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While he shuttles at mach speeds between the roles he plays in real life and the posts he writes in the virtual world, a lot of us sit wishing we knew the secret behind his energy. Before I go ahead, here’s something that I usually both prefix and suffix most posts with. Premier Inn, a rather well established hospitality chain in Britain, managed to put together a survey, not so long ago. Certainly, the obvious answer to this would have been for both of them to have separate blankets.
Come to think about it, it’s rather ironic that these seemingly trivial little rituals have the potential to cause displeasure in the bedroom. If only it was Christmas day when my first school held my orientation, I would not have cried and refused to go inside the exam room. You name it and I can tick that sin off the list of popular 7 that Christmas made me commit. And not just the one I have at home, but the one that we were born into at the time of creation itself – the Human family, sans all man made labels and shadow lines of difference. The greatest reminder of this beautiful thought came when I sat with my husband and son, listening to a carol singing competition at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Delhi, in 2012.
I do not remember the last time I felt a sense of such warm oneness of being with complete strangers.
The video features children discussing toilet sanitation issues that they are faced with in their everyday lives. It saddens one to think that while at one end of the evolution spectrum we have reached Mars, at the other end something as basic and as essential as a proper toilet is still missing in so many people’s lives.
The CATS programme is a behaviour change programme targeted at whole communities but aimed at improving individual toilet habits. Domestos is contributing 5% of its average proceeds received from the sale of specially marked bottles of Domestos in select countries. This partnership is just one of the actions Unilever is taking to help meet its sustainability goal of helping more than 1 billion people take action to improve their health and well-being. This tablet leans against my desk, tapping its feet and staring me down day after day, even as I try my best to meet stare with stronger stare. Or, are you that lazy bag of bones fast becoming a fossil like me – vertebral column on chair included! When the fossil tablet, with all the thoughts that it generates in my head, gets too much to take I pop this tablet. But then, even if I did, I wonder if it could tilt, lean and rest back the way I like to most hours of the day - as a mother, a wife and especially when being a good for nothing bum. For those who like to start their young ones young, a dream tablet will be one which is unbreakable.
It will be safe, perhaps made of friendly rubber and with screen flexible enough to stand a little twist, or the weight of a toddler deciding to use it as a pillow while listening to his lullabies. And most importantly, it will be made such that it is easy to navigate on and use by the 'younglings' who like to believe they are older in the mind.
Playing games with my child on a microsite for 10 days at a stretch, hosted by ICICIPruLife and Pogo. The games seemed to be in ascending order of difficulty, but designed such that each game played made the child better versed to handle the next one. He's found sitting at his desk in i Wrote Those before the birds tweet the first tweet and is seen writing way beyond the last computer shuts for the night, at least on our side of the globe. Seldom do you meet a writer who is as appreciative of your work as Sid is of those he likes to read. And of course, that means that my legs (and other parts - hands et all I mean) often cross over into my wife’s territory, sometimes even attacking her. It would have saved my mother the bribe of an orange Amul chocolate and I would have still got my 3-year-old self admitted into that school but without so much drama sitting on the steps outside. I have greedily made lists for Santa Claus, asking for everything which my parents could under no circumstances afford (Yes, helicopter variety!).
The stocking (or a clean sock) is in place every 24th December, and the husband is reminded of the important date and its significance well in time. Doing a little jig for Santa Claus is Coming to Town and waiting our turn to enter the hall. It helps in promoting good hygiene practices by spreading awareness about the sanitation crisis besetting the populations of the world.
School children in countries like Ghana, Nicaragua and Sudan are being provided with sanitation, safe water and hygiene facilities.

