use it with HTC One M8. The other annoyance of using the Backbeat FIT is that whenever I try to press the headset closer to my ears for a closer fit, I would inadvertently press the large control buttons.
ConclusionThe Plantronics Backbeat FIT appears to have great design elements, but upon actual use, several usage flaws surface.
The battery-powered portable SoundLink 3 houses four neodymium transducers and dual-opposing passive radiators, allowing the music to be impressively loud. Recently, I realised that the newest batch of Spectra M1 and 9+ has noticeable differences from the previous batches. Do you want to know how does the different common pumps in the market fair in terms of noise levels? The Nobel for Chemistry we understand, given that eternal People magazine cover story he has going with Michelle (left to us, we’d pick Sarkozy-Bruni).
10 X 5 X 18 The MNDC250-L comes with a din rail for 5 additional DIN rail mount or 3 panel mount DC breakers for DC loads, charge controller disconnect, battery status monitor feed etc. While this is not a new model, the purple colour is a new limited edition release in Singapore which will appeal to colour lovers. The dock can flex a few degrees, so you can dock and undock your iPhone or iPad without damaging the connector. You could still hear the nicely defined bass and subwoofer (unlike most portable speakers), but at high volumes, they get drowned by the crisp tweeter.
The SoundDock would be more useful if it supports USB data pass-through so that your device can sync to your computer while docked.

The first time I picked up the headphones, it gave me an impression of a well-made quality product.
After the ASUS Transformer Book Trio, the just-announced ASUS Transformer Book V comes with a smartphone that docks.
That's how the name come about.If you were wondering how ASUS could squeeze both Windows and Android into a tablet, it's not that difficult. Since the launch of the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga in Oct 2012 with a radical flip-over design, many other laptop brands have followed suit.
Just like any other occasions when composing my review, I propped the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO on a tablet stand, placed the separate Bluetooth keyboard on my lap, and dished out the classy B&O (Bang and Olufsen) Beoplay H3 case from my bag. After reviewing several "heavyweight" earphones and bluetooth headsets, the H3 feels refreshingly small and lightweight. Comes packaging in a black velvet soft case, removing the inside contents reveal a paper box which opens up in 4 sides to reveal the plastic-cased product housed in a rubber holder. While the overall design seems generic, Plantronics manage to build all the necessary voice and music button controls on the 2 ear speakers. But I suppose you would be more careful as you get accustomed to using the headset.Audio QualityThe Backbeat FIT pumps out audio with a bass bias and veiled treble, but otherwise the audio details are rather decent.
The larger SoundLink 3 fills the room with great fidelity across all frequencies, including the elusive subwoofer.
But the Nobel for Peace, for one who is still taking troops out of Iraq and pumping them into Afghanistan? It was uncommon for a set of headphones to be endowed with premium natural materials like real cow leather headband, soft lambskin memory foam ear cushions, solid aluminium frames. Noise isolation is pretty good, as the ear cushions effectively muffs the ambient noise to let you enjoy the music.Sound-wise, the Beoplay H6 delivers punchy subtle low bass, brilliantly detailed treble, relatively flat upper bass and thin mids. There are better headphones for the modern edgy genres, with thick sounds and rocking bass, but the Beoplay H6 has subtle design, premium quality and unmatched style.
What they did was to build the Windows hardware into the tablet, while the Android hardware is powered from the smartphone.
As I unwound the earphones from the case, my wife's eye gleamed, and "requested" to have them for her listening.
The silicone earbuds (4 sizes) have a unique matt coat unlike most other earbuds, and somehow improves comfort and allows ease of inserting and removing. It's bass has sufficient presence (better than H6) but not huge, it's treble is adequate though not as sparkling as H6. Many resort to simpler workarounds like segregating applications on different devices, e.g. Listening the pop chart tunes is a lot more satisfying than the recent Beoplay H3 I reviewed.
On the right ear speaker, there is a small plastic button to turn on-off the headset, and a larger round button to answer-end call.
I thought it was a good opportunity to try other eartip sizes but was surprised to find that there aren't any other eartip sizes.
But when I used it for jogging, I found that the headset moves slightly with every stride I took, partly because the cable that goes behind the neck moves up and down while jogging. The eartip is designed not to have noise isolation in order for you to be more aware of the environment during jogs. Design-wise, it also follows closely to the Mini, with the same set of 6 buttons, though the Mini has a more solid aluminium frame.
I really like how the SoundLink 3 plays back audio without any loss of details over the air, even in quiet passages. The headphones feel relatively lightweight compared to other expensive headphones, because there was no unnecessary beefing. The soundstaging is spacious, giving sufficient room to enjoy the details to the after tones and reverbs. This time round, ASUS built everything into the tablet panel, so the keyboard becomes an optional component. Come to think of it, with a simple tweak of the existing Padfone series, ASUS created a brand new product solution.

