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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls and arranging them to create elegant filigree. You would require: - Sheets of colorful paper or Quilling strips (strips are easier to work with since cutting paper is very time consuming). These colorful pretty earrings are not only a cinch to make, the materials are extremely cheap. I've made large single coil paper coasters, using modge podge throughout the coil as well as sealing the entire project with a generous coat. The future of the body> March 4, 2015 Album harmonica as a gift Album harmonica as a gifthere is one very good way to make a gift of loved ones that is always> March 4, 2015 Making a gnome toy Making a gnome toy > March 4, 2015 Stylish picture frame Stylish picture frameA great way to get rid of unnecessary CD and at the same time make a very stylish> Next Next Posts March 5, 2015 Newspapers weaving corner table.

But remember, you have to make two identical ones (one for the left and one for the right). The technique is perfect for creating customized earrings for yourself or jewelry and other handmade gifts for your loved ones. After 5 years of use, I've never had a problem with the sweat from glasses damaging the coasters. Happy crafting!!> March 4, 2015 Basket "Summer" from newspaper tubes with decoupage Basket "Summer" from newspaper tubes with decoupage> March 4, 2015 Hen with chickens from gofrotrubochek Hen with chickens from gofrotrubochekPick up a newspaper, turn into a ball, fasten with tape.
Newspapers weaving corner table.> March 5, 2015 Tutorial for Daisy flowers using plastic bag Tutorial for Daisy flowers using plastic bag1. Gold glass beads which u can use musted seeds also> March 5, 2015 Tutorial for cherry blossoms using plastic bag Tutorial for cherry blossoms using plastic bag1.

Prev Previous Posts March 4, 2015 Mseal clock Mseal clockThis is a clock made by Ami Shah on mdf using mseal acrylic colours and bosny> March 4, 2015 Bonsai tree tutorial Bonsai tree tutorial1. Fittings can be found in any jewelry shop or with any wholesaler who deals in these kinds of things. With colored papers of diverse textures, one can craft attractive bracelets, necklace and earrings.

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