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You also had me laughing and crying and praying and singing and so appreciating my ability to hear… May the journey continue to bring joy and musical sounds rathe rthna angry bees. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
This year a group of cicadas called Brood X (Brood Ten) will leave their underground homes and cover trees throughout the eastern United States. Alternatively, if you DON'T have the balls to go up there, you could torch the place and collect the insurance money.
The thing is - I've been up there before, running coax for an hdtv antenna - and really didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. This entry was posted in Cool Animal Pics and tagged cool animal photos, Cool animal pics, great white shark, JAWS by art.

I would close my eyes and it felt as if I would dig deep into the various passage ways of my brain as I searched for those sounds. But this year the cicadas will leave the ground when soil temperatures reach about 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius). Other people plan camping trips timed in the middle of the outbreak, because they want to experience it in its full intensity," Keith Clay, a biologist at Indiana University in Bloomington, said.
Once we had gone through the suitcase with Jenny ticking items off she pushed it to one side. I waited in breathless anticipation and then my first sound arrived – television snow!
If this was what what living with sound in my left ear was going to be like than no, thankyou!

One person would speak down the hosepipe and the other around the corner would lift the hosepipe to her ear and hear the message and duly reply.
I said so to Jen and she twiddled a few keys and then my snow turned into a hive of angry bees.
I put on my right CI appliance and hell, that felt good hearing from both sides at the same time.
Initially I had to see their lips when they spoke but as time passed so this wonderful left ear of mine began to stretch its muscles and truly wake up.

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