OK, I did not manage to sink in to the H3 this time round, but fortunately I had my Jabra Rox Wireless to keep my ears occupied. The cables are one of the thinnest I have seen, giving an impression of fragility which only time will tell.
Unfortunately, the H3 fails to tame the mid-highs, which results in some listening irritation, for instance, the ringing of Kenny G's saxophone at loud passages, cymbal clashes. In comparison, Mi Headphone has- heavier bass- thinner mids- brighter treble, better presence- wider soundstaging- modern genre lovers will prefer Mi over H3.- classical genre wise, Mi over-emphasised bass might not bode well. On the left ear speaker, there is the same small plastic button to adjust volume, and a larger round button to play-pause-select the music. This larger version may not be that suitable for near-range listening as the bass may be too overpowering.If you really need portable speakers to fill up your living room with huge bass effortlessly, the SoundLink 3 would be an excellent choice. The Mini-DC was designed to take into account many different types of renewable energy installations. The only thing that feels cheap was the in-line music control buttons (which only works with iOS devices). This makes the Beoplay H6 great for orchestral, jazz, instrumental music, while modern pop-rock genres feels less exciting.I like the ability to plug the audio cables on either side of the earcup, and daisy chain to another pair of earphones to share your music with others. Applause!I hope that the commercial unit runs smoothly and possess no uncomfortable user lag in all modes. The in-line music controls, similar to the Beoplay H6, comes across as cheap with flimsy click buttons. For dual monitor lovers like myself, it is hard for me to be productive with only a single monitor. So getting a separate portable display makes perfect sense.Clean SetupDon't you hate the thick power cables and display cables, the bulky display stand, making it a hassle to move the display around when you needed? The mids are to the thin side, and the treble, while brilliant, does not sound as polished as the more expensive competitors. If you are on a budget and still want to enjoy the amazing Bose audio technology, the SoundLink Mini would still deliver, except its volume-limiting constraint. The installation instructions will describe and show some of the more common possibilities. Highs are not distorted and bass is well formed.The SoundDock doesn't come with any EQ presets or audio effects. And while the in-line music controls feel cheap, it is nonetheless useful as I conveniently picked up incoming calls from my Android smartphone. So when I am on the go with a compact laptop, my productivity suffers due to the small screen. The MB168B+ has a clean setup, just one cable to plug to your computer, and a stand that doubles as the carry case.
It would be the best S$20 you will ever spend on a pair of earphones, if not for the above-average audio quality, then for the premium design and build quality.
Compared to Creative Sound Blaster Roar, the Bose SoundLink series produces a more professional-sounding audio, but the Roar has better value and pumps far better bass than most other branded speakers. Not that I need it, but it would be good to have for quick EQ when playing different tracks.
B&O went through trouble to get the right leather and treatment that ages well over time, so just use it like you would with a leather handbag or wallet. I pretty much enjoy the sound separation, with good audio details.The review of Beoplay H3 again highlights that audio sound opinions are subjective.
Set up your second monitor quickly just like your laptop, and pack it aside when you are done.Auto-RotateThe MB168B+ has the added feature of auto-rotate function. Just switch from landscape to portrait mode any time and the screen display updates in a snap. Just like our eyes, our ears are highly subjective, especially when you try to compare different headphones at the same time.

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