Proceeds will go towards UNICEF’s CATS programmes in the Philppines, South Sudan and Vietnam and will also go towards improving sanitation in India, Indonesia and Brazil. Shuffle my feet in my two pairs of socks, scratch behind my ear where there is no itch, close my pen and eyes and go to sleep. I can hold it with one hand or use its unique kickstand to let go and enjoy a hands-free viewing experience. Say, one which stands falling out of the baby cot or slipping onto the floor from the baby chair. I am even sure that someone is taking notes right now and will be working on it real soon too. An animation that presents the children with a character they cannot but adore, and his endearing friends fighting evil, saving the innocent, being naughty and always ending on a happy note.
I'm about ten seconds away from snapping at someone, and, for the sake of everyone else, I sincerely hope that the person I snap at is the idiot who started this. You should know the dead cannot come back alive, no matter how? hard you try or how much you cry. Goes to show he is reading and assimilating, apart from writing, and is willing to evolve as a serious writer even as he keeps his funny bone polished and ready to tickle and be tickled. Yes, some of them (or us) may deck it up in fancy phrases such as minor disagreements or misunderstandings. A Santa standing right behind the demure nun and her white habit, waving me inside along with her, would have quickened things.
I have proudly displayed my class notice boards to fellow-sections as the best decorated one, yet secretly coveted another’s buntings. A few moments of being seated and the music, the singing and the audience singing along made us throw all other thoughts to the wind. I have also never seen the songs being sung uninterrupted and with no drop in fervour even when the lights went out. And brilliance enough to light up a hall full of darkness, or human hearts saddened by the reality outside. In Vietnam too, 600 community and local Government workers have been trained already on how to implement community and school led sanitation programmes.
Are you exercising your brain and your muscles enough to be called ‘of sound mental and physical health’? Of course, there are multiple other kinds you can swallow – some bitter, some to make your life bigger and better.
No, I do not have a tablet as technology defines it, where I can go tap-tap-tap and get things done sitting on trees or under bridges.
But you see, not every time can I make fun and learning paraphernalia (including my ageing back) available for my son. For the first time ever, a blogger community was congratulating me for being that – a parent. Also rare to see one sans incomprehensible violence, questionable language for tender minds or scary scenes delivering nightmares. This here is a thread in random JUST for your silly thoughts!To start off: Talking politics is fun. Possibru trip up to the corner store for something dericious to sip on while I game my day off away?
You shouldn't have been telling people who didn't believe in the first place.Some things just shouldn't be flaunted. He is a prolific and versatile writer, a fun and loving dad and an at-your-service husband, or so his blog reflects. The results of the survey (about 2000 people were surveyed) showed that on average, couples fought about 167 times in a year in the bedroom, over a number of reasons. W) loves to be wrapped up like an Egyptian Mummy, failing which sleep is quite arduous to come by.
But here’s the thing, even with separate blankets, co-sleeping couples may still find that one of them has to invariably fight for their share in the middle of the night. However some in-depth Google research and random survey results from strangers have shown me that I’m not alone. But sometimes, it just isn’t possible to retire to bed together, especially if you have young kids.
And an Xmas tree with all its goodies surely tempted me enough to speak out the correct answers like a really good girl.
Everyone suddenly seemed to know everyone, either from before or simply because they were singing the same song.

To stuff a pillow in my tummy and go ho-ho-ho, or to remind husband dearest that although the paper weight was lovely, the gift need not really fit inside the stocking. It teaches us viewers some of the main facts about safe toilets and how we can help improve the situation. Those squarish rectangles looking like mini-television screens but with enough nuts-and-bolts inside to make your life better.
Exactly something that I need to make the fossil tablet stop speaking to me about seizing my days and the pain reliever tablet from entering my tummy. It requires no external agency and no hard work to forget your age - to prattle to dance to play. An animation that celebrates all things good, including traditions and unconditional friendship. It's like someone going on and on about how beautiful their blonde hair is and then complaining when people spread rumors about it being dyed.
Until Congress pulls their heads out of their asses and decides to try and reach compromise instead of cock-blocking Obama to make a point, nothing good is going to happen, and we'll just continue to gather debt. His writings make you laugh at yourself, nod in agreement whole-heartedly and impress with the parenting gyan he has to share. You need the comfort of a warm room to sleep, whereas your partner would rather have it feel like an igloo.
The subject only crops up when one of you fancies a change in the side, for reasons unknown to the other person. Because the image that all those years in two Christian schools have made me associate with Christmas is – Family. It gives us a peek into a reality far removed from our own, but as real as ours nonetheless – a reality where 2000 such children die from diarrhoea every day. She then smiles sincerely and cuddle back to you.Now, a normal person would probably freak out.
Or do video game characters not age?If a game is intelligent, would it be able to only function under the sprites and actions programmed in, or would it be able to do whatever it wants?If I ever get the chance, I'm making a game and a consol that puts me physically into a game and program Midna and Venellope into it then having competitions to see which will be my main focus.
After all, they are two different individuals, often from completely distinct backgrounds with their unique outlooks on life and its idiosyncrasies. The biting cold forces you to make more frequent trips to the washroom, when you’d rather be trying to sleep.
Talking about timing, another one that often causes a bit of tension is how quickly you fall asleep. Of course, all of this and more vicariously, through my child’s reflexes and not mine.
Someone who has natural blonde hair isn't going to brag about how blonde it is; it's unnecessary, and people who have naturally blonde hair should be used to it enough that they don't need to brag about it.
On the other hand, a warm room makes your partner complain about how they find it difficult to fall asleep in a pool of sweat. The bitter truth is that, when it comes to beds, just as with other private zones, size does matter.
If both of you are lucky enough to nod off to sleep as soon as you hit the bed, then this point isn’t really relevant to you. Some got up to dance a little as my son stood on his chair, cheering every group of carollers as if it was his own team.
Silently plot plan to take over the world while using the inernet and silence as a ruse so no one suspects that i'm actually planning to take over thw rold by killing the president and taking over that type of position, thus making me able to take over the world with America's huge army.
The easier solution would be to try using a table fan for the Iceman (or woman) and an extra single blanket for the heat seeker.
With most couples, some of the most delightful conversations are held under the darkened ceilings of your bedroom. However the thresholds for each person varies slightly and should you find yourself dozing off while listening to your partner, then be prepared for battle the next morning. Would Midna attack Vanellope, thinking she had somehow teleported her away from Link and that mission? M, who ironically gave her the long lecture about not wanting any blankets in the first place.
Thereby ensures the vigorous battle for ownership of the blanket, which finally ends in a truce, with both of them agreeing to share the blanket, but not before they’ve both lost out on some quality sleep time.

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